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The Summer House Ghosts


My family bought a summer house in a really small town that had nothing around it. It's an old 80's farm styled house, that had three bedrooms and one bathroom. We got it after my Great Grandmother died in December of 2008. So in 2009 my aunt thought it would be a good idea to get this house after her implants.

My grandparents were living in the house during the summer, because my other aunt (I'll use their alter ego names. Yeah they have alter egos) Hailey wanted their house to her own for a while. I stayed with my Aunt Hailey for a while during the summer because of some issues I was having at home, as usual. When she goes off to work, she'll drop her son off with his friends and drop me off with my grandparents.

When we usually get there, my grandparents are usually already babysitting my two younger cousins, so I'd go upstairs to the master bedroom, which isn't really big, but bigger than the room next to it and sleep. I was only 15 and was really tired and hated the thought of being awake during daylight hours. I'd watch TV before I drifted to sleep.

Well, when I fall asleep and wake up again, I would find that the TV would be turned off and there would be a blanket over me that I didn't have before. It would be weird, because I would enter the room and it'd be really hot, but when I would wake up, it would be freezing. And we don't have any air conditioning in that house, because my grandfather doesn't like turning it on or turning the heat on during the winter. Still doesn't and it is freezing at home.

Usually when I wake up and realize its cold and the Tv is turned off, I would go downstairs and ask my grandma if she put the blanket on me and turned off the Tv and she would say, "No." I would ask her if Grandpa did it, but then I'd realize, he's not that nice or anything. I asked the girls if they did it and they said no.

Then, my little mini-me said something that scared the chizz out of me. "Bong, the lady in pink did it. I saw her," she said to me. At that point, I was a little irritated and want to slap her, but I didn't know why I wanted to do that. It was terrible that I even thought that. She was about three years old, I couldn't call her a liar. I've experienced spirits and ghosts before, I knew she was telling me the truth, until I looked at Nina the six year old.

She looked at mini-me with wide eyes and kind of just shoved her for no reason. I asked her why she shoved her sister and she didn't say anything and walked back outside. I kept asking Mini-Mia where she saw the lady and she said where I was sleeping. So I took her upstairs and asked her if she saw the lady and she said she was in the smaller room next door. I peeked into that room and saw nothing there, there was no door or anything, so it would be plain to see a lady in a pink dress in a blue room.

I asked Mia if there were other people that she would see around the house and she told me she saw a man and little boy. So when the day ended and I ended up scared to death by what Mia saw, I slept on the couch downstairs, until my aunt Hailey picked me up again. I asked her about the house and she just said that three people died there, because a man was beating his wife.

It's been a couple years since I have been back there and I learned that the man that beat the wife, killed his whole family on the property. Then he hung himself outside. My grandparents say that he knocks on the door at night, because he's angry. They tell me that the lady upstairs died in the smaller room and prefers women and children over men, because of how she was treated. Then there's the little boy. Theres not much of him, except that he likes to throw rocks at people for fun.

I don't think I did a very good job writing this, but it's something that happened. When I'm at the house, the lady there seems to come more toward me than anyone else. I haven't had any other experience with the other spirits. Any reason why she likes to hang around me?

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geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-20)
I think the feelings of pushing your sister were the feelings of either the man or the boy. If you ever go back there, try communicating with the lady and see you can cross her over.

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