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I've never really posted a story like this before but I've had some weird experiences since I moved into my home. I moved to my new house six years ago. For about two years nothing really weird happened. Then I had a conversation with my mother about ghosts. I had always believed that ghosts weren't real, that they were just mythical, but my mother told me something to the effect of "I didn't want to scare you but now that you're older I can tell you the truth" she then went on to explain spiritual warfare to me and told me that spirits do, in fact, exist. I became very fascinated with the paranormal after that and began researching it.

Shortly after that I was at home alone when I heard our blinds closing (they make a very distinctive noise) and went to see who was home. I went into the living room and saw no one but the blinds were moving. I figured that one of the cats had bumped them so I went to check but all of them were sleeping in other rooms. When I went back into the living room the fan had switched itself on (something it does quite often now). I was a little nervous but I just brushed it off. Nothing else happened for a while.

About a year later I moved my room downstairs into the basement. My dad installed a fan in my room with a remote control switch. For a few weeks nothing happened but I started to feel a bit uneasy. Then, one night, in the middle of winter I became extremely cold and I realized that my fan had switched itself on. I got up and turned it off then went back to sleep. I then woke up a few hours later and found my fan on full blast and my light on. Thinking it was just a wiring problem I got up and switched the remote off to cut the power to my fan/light then went back to bed. Nothing else happened that night and I told my dad about it the next morning. He took the fan apart and got a whole new switch for it but the same thing happened a few nights later. I figured it was just a glitch in the fan so I said nothing else about it.

A few months later I was laying in bed reading ghost stories on this website when my fan turned on again. I ignored it. My cat then meowed and pawed at my door so I let her in. As soon as she got in she jumped on my bed and started howling at my fan. I got really scared then and prayed for whatever it was to leave. As soon as I finished my prayer my cat jumped off my bed and slinked out my door, staring at the ceiling and appearing to be stalking something. I was very freaked out after that but still tried to brush it off.

Fast forward to about a year ago. The uneasiness that I had felt grew much stronger as time went by but I still tried to ignore it. I had been having reoccuring dreams about a ghost in a soldier's uniform and for some reason the name Jesse always stuck in my mind, so that's what I started calling him. My best friend had had experiences at my house too so I usually talked to her about this stuff. I decided to walk around the cemetery across the street from my house (I know, right? My parents couldn't have picked better neighbors when choosing the house?). I wasn't expecting to find anything but I thought it couldn't hurt to check it out. I was looking around when I saw these really cool old graves in the back corner from the 1800s. I was walking over there when I looked over and saw the name I was looking for "Jesse". On the grave there was a black and white picture of a young man in uniform. I took a picture of it and sent it to my best friend saying "I found him".

Last fall I developed severe bronchitis and quickly discovered that sleeping in my room made it worse. I went to the er and got antibiotics and have slept in the downstairs living room ever since. A couple of months ago I woke up around two am and saw a figure against the opposite wall from my bed. He was about six feet tall (about as tall as our windows) and looked like he was wearing a helmet with a brim and a trench coat. I didn't get a good look at him because by the time my eyes focused he was gone but I asked my fiance (who is a major war history nerd) if that sounded like something a soldier would wear and he looked it up. I found a picture of a WWII soldier wearing something identical to what I thought I saw.

Now here's where it gets really weird. I went to put flowers on his grave for Memorial Day and when I went to find him the grave was gone. I thought maybe I was just looking in the wrong place but I went up and down every row twice and read every headstone and it was nowhere to be found.

I guess my question is: What the heck hapened? Did he show me a fake headstone to prove that I wasn't crazy? Or am I just crazy? I know I wasn't imagining the headstone because I sent a picture of it to my best friend (I would post the picture but the phone it was on took an unfortunate bath in the horse's water trough).

I apologize for this being so long but there was quite a lot of backstory to it. I've had other experiences but I didn't feel like they were relevant and Jesse has been on my mind a lot since Memorial Day.

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BattleScars (3 stories) (44 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-25)
Have you always lived in that house? If not, it would be worth it if you could talk to a real estate agent to see who lived in the house before you! You could find some links to Jesse.

Have you also talked to the groundkeepers about the name Jesse. If you are looking for someone, you could try or you could look into their archives of dead person/s.

