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Strange Things That Happened to Me 1


Ever since I can remember, I've always been interested in the paranormal, that is, ghost stories and the like. I think my earliest memory of my interest had to do with my dad whom I would have read "scary" stories to me before bedtime. Actually, I would say my interest began with my dad, who had a few scary stories to tell me about his past.

The first thing (I was probably 4-6 years old) I can remember happening to me that was even remotely odd had to do with my dad. I was very attached to him when I was growing up and I think because of this attachment this odd thing happened. Right before he would arrive home, I would see him walking in the dining room towards me and I would tell my mom that he was coming home. What was so strange about this was that what I would see was an image of him made of light walking and it was completely transparent. After I saw this image he would pull up in the driveway. I have no idea why I remember this or even if my mom believed me or remembers me telling her this.

Let's skip ahead to when I was in college. I met a few people who were interested in the same things as me as far as the paranormal goes. Quite a few things happened while I was friends with them. I am going to refer to them as Tim and Bob.

A little about Tim and Bob before I continue. Tim claimed to have control of spirits, and was followed around by one, which I believe the latter. He also played around with things he shouldn't have, which is probably why he was followed around and stuff happened around him. Bob on the other hand seemed to only be able to see auras. I really don't know if I believe this or not, but this is just a background tidbit anyway.

One time I was at my house with Tim and we played around with a Ouija board (and yes I am quite aware of what they are, the potential dangers that are involved with them. I haven't touched one since these incidences anyway, which was about 8 years ago) Of course nothing happened. I've tried it before with my dad and nothing happened. In fact, my curiosity which drove me to play with this thing was the fact nothing ever seemed to happen to my satisfaction, not just with the board but anything, but I digress.

Tim said he saw a lady in brown that was standing next to us, and of course I didn't see or sense anything. I've concluded I wouldn't be able to sense a brick wall even if I ran into it face first. I decided to just let it go at that and we were done since it was getting pretty late and the board never moved or anything.

Tim and I were laying in the dark in my room and I was doing what I did sometimes, which was to just stare into the darkness and watch the shadows move or listen to the sounds of night. I pointed out to Tim that I was seeing little orbs of light, he said he saw them too. This is something not unusual to me and I found it pleasant that someone else could see them too.

This went on for a few minutes when suddenly the room turned blue. I can't describe it in any other way - the shadows. The walls and ceiling seemed tinged with blue. I asked Tim if it seemed like the room was blue to him as well and he said yes. After this a couple more orbs floated around, larger white ones and I was starting to get kind of nervous because Tim asked "Can you feel the cold spot that is moving around above us?" I raised one hand into the air and sure enough, something passed around my hand cold, normal, cold, normal. I quickly pulled my hand down and I just lay there frozen not really knowing what to think.

Then Tim heard something in the living room, which was right next to my room. He told me to listen. We went quiet and I heard faint voices talking, a male and a female, and also I heard the faint sound of a radio playing. I couldn't believe it. I knew no one was awake, my parents had long since gone to bed and we were the only two up. I looked at the clock and it said it was 3 am.

Finally we both got up to investigate the living room and the adjoining kitchen where the only radio that could have been playing could be. The living room was pitch black and quiet as was the kitchen. I still don't know what happened that night.

Another time Tim and I were house-sitting his parents house for the weekend. His house is in the middle of the woods somewhat in the middle of nowhere. He has told me before about something that waits outside on the deck for him when he comes home and then races off into the woods when he gets out of his car and has said there have been weird things that happen when he was alone or when everyone else was asleep. This night was to be no different.

He decided that we should watch really bad horror "B" movies in his sister's room on her PS2 since she had a nice TV and I guess he watched to do the whole camp out on the floor thing. Everything was perfectly normal besides the movie until around 1 am.

The family dog, Barley, ran into the room and then started barking while looking straight at me. I was confused because I was only sitting there watching the movie and I knew she wasn't barking at that. Tim told her to go away and stop making so much noise, but he still insisted on barking at me.

I tried to get her to come to me so I could comfort her because she really seemed freaked out. She would begin to crawl on her belly towards me but then she would back up quickly barking and sort of growling. She started to run in and out of the room and after watching her for a bit I noticed she wasn't looking at me but behind me. I turned and looked at the blinds on the windows and one of them was moving. I looked up at the ceiling and the fan wasn't on, in fact the air was perfectly still and I pointed this out to Tim. Then we heard something like stomping in the rooms above us which really scared me and Tim seemed to be nervous too. We ended up looking upstairs and outside since Tim said he heard something stomping around in the dead leaves in the woods, but we could never find out what had made those sounds.

My last story for now involves me, Tim and Bob. We were at Bob's efficiency apartment for the night, and we weren't really doing anything; I was working on an art project and Tim and Bob were playing some video game.

