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A tiny bit of background first.

The whole building is very active, but to me it is kind of expected, like a hospital or nursing home being active.

I live with my disabled husband in a building specificaly for seniors and disabled. This means there are a lot of sick and dying people that have lived and still live here. The building has been here for many years. More than 40. I am still trying to find out more of the history of both the building and the land.

It is a small town in upstate New York on the banks of the Eerie Canal so lots and lots of history in the area. One of the most active sights nearby is actually rather famous, Beardslee Castle!

Ok to start off with I used to live in an apartment on the front of the building my husband and I live in.

Footsteps going from the door to the bedroom and back. The sound of someone walking from the bedroom to the bathroom and then the sound of water running.

Faint images of a man and a woman walking around the apartment.

Many nights my husband and I would be sitting at our computers and feel someone or something touch a shoulder or the back of the neck.

While we do have two cats and I freely admit that some of the rustling and banging sounds in other rooms is them, well some of it is most definately not.

On a couple of nights while I was sitting in our recliner watching TV and crocheting as my husband is on his computer. I have both cats curled up on the chair with me. Suddenly it sounds as if the cupboard door in the kitchen is flung open and all of the pans are tossed around the kitchen. Piglet being the proverbial scaredy cat he is puffs up and streaks for the bedroom, Gypsy hisses and puffs up while my hubby and I both leap to our feet and run into the kitchen only to find nothing disturbed!

The other most common occurrence is the shadow thing. The first time I saw it I was laying in bed facing the wall, the foot of the bed is towards the closet one of the doors of said closet is open and blocking off the view of about 2 inches of the bedroom door. As I am reading I keep seeing movement from the corner of my eye up near the ceiling, as if someone is peeking around the corner. Piglet is curled up next to me and he has alerted to something as well. I put my book down and look to see what has gotten his attention just in time to see a shadow slip along the wall behind to open closet door. As I keep watching it peeks around the edge of the door. Piglet puffs up and hisses. The shadow hisses back, Piglet freaks out and burrows under the covers. The shadow giggles then slips back behind the door. I do not see it again for several days.

The next time I see the thing it is again teasing the cat. This time it is on the floor and has Piglet backed into a corner of the bathroom.

I see it 3 more times before we move. Each time it is tormenting Piglet.

The shadow and a couple of the other things have only been coming around since the idiot upstairs began "playing" with a Ouija board.

The apartment above us sat empty for many years but we could hear someone pacing the floor every night. You could very distinctly hear footsteps going from the bedroom to the bathroom then on into the frontroom and back to the bedroom.

One day a friend and I were sitting out on the hood of her car smoking when something drew our attention to the sliding glass door of the apartment above mine. Standing in the doorway was a short elderly man leaning on a cane and smiling down at us.

I have spoken with many other residents in the building and they have all had similar experiences to mine and my husbands.

Recently there have been much darker things roaming the halls. One of the ladies who live right next to me called me one day to say she had a young girl at her door asking to come in and use the phone but she felt there was something not quite right about this and said no and immediately called me. Before I could get to my frontdoor and open it the girl was gone.

Dark shadow figures have been seen roaming the halls. Something runs up and down the hall by the office knocking on the walls and knocking things off the bulletin board.

Light in the rec room and exercise room flicker and a small girl can be heard singing as she walks alongside the creek that runs by the building.

A few weeks ago we transfered to another apartment and just hours after starting to move in stuff began happening. We were taking a break from moving to get some lunch and I decided to change real quick before we went out, because of friends over I closed the bedroom door for privacy. Piglet was on the bed in front of me and Gypsy was in the clothes basket next to the bed. As I was pulling on my shirt I heard a tapping on the door. I called out "come in" when no one came in I opened the door. Everyone was in the frontroom. I asked if anyone knocked and they all said no.

I have seen an elderly woman walking from the bedroom hall into the kitchen. She never notices anything going on around her.

Hubby and I and several friends have heard conversations just barely audible but not loud enough to hear what is said. Music is also commonly heard.

Ok I guess that's enough for now. Hopefully I can get some more stuff up here soon. Still trying to get to Beardslee for one of the Ghost Tours or even a Psychic Faire! Now that the weather is cooling and Hubby is doing better health wise we also want to just get out and about to some of the areas he grew up hearing about, like the old graveyard not far from the apartment, and other places said to be haunted.

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AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-01)
Hi Griff, We have been wandering around taking some Pictures nothing just yet. Audio recordings are a bit harder. Outside of our place it gets harder to tell what is contamination from another apartment. Even in the apartment we get sounds from other People. Especially when it is warm and windows are open. We are talking about going out late at night and trying after everyone else is asleep though.
Griff84 (5 stories) (289 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-29)
Hi AmberMoonPriestess. Just wanted to say I found this very interesting and shall be looking for updates and further posts from you. I wonder if it would be worth taking pictures, or audible recording etc. Obviously not though if you think it could make things escalate in a negative manner. And it sound like your poor cat has had just about enough already 😊

Thanks for sharing 😊

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