Best of Luck!

zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-07-02)
SS10413: I find it curious that a soldier from the 20th century would be buried in a grave from the 19th century, also... One explanation would be that you were in a particular area of the cemetery reserved for military personel... Did you notice any more modern looking headstones in the area?...If you were there on Memorial Day then you should have noticed the graves of veterans that are adorned with the American Flag... Groundskeepers do this even on the oldest graves of the Revolutionary War veterans...Also, depending on which war the veteran was in, the headstones are very similar to the others from that era, since most were paid for by the Government...

One more crackpot theory: I think it's possible the spirit you saw could have been related to the one in the older grave... Like Grandfather/Grandson, that type of thing...

Also, I agree with Rook, does your friend have the picture you sent?
Kia (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-02)
That must have been a very unnerving experience for you - finding a grave that wasn't really there, I mean.
I'm not wearing my glasses so I may have read it wrong, so please correct me if I'm wrong; you said the grave you found was from the 1800's but the soldiers uniform was from WW2 (1945).
There may be more to this spirit than meets the eye - be careful.

Much love and good luck,
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-02)

Is there a chance that the cemetery is 'changing' the older tombstones to 'in-ground' plaques? I ask because there are cemeteries that 'restrict' or are 'switching to' this style of marker because it's easier to maintain the 'lawns' around the entire cemetery if there are no 'raised tombstones'.

As far as the picture goes... Your phone may have taken a 'header' in the horse trough but you stated you sent a picture to your friend... Can she send it back to you?

I'm glad you have recovered from your illness and that it's cause was discovered. There is a chance that while you were ill you became 'more susceptible' to seeing 'across the veil' and thus you saw the figure of the solider, just that one time.

Thank you for sharing and if you find out anything about those tombstones, or your friend has that picture, please let us know.


Sailors_Sweetheart0413 (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-01)
Hey everyone. Thanks for your comments:) Our cemetery is very well taken care of so I know the headstone didn't fall as it would have been picked up almost immediately.

Also, my bronchitis wasn't paranormal, it was due to a mold problem (basement, high humidity) and an allergy to my pet rat XD
mrfear672india (106 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-01)
Hi, my opinion is that he showed his head stone when it was there, but now it has burried in the ground as the time passed. The graves are from 1880's so iam sure they went underneath ground.
PurplePanda (18 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-01)
Is it possible the photo on the grave fell off and you missed it? I only say that sometimes when l'm looking for something really hard, I can look right at it and not see it. But maybe that's just me. 😕
Lilady4 (7 stories) (427 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-01)
Well, what a very interesting story here, Sailors_Sweetheart0413. You are definately not crazy. I always get names stuck in my head for no reason at all (the current one is Bryer). And I have found that there is a reason for this, usually it is a Spirit that wants to establish communication with you.
Your cat actually howling at your fan, that's freaky! And that should be enough evidence that you are not crazy or making it up. I'm having to slightly agree with JimmieJam on this one, about Jesse destroying your phone.
Make sure you get some sort of help as you have gotten quite ill (Bronchitis) from these experiences; I would suggest perhaps talking to a Psychic Advisor or Medium that may be much more equipped to help you.
Please let us know how you go 😁 (And if you would like, you can email me).
Love & Light, Rachel ❤
Jimmiejam (14 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-01)
Very interesting this, a headstone that was there but now isn't.

This could either be that the headstone was taken away to make room for another one because "no-one will remember that far back" and as a result wouldn't notice. Or that it was taken away for the same reason, but only recently.

All in all it seems that this ghost didn't want to be forgotten by humanity, he felt that his headstone was an important part of his life that he deserved to have, especially after all the effort in the war what with dying in it and all.

He may have destroyed your phone, this would be because he wants his life to be displayed to all in its proper glory, and not just on a phone to a couple of people, and hopes you can change things.
virtualboy (1 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-01)
I have to say that is pretty freaky. Especially the missing headstone. Maybe he was trying to show you he is real, just not buried there? Of course there's always the chance it was an evil entity trying to fool you, to get you to let your guard down. If you continue to feel uneasy, you should do a cleansing in your home. Good luck with this, I hope this feel better in your home soon.

On another note; someone should invest some time into those collars from the movie "Up!". Then we could have seeing eye cats for the paranormally blind. They'd have tiny vests and everything. Lol I think I would find having one very reassuring.

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