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I do not remember these two encounters, being that I was so young but My mom and sister told me about them... I was 6 years old when my mothers brother was killed in a bad car accident. We lived in Long Island at the time, My parents were out for the day and my older sister was babysitting me and my younger sister. She was getting me dressed to go to the park and I kept looking out the window tilting my head in confusion and wouldn't speak when she would ask what I was looking at... Finally I answered and told her that Uncle Joe was sitting in the tree. She freaked out and took me out of the room.

Two nights later I woke up in the middle of the night, I started screaming because I looked over at my little sisters bed and saw my uncle sitting there petting her head as she slept... My 2 older sister and my parents came running in... I had to sleep in my parents room for a week until I forgot about it.

He had never been to our house before, we had just moved back to new york from Florida and he was killed in a car accident when he was on his way up from Florida to stay with us. But it seemed like he haunted us often... We had a creepy basement where the washer and dyer was and I remember following my mom down one day to do the laundry when she stopped dead in her tracks and stared into the mirror that was cemented into the wall under the staircase. She just stared, wouldn't move... She saw something in the mirror that day, after me bugging her and saying "mommy" about 5 times she put the laundry basket down, turned to me and told me to go upstairs... She looked terrified... She then followed me up and closed the door behind her and waited until my dad came home to do the laundry... Years later I heard her telling one of my sisters that story, she said she saw someone in the mirror that wasn't her and she felt like she was stuck to the ground and stiff as a statue... We moved to NJ shortly after that... We had only been in that house for a year.

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whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-10)
Haunted? No. You were visited. This really sounds like your Uncle REALLY desired to finish that trip to your house. And he did.
It IS scary when you see someone that you KNOW you should not be seeing, but the reactions of those around you seem to have caused that fear FOR you. I am just going on what you have written.
Thank you for sharing this story of your Uncles visit.
Lix80 (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-08)
omg, pretty interesting story. I sometimes get a bit scarew of mirrors, stories say that the spirits or ghosts use them to get in touch with you, but who knows who the person your mom saw was!, it was a female or a male?, id think it was your uncle but you don't mention it, anyway, its pretty scary 😨

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