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Female Spirit Or Succubus?


I know it is stated to not post dreams but I believe this dream is caused by the paranormal. Please help me try to figure out what is going on. Last night the dream was very intense and disturbing.

So for the past few weeks or so I've been having a recurring dream. I know this isn't a dream interpretation board but after some research I'm starting to believe it could be a succubus. I have had little experience with the paranormal. However I recently moved into a new house about 3 months ago and there are a bunch of strange noises and lights being turned off and such. It is very disturbing. I have only had this dream since moving. As I was saying, I believe it could be a succubus. In the dream, the woman starts off gorgeous and basically asks if I want to bang. I say "are you asking the right person?" and she mounts me saying yes. I put up a struggle in essence saying "nah I'm good" but then her face contorts into a demon-like face. I fight with her and get her off of me and escape and my dream devolves into something else but throughout the dream she finds ways to appear regardless of what is going on. In my dream last night I was singing church music as a means of protecting myself (I am 100% not religious) but it didn't seem to fend her off. Could the house be haunted by a female spirit that is trying to make herself known or is it a succubus?

At this point I am trying to meet the character requirements but am having difficulty thinking of more details. I want as much feedback as possible and will be answering any questions that are asked of me in the comment section. Hopefully it is just some whack dream.

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Jubeele (9 stories) (487 posts)
2 months ago (2017-12-16)
No worries, lady-glow. I never travel in the desert without my handy-dandy ACME drill-and-pump for water wells. 😁 You never when know you need to do some emergency cleansing. (Also, I do know someone who's a water diviner.) 🚰
lady-glow (9 stories) (1734 posts)
2 months ago (2017-12-16)
Jubeele - Thanks! Please don't trust the water from that oasis, I'm sure people take advantage of the opportunity and wash in there every time they pass by.🐪🐫
Jubeele (9 stories) (487 posts)
2 months ago (2017-12-16)
lady-glow - the next caravan stop at the oasis, I'll harvest some aloe vera plants and make up some lip balm for you. Always moisturize! 😘
lady-glow (9 stories) (1734 posts)
2 months ago (2017-12-16)
Jubeele - Arghhh!... Don't make me laugh, that my lips are dried. 😁
Ouch, ouch... It hurts!
Jubeele (9 stories) (487 posts)
2 months ago (2017-12-16)
lady-glow, I think they simply "dry-clean" under the circumstances! 😜
Jubeele (9 stories) (487 posts)
2 months ago (2017-12-16)
Haha, Melda - not more toilet humour! Rex-T - that's some spook-scaring ability. That, plus Big T-Rex, the bad vibes don't stand a chance. I've now got the urge to sing in the shower: "I've gotta wash that man right out of my hair..."

Dagod, I was taught as a child that "cleanliness is next to godliness". There are many cleansing rituals that involve the use of water and also sea salt. But whatever the method, the main thing is what feels best for you.

Be Safe and Well.
lady-glow (9 stories) (1734 posts)
2 months ago (2017-12-16)
Eden14 - what do people do when crossing the Arabian desert in a camel caravan, do they transport extra water for cleaning purposes, or do they use the poor camels's tongues for lack of a better option? 🤔
Rex-T (3 stories) (114 posts)
2 months ago (2017-12-16)
Eden14 - My home is Australia and even the capital cities get hit with South African style water restrictions including no watering your lawn/garden and no washing your car.

It's easy to tell from just driving down a street who is enforcing the restrictions - brown lawn, brown lawn, green lawn (naughty), brown lawn, etc.

The one advantage I have over Melda is that all I've got to do is sing and spirits hurriedly vacate the premises.

Dagod - seriously, lady-glow has some good advice here.

Melda (9 stories) (828 posts)
2 months ago (2017-12-16)
Eden14 - South Africa (my home country) tends to become drought-stricken. When this occurs in a certain area, which is presently the Western Cape, severe water restrictions are put in place. Households exceeding the water quotas pay heavy penalties. One of the ways to conserve water is by not flushing the toilet every time you use it. There is a well-known saying - "when it's yellow let it mellow, when it's brown flush it down". You are however allowed to wash your hands after the deed is done.

No more singing in the shower? Next time I'll open the shower door, say boo to the ghosts and voila, I'd have scared them off.

Do the 40 days have to be spent in a desert?

Regards, Melda
Eden14 (14 posts)
2 months ago (2017-12-16)
Stay clean. Use water after your toilet habits. This is one of the ways to keep away negative spirits. Cleanse yourself before cleansing your house. Perform your ablutions well. Don't sing songs for they entertain the spirits in some cases.

Light a Candle every night in the name of the Light of the One Who drives away all darkness in the heavens and the earth. After 40 days tell me how it feels.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4400 posts)
2 months ago (2017-12-07)
In my experience Succubi/Incubi take their time and 'cultivate' a relationship with their 'host' and do not tend to 'transform' into...

"...but then her face contorts into a demon-like face." in their 'introduction'.

So, some questions...

How long have you been in this house?

Did the dreams start 'right off the bat' or were you in the house for a week/a month/?

It's not unheard of for spirits to try to use 'physical contact' as a way to get close to an's the 'how/why/and what's going on that can help determine what kind of spirit/entity is involved and the information you have provided is just not enough to make the determination between 'spirit/entity/Succubus'.

Without getting 'graphic' what else is happening?


lady-glow (9 stories) (1734 posts)
2 months ago (2017-12-05)
Since these dreams began when you moved to this house, it is possible that something in the house is triggering them. Would you be able to find the history of the house? Perhaps asking the neighbours about the previous tenants or any strange happenings before you moved in.

It would be convenient to perform a cleansing or blessing of the place, according to your faith but, since you have established not to be a religious person, I suggest for you to try the "Cleansing and shielding method" of one of the members of the forum.

You can find it in the following link:


Keep us posted and thanks for sharing,
MrRiggs (5 stories) (83 posts)
3 months ago (2017-12-04)
I cannot answer your specific question about the spirit you are encountering, but I can absolutely confirm that dreams can be paranormal in nature. I base that on a lifetime of experience with dreams.

I'm not going to go into detail at this time because I want to get a supportive message out to you as quickly as I can. There are people here to can better provide answers regarding spirit types and related matters.



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