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Is Something Following Me?


Both of my parents were from very religious families, but in our house as a kid it really wasn't that religious. I don't know if paranormal things keep happening to me for a reason or if it is just something that happens to a lot of people and I shouldn't think its anything personal towards myself.

My name is Ashley I grew up around Kokomo, IN my whole life. The first house I lived in was small but very homey. (I was about 5-6yrs old) When my grandmother (my dads mother, who was a very religious and wonderful woman) came to live with us in the last few weeks/months of her life I had to sleep out in the living room. My parents set up my bed, dressers, etc... One night I was trying to go to sleep and I heard our VCR turn on, buttons being pushed, actually heard a tape be ejected and go back in. I looked up over my stuff from my room and saw nothing, I could see the lights from the VCR on but couldn't see what was turning it on. That was the first memory of something strange.

My parents divorced when I was about 7 or 8 years old. At that time my grandmother (the same that lived with us) was passed away and my dad was renovating her home to sell. My mom wanted my grandmothers house to live in, she got custody of my sister and I so my dad gave it to her so we would have a familiar place to stay. I experienced a lot of strange things inside that house while living there. My mom re-married a few years later and one evening my stepdad got up to use the bathroom, he had to walk by my room to get to the bathroom. When he was finished and passed my room to go back to bed I saw a man dressed in all white and shoulder length hair walk right past my room following my stepdad. At the time I wasn't afraid, looking back on it now it is kind of scary.

Also within that house I saw shadow people run into my room, our cats would never go into my room and I would hear my name being called at nighttime. After years of not really getting along with my mom I moved out for good, I was only there on the weekends but I didn't want to live there anymore. I still feel uneasy in the house for long amounts of time. My grandparents and some of my uncles had lived there for a long time, our family on that side is very distant and estranged I never knew why.

I lived with my dad and stepmom full time since about a year after the divorce, my dad met my stepmom and they built a house together and I lived in it for 10 years. There was a huge barn on the property (its the main reason my dad got the property) after spending all summer cleaning it out lightning burned it to the ground. After a few years my stepmom had told me that my dad had found dead chickens and satanic artifacts and magazines after the barn had burnt down. In those 10 years I never really experienced anything within the house, but my stepmom would tell me about the strange things that happened to her and my dad. The first time I ever experienced anything in that house was a few years ago, my sons father and I had broken up and I was spending the night at my parents a lot. I was watching a movie on my laptop and next to me on a end table the lamp shade started vibrating, it was very wierd and made me feel uncomfortable because my sleeping son was in the next room.

I moved out of my parents house when I was 19, I moved in with my boyfriend at the time an hour away in Elwood. He had bought a house that was in the country (like my parents) and was an old house. I don't remember exactly how old. There also was an old barn inside a newer barn right next to the house. When you pulled into the barn/garage the older barn was on your left side with a window facing you. It was so creepy in there I would never go in there at night, my boyfriend worked thirds so I was always home alone at night. One night I'm alone on the computer and all of a sudden every single light in the house goes off, all the power is out. No storms, it was summer. I called the electric company and they said there was no power outage and they couldn't find out why our power was out. They said it could be 4 to 5 hours before its back on, so alone I hang out in our bedroom and read a book. About an hour later the lights came on, I call the electric company to thank them for getting in on so fast and they said they hadn't done anything yet. That was scary.

About 6-7 months later I moved in with my best friend Stacey in Kokomo, we were partying all the time and you know just being young and having fun. Stacey and I both heard footsteps in our living room, finger nails on the walls and were always having nightmares. Luckly I did not live there long and moved back in with my Dad and stepmom. Once again in the house they had built I didn't experience much but my parents always did.

I moved into my first apartment in 2007, lived alone for about a month and my current boyfriend and father to my children moved in with me. About 8/9 months later I became pregnant with my first son. Strange noises and weird stuff started to happen. I had a terrible nightmare that I was laying in my bed and something was in my room messing with my fan, I tried to wake my boyfriend but couldn't. Whatever was in my room didn't want me to wake up my boyfriend. When I woke up I was screaming and shaking him to wake up. A few days later Bryan my boyfriend told me that he heard a loud growl when I woke him up that night. That scared me a lot.

When we were broken up I was at a friends house staying the night, my friend had got up and had to work at 5am. After they had left I tried going back to sleep, with no luck. I felt an overwhelming feeling that something or someone was watching me or hovering right over me. It was the most uncomfortable feeling I had ever felt when it comes to the paranormal. Whatever was in my friends house did not like me or want me there at all. I left about 10 minutes after they had. Bryan and I have gotten back together, moved into a new apartment and are expecting our second child. I pray that nothing follows us into this apartment, and just leaves me alone. I do not know if something is following me or I might be sensitive to the paranormal. Either way I want to know, so maybe I can help others like me.

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ashley8508 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-27)
i never messed with the Ouiji board or challenged anything... I would even be around a Ouiji board those give the creeps...

I've thought I might be sensitive but idk... In some occations I get creeped out for no reason or feel stuff. Not sure
ashley8508 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-27)
[at] redpfx: yes I did have my son with me at that time and we were just staying the night I didn't move back home... Its over 15 years of info squished into a few paragraphs... Sorry if I confused you...
redphx (4 stories) (827 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-19)
wait. I'm confused. I thought you already had a son when you moved back into your parents house and the light shade vibrated. Or was that just because you wrote the story out of order?
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-06-18)
ashley: In my opinion, you're sensitive... I really don't see anything evil or demonic here at all... I suggest you find a mentor, someone who can help you understand and come to terms with your gift... If you can't find anyone in your area, maybe do an on-line search... Be very careful of charlatans though... If you find they want to charge you an extreme amount of money, then say bu-bye! 😆
crystalbell1 (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-18)
Creepy. If anything bad happens in your new apartment, you should get it blessed!
Jimmiejam (14 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-18)
Wow freaky stuff there, it sounds like you have something evil following you around, but whether that be a demon or a bad ghost / spirit is another matter.

You haven't ever challenged any extra-ordinary prescences or used an Ouiji board without closing it properly have you?

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