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Following Doorway Ghost


This ghost follows me to many places. I actually noticed it first when I was on an overseas assignment in the Middle East. I had an upstairs sitting room that I would spend most of my time in, writing music, and doing work on courses that I was taking online, writing papers and such. I would be in there working, and look up, and see this figure in the doorway. It would disappear when I looked up. I had a bathroom off of that room, that I sometimes would use for candlelit baths. I would have a feeling about that ghost being there, and when I would enter the bathroom, the medicine chest would open up by itself just as I entered. Another time, I burned incense oil, and it exploded posing a danger to me. Worst of all, I lit a candle, and the candle holder itself turned out to be made of resin, and it caught on fire while I had been out of the room, downstairs sleeping. It caught the lamp on fire and my desk and the whole house was damaged by smoke. I would have died in that fire, if I had not woken up and gone up and thrown water on it and put it out.

I'd started to wonder if anyone might have died in that villa, or if anything had happened. As it turned out, there had been a terrorist attack against Americans there, and four people died but not in my villa. I thought maybe it was a spirit that was unhappy with me because I was studying up there sometimes occult sciences, Tarot cards and such. That was against the religion there. In fact to some it was sorcery and this would be punishable by death.

However the strange thing is that when I moved back to the United States, it persisted. I was at my mother's home, in Connecticut, and it kept on. The ghost would be in the doorway. At one point I remember waking up out of a sleep and sitting upright in bed and telling the ghost, "I know you're there". It didn't feel like a ghost that particularly had been against me, for studying occult sciences, or for any reason. I really had no idea what it was about.

Then I moved in with my boyfriend in New Jersey and the ghost seemed to be there too. Or was it the same one? My boyfriend had lost his mother there. Once I was in her bathroom, which no one had really used since she died, until me. The door was just about closed. I saw someone on the other side and I thought it was either my boyfriend who must have come home, or his dad. When I swung the door open, no one was there. Another time, I was in our bedroom, and as I opened the door, I felt another hand on the other side, resisting my effort to turn the doorknob and open the door.

I have not heard much about ghosts that follow you. I feel like this one does not belong to any house or villa I've lived in. This ghost is following me. However there are reasons I might be feeling ghosts that are at these particular places. And I am very sensitive to these things. I am wondering about the idea of following ghosts and what their purpose is, or maybe I am just sensitive to different ghosts in different places. But why are they always in the doorway?

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ygaian (10 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-26)
ghost in the doorway?! 😐 😆 this actually a good question!_even sometimes I do feel why they seem to come only in the doorways! 😉
Wistfull (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-23)
Hi Rookdygin,

Thank you for the valuable point.

As a matter of fact, I have myself had a poignant spiritual experience which features a doorway, known only to me. It was actually a near death experience. Perhaps this ghost is a guide or guardian at the door to the other side and wants me to know he or she is there. Also "door" has special meaning where occult sciences and Tarot, which I've studied extensively, are concerned.

Thanks for the comment.

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-23)
You ask this question...

"... Am wondering about the idea of following ghosts and what their purpose is, or maybe I am just sensitive to different ghosts in different places. But why are they always in the doorway?"

There is folklore and a theory based on it that spirits may find places like windows and doorways easier to 'manifest in or through because they represent an 'between' space which causes/allows/just naturally happens, to cause the veil to be thinner or allows a portal to form and therefore makes it easier for a spirit to manifest.

A window is an opening 'between' the indoors and the outdoors. A door is an opening 'between' two spaces within a home, or like a window, a door is 'between' inside and outside. A Portal/thin spot in the veil is an opening 'between' the physical realm and the spirit realm.

It's an interesting concept.

Thanks for sharing.



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