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My experience was quite puzzling. I know it's paranormal though, just don't know what it was. But I'll tell you as I remember and what I saw with my family one evening.

Growing up my family had a real strong bond. My aunts and uncles all live on the family plot, near my parents home, there's a cluster of homes-which is where we all live. We have live stock, sheep's, horses and some cows which stay in our corrals. Each weekend we had family cookouts on most Sunday evenings, just to eat good and mingle. We grilled meats, made side dishes to eat along with the main course LOL fry bread.

One evening we were outside of our house, it was our turn to host; everyone took turns hosting the feastings. I remember it being almost around 9 p.m. On a summer evening. It was hot even though the sun was gone. On the Navajo reservation in north east Arizona the sun will not set until after 9 p.m. Through summer. Up until the longest day of the year the sun sets real late. Then the sun travels back down south slowly also setting earlier each evening.

Well this evening I remember it was late. The suns glow was slowly going behind the ridge about 30 miles west of my home but it was enough to see still. I was sitting near my cousin and brothers Alex and Jason. I don't remember what we were talking or laughing about but I was facing in the direction of the sheep corral which was about 600-800' south of my house. My parents, 2 uncles-their wives, my aunt and her hubby, my cousins and my 2 younger siblings, we were sitting on the back porch talking and relaxing. The sheep corral is made up of wood posts about 8' tall, I think 2.5' of that is buried under the sand in the ground. So you only see roughly 5' above ground of the posts making the corral. The gate is made up of metal bars welded together in a square with tubes going in the middle, covering the gate from the outside is metal sheets. If you're a Navajo you'll know we use them to cover the roof of our hay barns, shades for animals, shade houses, or sheds.

Well this is what I was looking at, the metal sheets of the gate which I saw clearly. I could see the gate because it was sort of a grey/white color because of the glow from the sun; everything else around it was dark, and black. I remember starring, 'spacing out' looking at the gate, all of a sudden I saw something walking in front of the gate. I sat up, because I was slouching back in my chair- as I blinked and squinted looking at what it was... It looked very clear to me like it was a man figure walking, then it stood there. I don't know which way it was looking: away from me, or towards me but it stood there. I know we were sitting in the darkness because the flies and insects were attracted to the porch lights. We weren't too loud either; pretty much I know you couldn't hear us from the corral. At this moment I got up and told my dad and everyone 'LOOK'.

My uncle mentioned it might be someone trying to steal some sheep's or kill the sheep's, the sheep's belonged to my aunt and her hubby. So I got up, as I went to walk off the porch steps, my dad said wait! My dad, uncles and cousin brothers got up and started walking down the steps, we all walked slowly and quietly towards the corral. There's a wash between my house and the corral, from in the wash we could see there was a person standing in front of the corral it was even more clearly. My dad whispered to my uncles let's split, you guys go from the left we'll come from the right, you boys go straight at it. We waited for everyone to move, then we started walking towards it again, this thing knew we were coming, it started running away. It ran right by me and Jason, it sure was a man figure-but it was weird as it was running it sounded like horse hooves not shoes running on the sand. We took off after it; we got real close to grabbing it while running full speed after it down the dirt road. Just as we were going to throw it down, it was gone just like that. We stopped by that time everyone caught up to us and asked what happened, where'd it go?

It had a foul odor when we were chasing it, it smelled like how dead cows, horses smell when you pass by one dead along the highways. I don't know what this thing was that we just chased but, it was, I thought it was a man. But hearing the steps when it was running it sounded like a horse running, but it was a man looking figure.

No one had a clue what it was, or where it went and as we walked back my uncle came with a flash light, so we tracked the path we came, looking for foot prints. There was nothing but our foot prints accounted for, even near the corral we only saw, sheep and dog foot prints. That was really strange.

I don't know if it's a ghost, skin walker- all I know is it's something seven guys couldn't explain.

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Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-27)
perhaps there is some connection to this thing, and the many cases of animal mutilations that have been happening since about '67? Very strange, this encounter of yours.
Rashidah (guest)
13 years ago (2010-09-23)
This is a very interesting story.
I do believe your experience was possible. This reminds me of the infamous chupacabra.
meangirl_26 (7 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-23)
dreamergal72-i think what you mean is a centaur. Half man, half horse. 😁

MV_Navajo-we also have that kind of creature here in the Philippines, we call it "tikbalang" and it is usually found in farm areas of the country.
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-23)
I know what You talk about Half man half horse something like I think something words I am looking for I think start with a C but Probley skinwalker or Demon Carefully it can be anything that are not good you say it kill sheep that what it trying to do.

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