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An Evil Presence


When I was younger, younger than 15 strange things happened to me and only me. My parents, brother and sister didn't experience anything. I am the youngest. I was afraid to be alone in my house.

When I had to study I would always sit in the living room because someone would be there most of the time. But sometimes they would all go into my parents room to watch TV and I would be left alone to study. I would cry because I was so scared to be alone. When I told my parents the wouldn't believe me. They told me that it was my imagination. When I was alone it would feel like someone was staring at me or standing behind me. And when I turned around I could see a shadow disappearing.

One night my uncle and aunt were over at my house. We all were watching a movie. After a while my brother and sister went to bed. I stayed up to watch the movie. After a hour or so I got sleepy and went to bed. I slept with my sister in a room. I didn't want to sleep alone in my bed so I slept with my sister in her bed. I couldn't sleep because I felt a presence behind me. This presence was very strong and felt very evil. My sister didn't feel anything. I didn't wanted to wake her so I got up fast and went to my parents in the living room. When I told my parents they didn't want to believe me but then my aunt said that she would look into it. She had a friend who could find out what was wrong.

After I told my aunt's friend she came to my house one night with my aunt and uncle. Precisely at midnight at 12 o'clock she smoked the house. All the windows and doors were shut. My parents, uncle, aunt and the lady were in the house while my brother, sister and I were waiting outside. After a while they came out and told us to open all the windows. The smell of the smoke was very strong and bad. The lady told us to sleep with the windows open. When I entered the house I wasn't afraid anymore. I had a pretty happy feeling in my house.

A few weeks after I asked my mom what was bothering me. She said that the lady told her that an evil spirit was in my house bothering me. He wasn't there to do good only bad. The lady said that our maid brought this evil spirit into our home and left it with us. Because she was greedy my mom fired her and she got angry. She brought it to harm us.

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your-worst-nightmare666 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-07)
hum well I know how you feel, I feel like I'm being followed all the time not by good but evil. I'm female 19 and atheist. Everyone says I'm possed lol so I laugh, but recently iv been noticeing weird shiat... I have woken up with three claw marks down my back, I always feel evil inside of me, I can't tell my family they would send me into an asylum 😢
lynrinth (guest)
11 years ago (2011-08-07)
She cursed you! The maid put a curse on you or the whole family. Wow, never thought I would ever read a story about one. Well, it's a good thing your aunt knew of someone who could help you. I hope you aren't experiencing anything scary now. The maid, she will find out the hard way when dealing with negative spirits, trying to do harm to others, can only lead to no good. It will come back to her. Never deal with evil.

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