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The Poor Guy Had Issues


This story is not sweet at all, and begs a question for most areas in the United States where massive removals happened, like in Tennessee. My son and I, (why not stick with the name Dude?) had moved in a nice apartment in a small town west of Chattanooga. The apartments were family size and the buildings were built around a central courtyard where kids played and the guys went out and played soccer in the evening.

It was very positive, green, you could even have a little garden. After about four months I started noticing a shape in the hall by the bathroom, by my bedroom door. It didn't feel positive. So I left it at not positive and kept an open mind as to why it wouldn't be positive. Time passed, I lit some sage in the morning (it's just a thing, not for any reason, I just like to say good morning to brother sun, sister water, brother wind... It's been from ever since ever since.) So I got a visual of the court yard as a thriving community long gone, the area felt really sad.

More time came and went and I saw the shape every day and feel him around now to tell the truth, but now he's a little nicer, respecting space. He was really strong, you could feel a strong energy surge in him, and I sensed he had issues and he wanted to share them if I could get what he was on about. But all I was getting was there was a community there and now we Anglos are there and that really pissed him off. I said I didn't know what I was supposed to do about it (I couldn't agree with the guy more but I'm just a workin' slob you know?) and flopped on my bed to read a book. He walked by grabbed my toe hard and zapped it, as in electricity! That was his exit line. I'll have to remember that one.

A couple of weeks later my son was vacuuming in the the hall while I was in the living room. He let out a loud yelp and ran in the living room. I asked him what happened assuming he tripped over something in the bedroom, and he said he got zapped in the spine. In his lower back as it turned out. I asked him where it happened and he said "At the end of the hall right where that bright light is standing. Can't you see him?" Well, no as a matter of fact, I usually can't. I see shapes or that one kid that one time. But Dude sees this stuff a lot, he's intuitive. Anyway, I knew it was the same guy, and about had it now with grown men picking on my son, so I really lost it and told him, "I'm going straight to the Holy One right now and ask him who you are, and what business you have here, and I'm sick of you guys thinking you can pick on my son just because you're bigger and stronger, and a ghost? Woh really tough, anybody can be a ghost! I was clinically a ghost once for about five minutes during a surgery, you're not that tough! So come in the kitchen with me and keep away from my son!" Ranting like that for a while until I calmed down and Dude calmed down and according to him the ghost calmed down and got brighter, and wished I would calm down.

So we did some sage and I asked who he was. He was from the earth. He didn't mean to hurt my son, it was meant to help. A lot of wrong happened that need to be righted. OK, so I could apologize, and could look up what group lived in that area and see if we could have somebody come and bless it maybe but besides that I don't know. And I'm posting this now, you know. There's a lot out there, not all ghosts. The earth, passed relatives, nobody wants to be disregarded. Maybe sometimes we have to mentally acknowledge "OK, my era bad" and move on.

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Amihet (5 stories) (94 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-06)
I Loved your story and boy can I relate to it. I also became fed up with this entity in my home and on a bad day, I ranted, raved and lost my temper. Now she (I think its a she) ignores me, stays out of my way. She seems to hang around my husband now. I especially told her not to bother my children and so far, she hasn't.

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