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Mums Unusual Departure


This is my first post but not in order of experience it is rather long and will be posted in two stories mums' story then dads.

It begins with me when I was 28 and in hospital in a small town in Sussex in the South of England, I was staying in hospital as I was expecting my first baby but due to severe and constant morning sickness and other complications the baby was not thriving and doctors where trying to keep her in me for as long as was safe so she would be whipped out at any time should things deteriorate.

Well I managed to get to 35 weeks when scans showed the placenta had failed she was coming out the next day, a Sunday by cesarean. So I called my elderly parents at around 2 o'clock on the Saturday asked dad to get some things and bring them up to me he said he didn't want to worry me but my mum who was in the late stage of lung disease had been taken into hospital he said nothing to worry about just an asthma attack probably worried about me and we left it at that.

A couple of hours later I noticed a commotion outside the maternity ward and then my midwife brought me my dads wallet to Id apparently as my brother later told me he was going to have to tell me my mother was dying in another hospital but he couldn't cope and died of a massive heart attack just as he was coming through the door. Now this is when the spooky stuff started.

After identifying his body I was taken to turn off my mothers machines and say good bye, as she was lying there I told her to let go and leave because dad was already on the other side waiting. It was while I was doing this I noticed that mum had what can only be described as a negative image of her own face and body just hovering over her physical self the best way to describe it is like the lines around a 3D picture but these where a glowing blue purple color that I can't describe it even looked like her face crumple and cried when I told her about dad I asked the doctor if her face could have moved and apparently it couldn't as her body was completely paralyzed by the drugs that where helping her die comfortably.

I watched this for 20 minutes and I was not seeing things I had a friend with me who has since become a world renown medium and he confirmed what I had seen it was her soul half out of her body but unable to leave because of the machines. Id love to know if anyone else has ever seen this in a similar situation. Dad also made his presence known that day ill make that the next story.

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Memoge (1 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2010-12-19)
Wow, the story made shivers on me. I would be terrified if that happened to me. 5 stars.
a1222222 (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-28)
Biblefreeme, Thanks for your comment. To answer your comment I will admit that what I did wasn't the most intelligent. Although my story took place in 2002. I was 21 at that time. Being 30 now, I never played with the quija since. What I felt did make me realize that quija's are not safe. Although I wasn't completely sure that it was my imagination or a spirit. Thanks again be safe 😆

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