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Ghost Stomping Around The Room


About 3 years ago my family and I moved into rented accommodation, and we all started having problems with the ghost. My dad suffered the most and none of us could understand why.

The ghost would hit him while he was sleeping and stomp around the bedroom. She would call my mums name while my mum was asleep and there was no-one else around, she would walk from the hallway through the kitchen and into the dining room while someone was in there making them think someone had walked behind them. My sister saw her from the corner of her eye and thought it was me because it looked like me.

I tried to do some research on the house but couldn't find anything. I then came across a way to talk to ghosts (not Ouija board) and I tried it, it worked and I managed to find out that she was murdered in the house by her dad and so she didn't like men, she was strangled, at that point I felt like I was being strangled. I think she was just trying to show me what had happened to her. But after that we NEVER had a problem, it's been 2 years.

Our landlord has now asked us to leave and we've started packing, now we're all having big problems with her, she keeps throwing tantrums or something, attacking my parents, stomping around the room. She scares the living daylights out of them. We have a feeling that she has got used to and enjoyed having us around and is now throwing a teenage tantrum because she knows we're leaving. We just want to help her move on, but have no idea how to do it. I don't believe she is a bad spirit; it's just what happened to her that made her angry.

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ghostgirl417 (5 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-18)
i think that you should talk to her about comming with you she has gotten attached to you and if she goes with you she may be able to have a happy afterlife ghostgirl517❤
Georgiee (1 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-24)
The medium visited yesterday, the girls name is lucy, which was what she told me, but I was unsure that I'd heard it right. She was doing these things because she was lonely and confused about us packing up. It turns out she did look like me from the neck up and the medium felt the same pressure on the neck that I did while they were talking. It turns out we had another spirit aswell as Lucy and he was called Gareth. He tried to stop Lucy going to the light as he feared losing her companionship. Anyway the point is that they obviously didn't go to the light because my parents are feeling it worse than ever, she was only doing it during the night and it's now 9am and she's still causing trouble, I will try talk to her myself but I don't think it will help. The medium is coming back on tuesday to check on things.
Chosen_One101 (7 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-21)
i don't know how you guys could live with that. The girl ghost I saw was a long time ago when I was 10 I only saw the bottom half. I am very afraid of ghosts (I don't know that many people who are not) so I did not stay there long enough to see if the rest of her would appear but it sounds like you have it worse. Wish you luck for helping her cross.
Georgiee (1 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-20)
Thank you everyone so much for your ideas, my dad has asked a medium to come to the house. Thank you deviousangel for suggesting we let her haunt the landlord, but we don't think it's fair for her to suffer his company because basically he's a bit of a jerk. I'll let you all know how it goes with the medium ❤
KitsuneofIkana (7 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-20)
Like what others have said just tell her the situation that your family is in and that there is really nothing that can be done. Just talk to her normally like you would to any person and I think she will understand what is going on. I like how you made the story simple and not added detail that wasn't necessary.
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-19)
Georgiee--Hoochler's suggestions seem utterly respectful and humane, which I think you see is rightly needed here and what you're looking to do. And like DeviousAngel, you presented the situation admirably concisely. Thank you. ~ James
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-19)
Firstly, I have to compliment you on your simple, direct writing style. You got the point across without convoluted or unnecessary wording and the details of your account are very clear.

I would suggest what many others have, and simply talk to her out loud as you would a person, because that's what you're dealing with. You're dealing with a very scared, angry, and lost "living impaired" person. If you treat her like a human, I'm sure she will be understanding of your family's situation, and perhaps instead turn her aggression toward the cause of your leaving (the landlord) instead. It'd be interesting to see how she interacts with HIM after your family is gone!
Lilady4 (7 stories) (427 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-19)
How sad. It does seem like she knows you are leaving and is trying to prevent it. Try getting a psychic to help. A psychic/medium would probably be able to let this spirit pass on to the other side.
Love & Light, Rachel ❤
Petersspirit (4 stories) (144 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-19)
Hi Georgiee,

What ever she does, she can not keep you guy's from moving. It's terrible what happened to her and if I were in your place I would tell her: "let go already, stop hanging on to the past. It will not help you but keep you from getting anywhere."
She should try and find a way to God...
Thanks for the sharing, wish you and your family all the best!
BadJuuJuu (guest)
10 years ago (2011-03-18)
I think you should be honest with her. Tell her it's time for your family to move on, and it would be a good idea for her to move on as well. Try explaining to her that crossing over is her best bet for happiness, that there is healing and peace on the other side.
If she seems unwilling to cross over, try setting some rules for behavior, no tantrums, no hitting, etc. Explain that you guys have never tried to hurt her, and it's unfair for her to show such hostility. She may wait until after yall have moved to move on herself.
Hoochler (1 stories) (263 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-18)
Here is something I have done before and had great success with. Go to an area where the ghost is or has been recently active. Pray out loud to God, ask Him to please send one of His merciful angels to be with the ghost of this person who has been interacting with you and for that angel to please stay with her as long as it can be of assistance to her. Ask God to instuct His angel to please educate, love and comfort the ghost.

Also, ask God to please open a doorway to the other side for this person's ghost and for Him to please keep that door open as long as He thinks is necessary for the doorway to be useful.

Pray to God that if there is something that this ghost does not want to face on the other side and has been keeping her from crossing over up until now that He please send to her whatever help or knowledge that she needs so that it will know that is OK for her to cross over. End the prayer with thanks.

Talk out loud to encourage the ghost to make use of the doorway to the other side. Encourage the ghost to ask whatever questions she has about the spirit world or the afterlife of the angel that is now with her.

If the ghost thinks that she is going to hell when she crosses over, she may very well continue to resist crossing over. This process will only work on a ghost that does not continue to resist crossing over. If there is something big (to her) that is keeping her on this plane, this method may not work because it requires her cooperation, all you are doing is helping.

Hope this helps.
babyjesus (7 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-18)
hola. Sorry you and your family are having to go through that. I believe that when some does pass away they are met with their guarding angel, I know some get stuck in between cause of their passing was so terrible and so sudden. I'm no pro at this but it sounds like she can hurt you guys if she really wanted to, usually they just try to get your attention but if she is able to touch you or hit you...that's bad I know it's hard to do this but have you tried spraying Holly water while saying a prayer. Just suggesting? Whatever you do don't talk about her or look up things in the house she might get mad, or not but you don't want to try it. I wish you the best for you, if I hear of anything that can help you I will get back to you. Sorry I couldn't help you.

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