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Haunted Through Out The Years


These experiences are small compared to some of the others that I've posted and still will post.

My parents and I were sitting in the lounge watching TV one night. I started feeling this cold sensation over my left foot like a very gentle breeze or like when you open the freezer door and get that icy drift. I looked down but saw nothing so I attributed it to the cold maybe coming from the tile floor. Then I started feeling tapping against my left knee. This happened for about 3 minutes, but again I told myself it must be a muscle spasm.

Throughout watching TV for the next hour, I kept seeing movement under our dining room table. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, but sometimes I saw it even when I was looking at it dead on. It was see-through and about the size of a basketball moving under the table. When looking at it, it looked like when you look at a rock or stone that is laying under moving water... That blurry kind of vision. I told myself that it's my eyes being messed with, because I was watching TV in a dark room. After a while my parents got up to go to bed and I stayed for a while longer watching TV. That's when I heard the giggling of a little girl or boy coming from under the dining room table. In my mind's eye I saw a little girl with curly brown hair. After that I didn't hear her again.

There was a time last year that I was unemployed. I was bored out of my mind, but knew I had to continue job hunting over the phone. After a few hours I got tired and decided I would make a social call instead. I phoned my mother and joked with her asking what's for supper. Our one dog, Betty, was inside with me (I can't remember why). She was sitting next to me, but looking at me so I started teasing her by pulling her ear in a playful way. The next moment, while still on the phone with my Mom, I hear this very loud BURRRP coming from directly behind me. I stopped talking mid sentence, but my instinctual reaction was to look at the dog. She was looking directly behind me with her head slightly cocked to one side, like looking at someone that's standing behind me! I asked my mother if she heard anything and she said no. I ended up laughing.

There are many times that some of my family members are in a different part of the house than I am. We're the kind that doesn't walk to the person we want to talk to, we just yell our say from where we are like uncivilized hooligans (Ha!). Twice it has happened already that when I holler something back to whoever I'm talking to that in the same room that I'm in I hear a "Shhh".

I'm sure many other people experience the same thing as I do when it comes to sleeping at night and when your feet are open or uncovered. My toes have been grabbed and wiggled. The bottom of my feet slapped. My leg touched etc etc etc.

I woke up one night not so long ago to the sound of heels on our tile floor in the hallway. In my mind's eye popped the image of a woman with red heels and black hair cropped short around her shoulder. She walked up and down the hallway and eventually I got annoyed and called out to hear if anyone else in the house is hearing what I'm hearing. They didn't and I didn't hear the woman in heels since then.

This is another thing that I'm sure I have in common with many people out there: animals looking around the room like they see something we don't... Especially on the ceiling. Now imagine 1 cat and 2 dogs doing it at the same time. Then they settle their eyes - simultaneously - on something directly behind your head. That always creeps me out no matter how many times it happens.

Lastly I would like to ask a question. Does anyone feel around Christmas time that THEY (spirits) are everywhere?! Not just inside your house, but everywhere. On the streets, in the shopping malls etc. I never get a more overwhelming experience of sensory perception like I do around Christmas time.

Thanks for reading.

PS: My house is not haunted. I believe that I get spirits in visitation or one's that just pass through.

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CAyer (2 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-10)
I think spirits do travel. I've always had unusual sensetivity, and as you put it "a mind's eye", and I've sometimes felt the same presences outside as I do at home. I think you see them when no one else does because, like me, you attract these things. Mine aren't noisy, but they are the type that give you chills and make the hair on your neck stand. Fun aren't they?
Shlain (13 stories) (246 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-13)
Hi Fergie, thanks for the comment. Yeah I get regular physical taps or slaps. I'm so used to it by now that when it happens I just brush it off. The other night it felt like someone was actually lifting the duvet slightly and poking my knee. I also get the feeling of cats jumping on the bed and I still reach out trying to feel for a cat. Nothing!

Spectra, is your chair maybe 2nd hand as it belonged to someone else?

Zukntroubs, as long as you don't feel scared and don't get harmed the entity can stay unless you want him gone then I suggest you pray for protection (no matter what religion you are) and bless the house. With this negative feelings you get I suggest you stand your ground and let this entity know its your house, you make the rules, and its not welcome.
zukntroubs (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-11)
Hi, I also have encountered many similar experiences throughout my life. As a small child and into adulthood there was always a man staring at me, always thought I was just dreaming I always found a way to dismiss it. It didn't matter where I lived, it was if
I was followed home to home. I had lived in one home where I had personal belongings disappear, only belongings that were of mine, none of my husbands or child. They were personal items like hairbrushes, tooth brushes, combs. I very often smell the odor of cologne and cigars and that smell gives me a feeling of comfort. Another home I lived in, same smells would enter the room, feelings of safety came with it. I often hear my name, feel a tap on my shoulder - look around and no one is there. Another thing I experience is the presence of someone sitting in my car with me, sometimes with the smell of the cigar or just the feeling of someone being there with me. I am not afraid. This house that I am living in now, again the same thing, hearing my name, tapping on shoulder, cigar smells. But there are additions in this house that often scare me such as tapping within the walls, cabinet doors opening by themselves, doors closing on their own. My cat and dog both stare at something in my bedroom. Whatever they are looking at moves around. My cats eyes get huge but no growls or hisses and my dog just stares. After about 30 minutes they both lay down and go to sleep. I do not feel any presence when this is happening. I also have beams of light that pass through the house on occasions, more like white balls that float around. The past few months there have been times that I became scared and felt cold. Maybe it is a spirit that is following me since I was a child along with some new ones from this house? My daughter has seen a woman in an apron in the house several times while we cook or are cleaning the kitchen and it's always on a holiday while I have seen a little girl with blonde curls. And yes, at the Christmas Season I feel spirits all over the place just like Shlain. And that's the only time we see the woman and the little girl.
spectravondergeist (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-10)
My old house was haunted and it is freaky when animals do that like my cat did and that cat had kittens and they would stop at my bedroom door and hiss and meow at my purple chair 😕
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-10)
Hi Shlain, you have had some very creepy experiences. 😨
You have had your toes grabbed and wiggled, your feet slapped? Oh boy! I would have had to have a nappy change! 😐
The worst that I have had, I think, is my feet being jumped on, by what felt like a cat... We don't own any! At least that didn't happen on bare flesh, I would have crapped myself, if it did.

You reckon 'they' are passing through? Humm... Let them keep on passing...

Thank you for sharing.

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