I was getting pretty bored with being left out and I asked them if they wanted to play with the Ouija board which had been living in the trunk of Tim's car all this time. They said yeah sure and Tim went to get it out of his car and we sat around it to see what would happen.

Nothing happened, as I expected, and after a while we got bored again.

Now remember what I said about Tim being more deeply involved with this type of thing. Well, Tim decided to do something odd. He was always telling me about chakra points and how to open them and how to channel energy in and out of your body for different effects. Since nothing worked for me I never really took anything he said to me completely seriously. Tim decided to apply this knowledge to the apartment building. He put his hands on the walls and said he was drawing energy from the entire building. Bob seemed concerned and was telling Tim that he probably shouldn't do that because something might happen - who knows what sort of energies he would pull from the building. To me this sounded ridiculous.

After Tim finished he went into the bathroom and came out a few minutes later looking somewhat horrified. Bob and I asked him what was wrong and he said, "I looked into the mirror and my face wasn't my own, it was like it kept changing and morphing..." He forbid me to go into the bathroom, but Bob went into there to look and said yeah, something is wrong, my face was changing too. After a while Tim commented that there was something that he described as a vortex about the ceiling fan and that it had opened up when he was drawing energy from the building, and that also things were starting to come through that vortex into the room. I couldn't see anything, but I did notice that the bed was shaking on its own as well as the blinds on the windows.

The things that Tim saw, which he described as rather weak, dark, energy sucking things that were bent and whose limbs were pointed at the ends of the appendages and the face, were hiding in bathroom where it was completely dark. He said they wouldn't come out until we turned off the light. I can't remember exactly who did this, but Bob or Tim pulled the switch on the fan light and the room went dark. This only lasted a few minutes when the light was pulled back on and Tim said we weren't going to turn off the light again.

Bob started to act funny and complained about a pain in his neck like something was sitting on his shoulders or neck, and Tim was saying he had pains on his back. I am not sure but I believe I could see something like a greenish presence where they said they were hurting and when I touched those places, they were icy cold while the surrounding flesh was warm and normal.

Finally Tim had enough of this and said we were leaving since he was worried something might happened to me. I told him we should probably stay with Bob in case something might happen to him since nothing had happened to me the entire night. Bob said he would be OK and we left.

When we got back to my house, I took a look at Tim's back and I was shocked. I said "Tim, did you know you have a lot of bad scratches all over your back?" and he said "No, I didn't know" and he went to look in the mirror. The way the scratches were on his back there was no way that he could have done it himself. That was the last time we played with the board or did anything like that again.

I apologize about the length, I tend to be very detailed when I write anything. I hope those of your who read this enjoy the stories. Read part 2.

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Martin (602 posts) mod
17 years ago (2007-06-13)
soulsaver, I see where you are going so I just want to remind you that not every one is christian here and not everyone wants to be. Keep that in mind.
soulsaver (2 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-13)
im sorry but you have problems with witchcraft and demonic things. You might want help and I know how you can get it. Say "Jesus I need to be forgiven of my sins Jesus clense me of all the wrongs I have done and come into my heart as my savior in Jesus name I pray amen" please I beg of you please say this prayer since your life is full of bad things and evil demonic things you might want to do this you will feel a whole lot better and tell your friends "Tim" and "Bob" about this to. Trust me you won't regret it
Chibimango (2 stories) (2 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-13)
Jmartin121 -

I really wouldn't know how to help with that sort of situation, but I can understand why you would need help. The board never moved or worked for me - and I believe I was trying for quite a while just because it didn't work. But I have a strong feeling now that I am lucky that it didn't. This is reinforced by these dreams that I am having now with what I can only think are entities that are messing with me and even though it's just a dream, I think it's a message to me to be thankful that this is not happening to me in my waking life. Good luck to you with finding help and answers to your problem, and also thank you for your comment.

- Chibi
Jmartin121 (2 stories) (25 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-12)
I have played with the ouija board too and know about it also. I'm schizophrenic, so the friend I'm basically brothers with tells me I would be perfect for it. Jokingly, I said we're going to do it in your house! So at 12 midnight, we got immediate answers. This comment will be a little long, so bear with me.
The ghost is a 72 year old woman who died of old age.
She is not happy with us for some reason.
She is a bad ghost with intentions of hurting my friend.
she says she will kill him with a knife (I know it was wrong but we laughed at that).
So we go into the kitchen and simulteneously we feel the same whack in our ankles. The refridgerator vibrated and made a cracking noise. Cody was hurt (not bad), I was freezing. It was weird. Not to steal the spotlight, but I need help with this too.
By the way, your story I found very interesting (both of them). Thank you for the good read

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