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The Good Spirit And Some Other Entities


I'm Ging and I'm new here. I have a lot of ghost stories to tell but this one just happened recently, last August 29 2010.

Three experiences took place at the same night. It was about 6:30 PM (Philippine time) when the first one occured.

So here is my story. I was having a conversation with my boyfriend, I suddenly took a short look at my room. I wasn't surprised at all (I don't really know why) when I saw a part of a long white dress waving behind my room's door. Behind my door is my cabinet. It means whoever she was, she already passed through my cabinet! And as if she was heading to a windy place. I told this to my boy friend but he took it as a joke so I just simply proceeded to our topic.

Now while I am writing this story, I realized that I also saw that same long white dress when my aunt died last year (I forgot the cause of her death, but I know it was a disease). I was all alone in our house, the rest were at my aunt's wake except for my cousin who was practicing with her choirmates. I remember that I was also having a conversation with my present boyfriend over the cell phone (he was still courting me back then) when I saw the part of that same dress. Well I never knew who was in that dress. Who knows? I may know her in some other time.

The second one was experienced by my older sister.

While I was talking with my boyfriend over the phone, she went upstairs to take a bath. After almost an hour I hung up the phone and she went downstairs. Right after she entered the living room, she asked if anyone had gone upstairs. Our maid said that no one had gone up stairs because they were all busy watching the television and I was busy talking with my boyfriend.

She then told us that her pair of slippers was already fixed beside the room's door leaning against the wall. She clearly remembered that she just left her slippers scattered outside our room's door. She felt a little scared. That's why she went down to the living room without even combing her hair.

She even told us that maybe the "nanay" (mother) upstairs thought that we are careless with our belongings and that's why she bothered to help us by simply fixing my sister's slippers.

The last one was my experience. Well my mom came from a retreat with her fellow church workers. It was almost twelve when my sister decided to buy something to eat as a midnight snack. I decided not to come with them because I still have classes the next day. So the three of them, my mom, older sister and her 2 year old daughter went out to buy the midnight snack. As I was trying to catch my sleep I heard a man's voice whispering in my right ear. I can't understand what he was saying. His voice was deep and I can't understand even a single word. I run out of the room and proceed to my room (my grandmother and our maid were using my room until now). I just told my grandmother that the three went out and left me alone in the room as an excuse. When they finally arrived home, my mom scolded me because of bothering my grandmother in her sleep. It was a mistake that I told her what I've experienced. She scolded me even more.

These are one of my ghostly experiences and stories. I would be happy if you enjoy it. Thank you for reading guys.

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lovebugs (3 stories) (31 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-01)
Maybe because my mom is very religious that's why she doesn't want to talk over that things but still, she's aware that "things" are really happening. Almost all of us have a lot of experiences especially my aunt who used to stay up awake even in the middle of the night to watch late news. Thank you, I hope you like my story.:)
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-29)
Thats not very nice of your mum to scold you for telling her what you experienced, perhaps she may not like to talk about things of that nature. I get the feeling your first experience may have been a residual haunting, did your Mum and Grandmother ever tell you about anything they may have experienced?

Thanks for sharing your story.


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