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March 2nd of 2011 was the day we moved into a new apartment. Quite a few things have happened since we got here. I live with my sister who isn't a stranger to the paranormal and my mom who is a skeptic so these experiences are mostly noticed by me and my sister.

My first experience was when I had come home from adult school and was sitting on our sofa which faces toward the kitchen table but the rest is blocked off by a wall. I heard a kitchen cabinet open and soon after I heard something hit the wall and bounce on the floor. It had been a jar of peanut butter but the area where it landed made me think it didn't just fall out on it's own.

My sister and I had 2 experiences in 1 day 1 week after the peanut butter incident. It was 8AM and all was silent. I was in the living room checking my email for the day trying to find jobs through an online job search and my sister was eating breakfast in her room. At 8:30AM or around that time, my sister heard someone say "choking". In the kitchen, which was 8 feet away from me, I heard a woman gasping for air. It was so clear that I thought it was my sister and when I checked it out she wasn't there. She came out of her room and asked me in a quick but calm voice, "did you hear that?", I responded "hear what?", that's when she told me that she heard someone say choking. Both of us heard different things at the same exact time.

At 6PM my sister was in the shower getting ready to go out with friends for a movie night. When she got out she had closed the door and stepped into her room but before she closed the door to her room she turned around while I stared at the bathroom door from the hall. The door opened up on us and we just looked at each other, but at that time I felt a breeze go towards me and my sister could feel her right hand getting colder. My sister asked me if the windows were open because she thought it could have been a draft. I checked it out and the living room windows and bedroom windows were all closed. Although the door knob didn't click to let us know it was closed correctly the door can get stuck if not closed all the way. To open the door when the knob doesn't click you have to actually push with your shoulder to open it. I'm pretty sure we would have felt air go through the hallway before the door opened or through my sisters room, but I felt the wind go through the hallway and my sister said her hand was in a sort of cold spot.

The last one that left me with my mouth opened was at 8AM. My sister and mom had stayed up all night due to a strong back pain my sister had experience the night before, and they went from 8PM to 5AM trying to get my sister to relax. I was eating a breakfast at the table facing the entire kitchen that leads into the hallway. I saw the cabinet under the sink open all the way stop at a certain point shake slowly back and forth then close up again. I couldn't believe what I saw. I sat there for 10 minutes waiting to see if it would happen again but so far nothing.

Last night I was spooked to hear loud ticking in the living room. We do have a clock but it has no batteries. My sister claims to hear that same ticking in her room too and sounds of people walking on the roof.

We live on the top apartment. Also the apartment below us has been vacant on and off. My sister believes that there might be something paranormal happening in both our apartment and the one below us. It's not getting worse but not getting better. I would like to ask all of you, should we just be attentive and careful or can we completely ignore it?

(We left a camera recording in my sister's room a while ago and when we both looked over it gets to a point where you hear a very low growl and ever other sound in that moment becomes strongly distorted.)

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earthangel0410 (10 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-01)
If you want it gone the best way is to call a church and talk to a clergy to have them come to your house and do a house blessing never try cleansing it yourself and never have anyone but a priest bless your house, I know this because I also live in a apartment building and I went through hell I psychically was being attacked it started with knocks and I would feel like someone gently touching my cheeks or I feel like someone was touching my feet it. It was mischievous, So I tried to communicate with it not good, I tried blessing it on my own even worse. Definitely call a clergy their thee only ones who can rid what ever it is I know from experience I had my apartment blessed almost 10 months ago he'll tell you what to do after he blesses your house.It's not the same like you see in movies. So hope this will help and "GOD BLESS YOU".
Christine_Pandora (1 stories) (80 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-10)
There are many different methods you can take.

From the looks of it you've tried ignoring it and you've also tried finding it.
You also seem to prefer there to be no presence rather than that of one who could possibly just living it's old routine (walking down the hallway to go to bed, opening a cupboard trying to look for something)

DO NOT resort to Ouija boards or talk to it directly there is no 100% way of making sure it is a safe entity.

I believe you should try incense and crystals (they make good decorations or the crystals can be worn as a necklace in case you want an excuse if your mother asks) 😊

If things persist or start to get worse you may either want to move or try get the place cleansed if you want to take the chances that it could provoke the spirit more.

Hope I have been of help ❤
swagkid (1 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-15)
There is definitely spirits in the apartment, my advice is to try and help them pass on to the other side by any means possible. Show them that you are the one who will be residing in your apartment and NOBODY else is welcome there. Add scents such as lavender to the atmosphere and try to make the apartment a place to enjoy peace of mind, maybe try communicating with the spirits and tell them that they need to leave peacefully therefore you can all enjoy freedom at last.

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