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My Mum's Tragic Stroke


I am new to this site however I have been reading for many years now, and I must say that my Sunday is never complete without a good read on this site. I will be posting my experiences, however it will not be in order as it happened so please forgive me for that. I come from a middle class Indian home in South Africa. A family of 5 and an only girl. Life was never easy for me from age 14 when my mum became ill from a stroke. That is when all the experiences began.

My mum had a stroke in June 1996 at the age of 45. This story is actually an account of the way she explained it to us.

She was home alone as usual. Completed all her house work and was headed to the bath at around 11.30am. She was in her room looking for some clothing in her wardrobe when she heard her room door close on it's own. She looked to see if the window to the room was open but it wasn't. She then continued to look for her clothes. The next thing according to her was that she felt someone push her down. And she says that she began to fight, but there was nobody in the room. All that she felt was a heavy weight pushing her down. My mum being a religious person that she was began chanting in her mind, and gradually the weight was lifted off her. She tried to get up and run however she could not walk and her left hand was numb. She managed to drag herself to the telephone which was on the pedestal in her bedroom and called up my dad. When he got home he said that he had to break the room door open as the door was locked from the inside. To this day I still wonder how did the door lock itself? My mum remained paralysed on her left side from the stroke until she passed away in 2014

I have many more stories which I will share soon.

Thank you for reading and feel free to reply.

Sash B

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