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My Mother In Law Lingering Around


I've been married for almost 8 years now and knew my husband and his family for 10 years. My mother in law has always been the type of person with an outgoing energy and just loved life. She'd always ask how life is going with whoever she'd be talking to and if it's good, she would always, always say "Life is Grand"!

So in 2006 the family learned that she was diagnosed with lung cancer and was suffering from severe blood clots. At first, she was getting her treatment done and everything looked like it was fine. On Thanksgiving 2006 as we were saying "grace and thanks" for our food and everyone she told us she was in remission and cancer-free and we were just so happy to hear those words.

But April 2007, she started getting blood clots again and fell into a severe coma. At first the doctors wouldn't tell us anything because technically even though her and my father in law weren't married, they would not share information with us, not even their kids. It wasn't until the situation became serious that they shared with us that she was not ever cancer-free and that she had only about a year to live, which that year was rearing its ugly head.

As the days went by we were told basically she only has a few days to live. I had a strange dream with her telling me to take care of her son (my husband). The next day, my sister in law's husband mentioned to everyone that he had a weird dream and said that my mother in law came to him and told him to take care of her daughter and the grandkids. That same day she died. I go to my sister in law's husband later that day when he's alone and I told him I had that same kind of dream but I didn't want to mention anything to anyone yet because everybody was grieving.

After her death, everyone in the family would have strange dreams of her and the grandchildren would say they saw grandma in their room. She has given signs that she's around such as just the mentioning of her name the lights will start to flicker or we'll her laughter.

Just a few months ago, my father in law decided to move out of the house they lived in to a smaller house. As we were packing and throwing out stuff, Amy (my sister in law) and I were in the attic. I was heading down, still on the ladder and Amy was about to pass down something to me once I got to the floor when we both heard "Amy" in whisper. We both looked at each other realizing neither one said it and there's no other woman in the house either.

Now that my father in law has officially moved out of the house, the new owners recently contacted my husband saying strange things are happening and if we had experienced it lately. When my husband asked what kind of things, they said pots and pans falling from their place, hearing voices saying "life is grand" (which is the one thing that through us all off). I guess she'll always be around but I wonder if she's upset my father in law moved out of the house and that these new people are there.

What do you guys think?

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lizziek80 (4 stories) (7 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-15)
Thank you everyone for your comments and inputs. I did share the last bit with my sister in law about the new people who moved into the house and that they were complaining about these occurences but she didn't want to have anything to do with it. She apparently called and told them to leave all of us alone, which I think was wrong in her part for doing. I don't want to stir anything up with my father in law because it took him a long time for his grieving to stop. He has since moved on and is getting married soon again, which is why he moved out of the house. He's now living with his girlfriend of 2 years. I have no idea what to do... Maybe I should just let it go. My husband doesn't believe in any ghost. He's the kind of person to say "I have to see it to believe it" which I can't blame him either. I thought of all people my sister in law would be open to it but she's been freaked out since her kids have told her they see grandma in their rooms. One of the people from the old house still contacts me to tell me that even though they just moved in, they want to move out now.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-15)
Well, yes. She does sound a little ticked. Maybe even abadoned by her family. Have you thought of going over and asking if she'd like to come home with you? No idea if it would work but I don't see how it could hurt. 😊 ❤
Petersspirit (4 stories) (144 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-15)
Hi LizzieK80,

This experiance you and your family have with your beloved mother in law does remind me of our situation here. In 1998 our dear grandfather died and ever since he has kept on hanging around here. In his case we smell sigar smoke from time to time. Thank you very much for having done this sharing! She mite be a bit lost with your father in law away I guess. So I agree with -Darkness- Let her know of the changes, spirits still need our helping hand sometimes.

DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-15)
Yes its definitely possible she may be confused as to who and why these new people are within her home. Its sad in a way that this has occured if I was your father inlaw I would have explained how the situation was and hopefully she may have been able to except this and not be confused as to what is going on. This is just my thoughts I think she does need help to move on, or explained as to what has exactly happened, this could be as simple as talking out loud within the previous home.

Thanks for sharing.


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