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I have issues with basements because as a young teen my friends and I were down in my now ex-best friend's basement and we were playing with a Ouija board. I never really believed in the paranormal so I thought it was all a joke and I made fun of it. When the cursor started to move it got really cold in there and I felt like I was being watched. We thought we were talking to her grandfather. We were wrong and after about ten minutes of talking I said that this was a load of crap and decided to get up. I was going to leave but then I felt something grab a hunk of my hair and yank roughly. I thought it was one of my friends but they were all still sitting down. I felt the back of my head and some of my hair was missing. Ever since then I've been having a lot of experiences and I have been terrified of basements.

I am a 17 year old girl from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania but my experiences don't start there. When I was in 9th grade I went to Philadelphia to see ESP. I was with a large group of my fellow students. Stupid me, was standing in the back, taking in the sights ect... When suddenly I felt someone shove me roughly. Mind you, no one was behind me.

Later on during my freshmen into sophomore summer vaycay I was sitting in my living room, alone, well my dog was there but anyway, we have these bells that my mother had hanging on the pantry door, oddly enough I was watching ghost hunters when I heard something messing with the bells. At first I thought it was my dog, but when I called her she was in the den with me. Next thing I know, I hear the bells being thrown to the floor and smash. They were glass.

The next year in April my dog had to be put to sleep. I was still going through the mourning process when I was lying in bed I felt something jump onto my bed and lay at my feet, I knew it was my dog.

This year has been the most active. When I moved to Camp Hill I heard rumors about my school being haunted. It's true. I was walking to the bathroom one day when I felt what seemed like a child, hugging my leg, later on I heard children giggling. It was cool.

A couple of months later I was sleeping out in my living room and at around 2 in the morning I felt someone shaking me roughly. I thought it was my mother and something was wrong, nope, no one was there when I opened my eyes. I haven't slept out there since.

A day or so before I was going to go to ESP a second time I was sleeping at my grandmother's house in the living room. Around 4 am I felt something tugging lightly on my pillow. At first I thought it was my cousin but she was still asleep in the chair across from me. The light tugging soon turned into a rough yank.

The monday after that was the day we went to ESP my friends and I were taking pictures of a half-open and dark cell, when my one friend took a picture using flash, we heard the bed in the cell groan, as if someone was sitting on it. Later on I was asking some questions on a flight of stairs and I asked that if a spirit was there, if it could knock on the railing three times, it did. Ever since then my friends have referred to me as the "paranormal magnet".

*Editor's note: ESP is Eastern State Penitentiary

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LeaderoftheHunt (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-21)
I never found out who or what it was. It's still attached to me. It scratches inside my closet door and shoves me when my one friend is around. If I told my parents, they wouldn't believe me. They don't believe in spirits or anything like that. I'm stuck. 😢
SnoWQueeN (5 stories) (100 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-07)
So didn't you try to find out what was going on? Who was the spirit or demon whatever you call pulled your hair? Didn't it haunt your other friends? The bells and everything? Tell your parents about it. And I see Ouija board did no harm 😕

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