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It's been a while since I posted something. A lot has happened that I can talk about, but I will start off with something mild.

I think it was around August last year - still cold winter weather here where I live - when I was sitting in bed reading a book. My iPod was on the floor next to my bed and the battery was flat/drained. I've been reading for a good two hours when I decided that I can't keep my eyes open anymore. I switched off the bed light and got all snug and warm in my layers of blankets when I heard my iPod playing... Those of you that have iPods will know that even though the earphones are in, especially when the music is on loud, you can still hear the music from a few feet away. I even recognized the song as "Painted on My Heart" from the movie Gone in Sixty Seconds.

I reached down, grabbed my iPod and the screen remains pitch black even after trying to switch it on. When I have it in my hands; no music!

I put it back on the floor, thinking I'm having withdrawal symptoms from not listening to my iPod much lately. That's when I heard it again! Now I leaned over the side of my bed and stare at my iPod as I still hear the music playing. Now I'm getting freaked out. The usual haunting things you hear about is concerning TV's and Radio's turning on and off by itself or changing channels, not iPods replaying the chorus of the same song over and over...

I contemplate waking someone else in the house to listen if they could hear anything, but I know that as soon as you pay too much attention to spirits they tend to go quiet and not do anything and make you look like a complete whacko!

I grabbed my iPod, shoved it in the drawer between a thick fleecy winter jacket and waited... Thankfully nothing happened again that night, but I did hear my iPod playing that song a few more nights after that and then one night it just stopped and never happened again.

Some of you will say it's because the battery was drained and causing it to malfunction, but I assure you, I've owned an iPod for almost 8 years with many a flat battery and never before or after has something like this happened again.

Phantom of the Archives Department

I work in the Archive Department of our local Police Precinct, so I'm going to give you some background first. The Archive is a very large room. We refer to it as one room, but technically its a series of large offices that were converted into one large area space. This room is where all the evidence and case files are kept, so as you can imagine it is safeguarded like crazy with security gates and constant vigil. The Archive is never left unsupervised. When we go off duty in the afternoon then a police officer from our charge office downstairs always monitors that room to make sure no one attempts to break an entry. There is no way to get into that archive, even when we are in there, without calling us first and saying we need to unlock and so forth. I repeat, NO one can enter. Even if they try to break through the doors and gates or tamper with it we will hear.

I forgot to mention that the windows in this Archive room is also sealed shut for security reasons as well as to prevent any of the elements causing damage to the case files dating back to the 1950's when our station first started operating. There are rows upon rows of tall metal shelves just crammed full of case files (the evidence is kept in giant safes). It is impossible to see anyone that might be busy in one of the rows, that's how tall these shelves are and its also impossible to see through the different case files, because its filed so closely together. The only noise in there is the soft hum of the florescent lights above and our foot steps as we work there, and of course when we talk to each other. Anyway...

My work station is situated toward the middle of this large room (I prefer to call it a hall) and those of my colleagues are situated at the front close to the entrance. Since someone always has to remain in the Archive at all times, I was nominated to stay behind while the other three ladies went to a meeting in a different part of the building. When they left I asked them to lock the gate as I'm all the way back here working on the computer and also to shut the door behind them. Since I was the only one there, all that could be heard was my steady typing on the keyboard and the humming of the lights above. If someone opened the Archive door I would have heard it, PLUS the gate was locked. No one could get in.

As I was continuing my work, out of the corner of my eye I see a man, in full police uniform standing by the desk of one of my colleagues. This gave me a start as I'm suppose to be the only one there. Naturally I snapped my head in the direction of this person and there's no one there. Now my mind is racing. Firstly, no one can get into the Archive without me opening the door and gate for them. Secondly, I didn't hear anything by the door or anyone tamper with the gate. Now I get up and slowly make my way to the front of the Archive and look down every row of shelves as I go. Nothing! No one is there. I check the door and the gate and its locked. I look at the Human Resource Manager who sits in the office directly opposite the Archive and it doesn't look like she noticed anything.

