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Strange Experiences That I've Had


1. When I was a little girl, no older than 8, my parents shared an old house with my aunt and uncle. What really stuck in my mind was the bedroom I slept in, which I shared with my parents. It was a very big room and my bed was pushed right up against the wall. Even as a little girl I remember feeling very scared/uncomfortable going to bed at night because every now and then when I would face the wall I would see one eye on the wall as if someone had drawn it. It didn't look like a "normal" eye as there was no pupil but instead a rainbow of very bright colours swirled around in the shape of the eye. Sometimes it was small, other times very large. I would close my eyes hoping that it would go away. Sometimes it did and other times it just stayed there. I remember waking up one night and yelling "Mummy, Mummy, there's an eye on the wall!" and pointing at it but my mum said she couldn't see it. I never saw the eye again once we moved.

2. When I was in my early 20's, I shared a fairly new house with 4 friends. At the time I was working afternoon shifts, so by the time I got home it was midnight. I usually couldn't go straight to sleep so I would sometimes watch TV before going to bed. One time one housemate was still up and we got talking. He made mention that sometimes he felt a little strange, like someone else was there and asked if I felt the same, which I did. We decided to stay up a little and continue watching TV as we both felt a bit spooked by our conversation, when all of a sudden the TV switched off. We were sitting on the lounge which was next to a window and out of nowhere a very bright, white light swooshed past us at head height (it seemed to come from behind us and then around in front) then it went straight out the window making my hair, his hair and the blinds sway like it would on a windy day. We moved out not long after.

3. Almost a year and a half ago we (my family and I) moved into an old house in Meadowbank (Sydney) which we rented. It was 2 semi's that had been converted into one. Initially, when we had a look at it we thought, "Great. Big house and plenty of room for everyone," and I remember the day being very hot and sunny. The day we got the keys, my partner and I decided to go and have another look before the move and the moment we entered the front yard something felt strange. I made no mention of this to my partner as I know it would freak him out but I had a feeling that he felt the same. As soon as we opened the door I just knew that we weren't going to be the only people living here.

One night, just as I was about to drift off, I thought I heard very light footsteps on the carpet. The footsteps where coming around over to my side of the bed and then I felt my doona being pulled, not as in someone trying to take it off but like someone tried to sit next to me and it tugged down the doona. My heart started racing and I kicked my leg out as if to kick the person off and I nothing else happened that night. This was the beginning of things to come.

The electric kettle would be boiled for us most mornings and when I was in the kitchen I would at most times feel a chill so cold across my back (bra strap height) that it was painful, like someone was putting their arm around me. On one occasion, I was laying in bed watching TV when I looked up at the ceiling. There was a pretty young woman (no lower body, just waist up), pasty white skin with thick black, long wavy flowing hair hovering at ceiling height. She was wearing what looked like an old-fashioned, white pyjama dress (I can still see the detail, embroidery, etc. On her gown), waving her right arm at me to come to her, with a smile on her face, and I said, "No, I'm not ready" and she disappeared. I never saw her again.

The children began to notice things. My stepdaughter would tell me that things in her room would be moved around. My son would say he saw a face in my room and it wasn't until we moved out (he thought we would think he was being silly) that he told us the face he saw was of a man. He had a beard, mustache and he was green. He used to pass the cup of water to my son in bed sometimes and play games with him. He said he was funny. It was most uncomfortable in his room, like we were being watched. I would hear footsteps running down the hallway and just stop at his door when I was in there. I began to talk to this person so it would ease off and it worked. I told this person to please stop making noise as I was trying to put my son to sleep. It worked.

Sometimes in the lounge room, I could faintly hear people talking and clinking glasses in a crowded room and it felt like people were all around me. For some reason I felt like they were from the 1800's. A couple of days later, my sister phoned me to tell me about a dream she had which was what I've just described, yet I hadn't told her about it.

I was getting ready for work one morning when I could hear footsteps coming towards the bathroom and they were loud. It scared the hell out of me and that was the final straw. I yelled at whoever it was to please stop it. Stop scaring me and my family and that it would have the house back in a month's time, and I never heard the footsteps again.

Another time I saw a white figure. It was early morning, about 2:30 a.m. On a hot summer's night. My partner and I decided to go for a walk as we couldn't sleep and I noticed a white figure (lady in an old fashioned 1800's puffy dress with a wide brim hat) coming up the road, weaving in and out of fences slowly until she noticed us then her weaving became very quick approach at us, we RAN back home.

I've also noticed when driving past (for example) Gladesville Police Station (Sydney) or other buildings and places that I feel like it's hard to breathe and I feel very uncomfortable.

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MzD (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-23)
Hi and thank you for your comments. I agree with what you have both said.

We have since moved from the house and into our own home and it wasn't until recently that I noticed every now and then from the corner of my eye and for a split second a black figure but this time I feel calm and I'm not frightened.

My best friend has an amazing 6th sense and she has assured me that this figure I've briefly seen is just watching over me:)
Tasuke (2 stories) (21 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-21)
yes, I agree with melly, I do believe in ghosts, or I wouldn't be on this website, but I also believe, that there are 'parallel' worlds to ours, and sometimes a family/person/accident on either side of the 'rift' (my word to explain the gap between two worlds) can cause a weakness to the rift, causing the people to leave an imprint in the other world?

Good luck
mellybarr (4 stories) (46 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-21)
Hi there.

It seems to me that you're sharing your home with more than just your partner and kids.

It's obvious to me that you have a connection with the spirit world that your partner and kids seem to share with you.

I don't have any recipes for ridding your place of them, however I had a similar experience at my now husbands flat he stayed at when we met. It was a very old building and quite often I had to snap out of it and remember that it was just us in the flat as I would always hear a background buzz going on around us at all times. It was almost like conversations I could almost hear, but couldn't quite make out.

We would have the odd occurrence like missing things, lights going off and on, but for the most part it seemed as thought we were just living parallel to their world for lack of a better understanding.

If they continue to bother you it might be in your best interest to start looking for a new place, but I would try a cleansing of some sort first.

Sorry if I prattled on!

Thanks for posting.


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