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Who Lit The Candle?


Let me introduce myself to all of you. My name is Mainak Biswas, living in a quite surround of kharghar, New Bombay. This is a first time I am writing my experiences here.

My story starts from my school days...

My father recently retired after completing his tenure in ONGC. In his tenure, we used to live in ONGC colony in Panvel (Navi Mumbai). I did my schooling and graduation staying in that colony itself. Before coming to the incident, let me tell everyone, the layout of the colony. The whole colony was constructed on a grave yard and was divided into different blocks. The blocks started from A to D and the allocation was given, depending upon the rank of a person. In these blocks, the occupancy was never 100% and there would be some buildings which were never occupied. We lived in block B and there were few buildings which were left unoccupied. This incident happened in one of these buildings.

There was a building which was near a park. That building was once occupied with a couple of families in it. In the same building there was a bachelor, who was living in the ground floor flat. Within a couple of months after he occupied the flat, he killed himself by hanging from a fan. Nobody knew the reason of his action. According to his close colleagues, he was having the best times of his life. He was indeed getting married and eventually got promoted to a senior engineer. His family back home was also good, never had any financial problems and in fact his parents were supposed to come here to live with him. If everything was so perfect and there were no problems, why did this guy killed himself?

After couple of weeks after his death, people started moving out from that building and soon that building was abundant. The question arises is, whether his is a fallout of his death or this was a reason of his death? People started complaining about some weird things happening in the building like sounds of the footsteps in the building corridor, sounds of doors opening and closing in the same flat. People living in the same building, could also see a candle was lit every night.

Now the question arises, who can light a candle when the flat was locked from inside and even outside? This whole story fascinated me to go there and check it out. People never took that lane in the late evenings and night. The park opposite to that building also turned up into an eerie place, as no one was ready to go there to maintain the park.

Well, it was Diwali night and I had convinced couple of my friends to go there and check that out. We got this advantage that, since it was a festival, all focus will be on completing the nitty gritty of it and entertaining the guests, my parents will never have a time to check where I am going. I told my parents that I was going with my friends to burn crackers and left the house. If I am correctly recollecting the time it was past 10 PM.

While going to that place, I made sure that no one caught me going that place. So I was taking many precautions and was pacing up to see the truth of the story. Once I reached there, I was shocked and surprised to see that the place didn't seem to be a part of the same colony. The whole atmosphere was very different and more over there was no light there also. Some light was indeed coming from couple of buildings nearby but there were limited street lights.

We walked to the park, to see the flat. The flat looked like; no one had ever opened this apartment from ages. Each and everything which could be seen from outside, was covered with multiple layers of dust, totally bad in shape. We were standing opposite the flat, hoping to see something exciting. Actually we went there to see the ghost, as we all heard that the building was possessed by a ghost.

We stood there for almost half an hour, but nothing weird happened. I thought all the stories about this place are just rumours and has no connection with the real thing. We could feel the air around us was getting colder and colder by the minute. We thought of returning back, and then suddenly one of my friends stopped looking shocked, he was still looking at the same flat. I looked behind to call him, and then suddenly my eyes went to the balcony of that flat. From the window glasses, we could see, some light inside. We went near the window to check whether the light was from inside or it was some kind of reflection from other buildings.

When we started getting near, we could feel the discomfort. We stood near to the balcony; we found that the light was coming from inside the flat from some sort of candle light. We could justify the finding because the light was low and was not stable. We ran inside the same building to check if there was some new occupant, but we found that the flat was sealed from outside and the balcony was also locked from inside.

We understood, what was happening and ran from the site.

More than 20 years has passed since this incident and today also when I meet with my friends, the only question we cannot answer that "Who lit the candle?" when the flat was sealed and locked.

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Abhiharsh (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-30)
I came across this story as I googled Hunted ongc colony panevl mumbai. I had a strange encounter there back in the year 2006 or 2007 ---- My friend's friend father use to work in the ONGC. He was from Aasaam and I used to live in the Mira Road, They called me up for night stay as there was no one at their home plus my friends's friend whos name was Gupta got a extra flat house ---so I went there --- we had beers and other stuff and went to sleep in that flat which was near a canteen in ongc I don't remember the block ---- In the night three of us heard the voice of foot step and ringing payal sound ---- although all of three heard it but didn't disclose it to each other until next morning when all of us discuss the incident... So today after a long time I wanted to know if anyone else had any such experience and I found this story ----- ONGC colony at panvel is strange and full of paranormal activities
para-diggers (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-14)
hello mainak. I know this is an old post but we read your story and found it very interesting. We decided to look into it... We paid a visit to the colony earlier tonight and experienced a few unexplainable things, paranormal or not I am not sure. We also have pictures. If you could share your id with us, we would like to collaborate our information
sanjeevgeorge (guest)
12 years ago (2012-03-21)
hmmmmm why do you go to explore that place at night? You could've gone in the daytime...
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-05)
I liked your story, you had a nice set up and a good follow through. It's what I look for in a good ghost story. Some places are just evil and it sounds like that place was full of it. I would sneak off and check it out too, if I had a place with similar qualities near me. I'm glad you didn't see anything too scary, but it was just creepy enough to be memorable. What a great real life mystery!
Gods-Girl (5 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-02)
Well maybe in the outside he was happy and all but in the inside maybe he was sad or upset about somthing? Who knows? 😊
Trix (14 stories) (407 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-29)
Hi mainakbiswas02, thanks for sharing. This was a very interesting story indeed. I liked reading it. It is very sad though that the man committed suicide. There are so many questions about this man with no answers on what was going on in his mind. It just shows you that some people are carrying a burden within them so secretly that nobody's even noticed it. Is everybody 100% sure that he was not perhaps murdered?

One thing is indeed sure that if the candle light is connected to this man then he is still around, and needs help to move on. Poor soul. Take care. Trix.
otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-28)
Who lit the candle indeed? Sad the man took his own life, for reasons no one will ever know. Thanks for the story! ❤
JustCurious (2 stories) (434 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-28)
The part about him killing himself, I just want to comment saying that, he may have appeared to be happy and having everything go well on the outside looking in, but no one knows what was going on in his mind. Who knows how he was acting when no one was with him.

Crazy story though. Maybe he is lighting the candle as a way for letting people know he is still there.

dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-27)
Wow I would have Creepy out to see the candle light up and Wonder why he kill himself I have hear and seen everybody killthelevs from some crazy exuse or evil tell them to do it or out of depression... The answer is: Easy way out that what I figure why that I know it werid but kill themselves want a easy way out instead of wait for god to tell them to come home or something but that not the answer to killthemseleves only god not themselves to kill themseleves just not right they will regret for that... Thanks for the story and it is sad that they choose to want to died instead of wait for god's answer...

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