I go back inside. Lock the door and gate again and return to my work station. Considering that I have had paranormal experiences before, what just happened lingers in the back of my mind that it might have been another paranormal experience. The first one at this job of mine.

About 10 minutes later, I'm still working and my colleagues are still at the meeting. Now I start to hear humming noises coming from a dark corner behind me to the right. I literally stare at the corner and try to listen if the humming sound is not from the lights above. When I focus on the humming I don't hear anything. As soon as I go back to work I hear it very lightly and it definitely has a different pitch that the lights above. Now I'm getting a little uncomfortable, because my senses are now picking up on the fact that I might not be as alone as I think.

I continue working once more, but I can't stop feeling like someone is watching me. It's so uncomfortable that I even roll my right shoulder and keep looking behind me. At this point I realise I can't exactly walk out of the Archive as I would be held responsible if something goes wrong or missing. And what would people think if I say I don't want to be in there, because I think I'm watched by a ghost?!

I told myself to just relax as I've dealt with things like this before. Just ignore it.

As I'm concentrating on the computer screen, I see this large shadow start looming over me from my right side. It completely covered the keyboard with its shadow. That's when I freaked out and decided to go to the front of the Archives and open the door, and just sit at one of the desks there. As I was making my way to the front of the Archive I was so terrified and I just didn't want to look behind me. My heart was hammering in my chest and I had this feeling that whatever it was, was right on my heels. Of course when I opened the door and had the guts to look behind me nothing was there, but I could still feel I wasn't alone.

Soon after my collegues came back and I felt more at ease knowing they would be with me in that large area. Usually I get "vibes" from spirits and on very rare occassions just know what they want. Not always, but sometimes. I can't explain it. It's just a feeling of 'ok, you're just checking in on me, or you're just looking at what I'm doing...' etc. With this one I felt like it was just checking up on me to see what I'm doing.

UPDATE: Ok this is about a month after I originally wrote the top story.

I was once again alone in the Archive. I can't remember where my collegue was (the third one was on vacation leave). I was siiting and having a cup of coffee just taking a breather when something drew my attention to one of the metal shelves that is used for the case files. It is a shiny type of yellow metal and because of it's smooth surface you could see reflections in it. What drew my attention was a fleeting black shape. I saw it out of the corner of my eye and when I looked, naturally there was nothing there. I saw it about twice more and that's when I decided I was going to keep staring at that one spot. After about a minute or two it happened again. This time I saw a clear image of a person rushing past. Let me explain though that it wasn't a clear image. It was a dark shadowy shape in the form of a human, but it was only from the torso and up. The shape I saw almost reminded me of a black chess piece (the rounded top with the upside down funnel shape coming down towards the base). This "form" also didn't have a human stride. It didn't look normal as it moved. It sort of glided. To those that will say someone was in the Archive with me, I was alone. It's a secure area and no one could get in without us letting them in.

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smixie (4 stories) (17 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-02)
since you're in a secured area, could you have some sort of music going? Even if you just have some news radio on. It could help be a distraction! And then if someone comes in, shut it off momentarily before they get in there. Also, have you tried speaking to it, telling it that it's scaring you and to leave you alone?
lazria (9 stories) (82 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-02)
Very creepy, sorry you end up in there by yourself at times. Hopefully it stays netural in it's intentions. But I bet it's related to what is in the room: evidence of crimes. It's probably something/someone tied to one of the cases or maybe even a spirit of a cop, checking up on things. Maybe start to keep a record of when and what you start seeing/noticing, if nothing else to document what is happening or maybe help isolate something that may help you figure out what is going on. Hopefully things stay calm for you.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-02)
That is very, very creepy... Thank you for sharing this experience. Firstly, I have an iPod as well and I know exactly what you are talking about. The music playing might have been residual.

As for the things you saw at the Archives, I can only imagine what might be attached to some of the evidence there. And such a bad spot to be stuck in, where you cannot leave but you feel it there. I am sorry you went through that.

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