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My First Paranormal Experience Summer 2015


This is my first ghost experience that I had earlier in the summer of this year. Here is a bit of information to give you some understanding:

After my grandma died in 2012 my uncle had stared to have strange occurrences happen around his house, one of which was a toy that would go off and on by itself. In case you were wondering it's a Mr. Hanky talking bobble head from South Park. I know, it sounds completely stupid, but something kept making it talk and drain the battery. He had never had problems with this thing before and he had the same batteries in it for a few years and he never had to replace them until now.

So here's the part where it's going to start getting weird. My dad went out of state for a reunion with his band and the reunion happened to be in the area where my uncle lived, so my dad crashed with him for the whole time. (My dad and uncle look really similar, this is important for a theory I have later.)

When my dad came back home I welcomed him back and the usual things you would do when a loved one has been gone for awhile. After we finished talking I went back to my room to write. A few minutes into my hobby, the lights started flickering like mad. Now, I live in an old house so this wasn't uncommon, but when it wouldn't stop I got fed up and took a picture.

What showed up seemed to be some sort of blob like thing. It was partly transparent and had a blue hue to it. I know that sometimes that there are anomalies that happen to be caught on camera. I don't know for sure that it is in fact an anomaly or not.

After I took it I started screaming "Ghost!" Of course, my parents were concerned as to what I was screaming about. I showed them the picture. My dad just brushed it off, but my mom showed a subtle interest towards it.

After that I didn't want to sleep in my room. In fact, I wanted to move into the basement. Sadly, my parents would have none of it. So I shamefully went back into my room and started talking to try to reason with the ghost or whatever had caused me to panic. Afterwards I felt calm and felt as if I gained a friend.

A few weeks later weird things started happening not only to me, but with my parents. The first thing that happened was to me. I burn incense on a daily basis, I had a stick ready in the holder to burn, at the last second I decided to wait later to light it for some reason.

I walked downstairs to talk to my mom and went back up a little later to see that the holder and incense were gone. I look on the floor seeing that it was right side up with the stick placed in the bed of the holder. And ash scattered everywhere.

I called my mom upstairs, thinking that she knocked it over by accident since I usually put the holder right by my bed and she usually makes my bed as well. I didn't even think about how my bed was still unmade so she had no reason to be near the desk where I put the incense. Ironically she said she hadn't touched a thing and went back downstairs.

I automatically knew afterwards who the culprit was and it was definitely not my dad because he barely comes in my room. I cleaned up the ashes and started cursing at the ghost as if I knew that it was in the room.

I forgot about the incident that happened with me. My mom had two things that happened to her one of which had to do with her planter.

My mom had gotten up one day, dad was at work and I was in my room. Suddenly I heard her cursing. I went to see if she was alright and she told me to look at the floor. There was a broken flower pot and leaves and dirt everywhere.

I honestly had no idea what to think about it, while mom called my dad yelling at him thinking he knocked it over and didn't tell her. He insisted that he didn't. She then turned to me, but quickly realized I never open the curtains in the morning, which is where the planter was. That's why she assumed my dad because he always does that.

The next thing that happened when I was in bed and my mom was still awake. She started to hear this strange noise, when she found the source it was coming from the blu-ray player. It was on and vibrating almost as if someone was shaking it. Now, here's the thing. We hadn't used it in forever which gave it no explainable reason for it to be on.

The last strange thing happened to my dad. He usually sits downstairs and watches TV. He felt the urge to go to the garage to get something. There's a door that leads into the garage downstairs, so he went to open it, but he couldn't because the doorknob was on the floor. He was pretty mad because he knew he'd have to be the one to fix it, but for an odd reason he brushed it off entirely even though something like that has never happened before.

A month later my uncle came to stay at our house for awhile because he was on a vacation and we all thought it would be more convenient rather than paying to stay at a hotel.

For me my uncle is my idol when it comes to ghosts. We even sit around and make fun of Ghost Adventures. I showed him the picture that I took earlier. (Note: I'm sorry that I can't link you to the picture because I'm writing this on mobile and it's on another device. Also if you were wondering why I took the picture in the first place it's because I was told that you're most likely to get a picture of a ghost when something strange like that happens.) He seemed to be intrigued by it since he had gotten similar pictures before.

Also, sometimes when I get bored I take pictures of my room to see if I can get anything. Right when the flash goes off I see orbs through the view finder, but when I look at the actual picture nothing's there. My uncle has dubbed these as "fast ghosts", ones that show up on camera, but are not in the actual picture. We both aren't sure if "fast ghosts" are a type of anomaly or not. The funny thing is that while he was here the activity started to mellow out and when he left it was gone completely.

Finally, here's my theory: since my uncle seems to have a lot of ghosts. I believe some of them are a able to follow him around. Since my dad and uncle look so similar, the ghost might have gotten confused and thought my uncle was my dad and followed him home. Then realized the mistake and when my uncle came, it went back home with him. So I believe that my haunting is linked to my uncle's house.

One question I got a lot of times when telling this to my friends is "Do you think the ghost is your grandma?" The answer is no and here's why, first my grandma wasn't a mischievous woman, unlike the ghost. Plus we had a nickname for the ghost as well. Due to its behavior I believe it was a boy, so our name for him was "Mr. Ghost". Plus it gave me no sign to say that it was female.

Thank you so much for sticking this far in. I have a question for commenters as well, has anyone changed their view about the afterlife because of their paranormal experience? Because this changed my whole view on death and God completely.



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DandK (11 stories) (344 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-10)
Hello FiendWithoutAFace666,

I enjoyed reading about your experiences. Very interesting. You write well and it was easy to visualize what you were describing.

I had an experience when I was 22 that absolutely changed the way I viewed my entire existence and God and other entities that exist. So I know exactly what you mean.
Tweed (35 stories) (2494 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-29)
FriendWithoutAFace666, this was a real joy to read.

I love your theories and your attitude and your uncle sounds great. It seems weird that the ghosts would confuse your Dad and uncle, but heck, based on what happened here it seems plausible.

In answer to your question, yes, paranormal experiences have shaped my beliefs. 😊

I don't have much else to say, just that I really enjoyed your story, thanks for sharing.
FiendWithoutAFace666 (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-28)
Thanks Mack! This helped clear things up about the strangeness with the blue ray and gave me more understanding about spirits.

Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-28)
Hi Firndwithoutaface666. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. It certainly is unsettling when things happen and we don't have an explanation for them.
One thing I may be able to explain is the "vibrating" blue ray player.
I have an (old and crappy) DVD player which sometimes doesn't turn off properly and makes a strange vibrating noise. I have to turn it off at the wall.
It terms of your theory about spirits confusing the " living", my understanding is that to spirits, our bodies are dark shadows but they can see our spirits more clearly.
So I imagine that these spirits can't really see the physical aspects of your dad and uncle but can see the spiritual differences?
Anyway I hope I've helped and try to remain calm and project an aura of confidence. If you have mischevious entities in your home they will feed off your fear so be strong and know they can't hurt you.

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