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A Collection Of Events: Other Experiences


So here is another story of a few experiences that link into another story that I submitted earlier on. The other story was mainly my own experiences and this is going to be what I have been personally told of other people's experiences with my dad's house and how this affected my view on the house.

So, to recap, between the years of 1993 and 2000 I lived in a large-ish farm house on the edge of an arable farm in the small village of Leppington in North Yorkshire, England. I moved out of this house in April 2000 to a small village called Westow, which is about 2 miles down the road. My dad still lives in the original Leppington farmhouse to this day although I don't visit very often or see the house much anymore.

At the time these two events happened I was not long born, in 1993. My brothers, Dom and Seb were quite young at the time, Seb was 7 and Dom was 4. This story was passed on to my mum at the time it happened, then was passed to me one night we were discussing the old house and the happenings there.

My brother Seb and my other brother Dom were both tucked up in bed that dark and cold night, the house was unsettled and creaky as it was pretty old. The neighbours were silent and both my parents were downstairs, my mum tending to me as I was not long born and my dad watching TV. Seb was always sensitive to the paranormal and has told me some pretty weird things such as out of body experiences and everything. Seb awoke after not long being asleep, a man was looming over him in his bed, quite an old looking man and he immediately felt pinned with fear. The man spoke, a raspy voice and said "I will chop you up into pieces little boy" and proceeded to exit the room via the window. Seb immediately ran to both my parents and reported what happened, my dad ran around the house because he thought someone had broken in, but all door and windows remained firmly locked. This never happened again, although I'm unsure of the legitimacy of this story as my mum told me instead of Seb and he was young at the time, I never asked him about this however. Even though it could have been a childs imagination, who knows, it's still pretty creepy.

That same year, later on into summer, my brothers both experienced something. One night they sat playing a board game in the bedroom. Outside it was raining heavily and thundering and the power was always a bit dodgy during these storms. There was one particularly loud clap of thunder and the power went off, complete darkness inside the room, another flash of lightning blared through the curtains to reveal a dark figure sat on the windowsill which appeared to have its head in its hands. The power came back on straight after and my brothers fled the room screaming to my parents, my dad again checked the whole house and found nothing causing great concern for both of my parents for the safety of us. This didn't happen again although hearing this story gave me a fear of power cuts and thunderstorms, especially on my own or at my dad's house in that room.

My mum then told me a story of how she saw something very strange in her room one afternoon; she never told me the year. All three of us were in the bedroom for some reason running around, maybe just randomly. She entered the room and saw four of us, me, my two brothers and a random little girl. She blinked and looked again and she was gone, she brushed this off and told us to leave the room and stood there, astounded wondering if she had just seen a ghost.

Another story told to me links in with this, this one involves my aunt who used to baby-sit for my parents when they went out. One night (this was after I had been moved into my brothers room, in the other story) she was sat downstairs at 12:30am after putting us all to bed a couple of hours ago, she was sat in the room below my parents room. She heard light footsteps running about in my parents room, so she went to investigate thinking we had got up. We were all sound asleep when she checked our room and was very disturbed to find nobody in my parents room so she went back downstairs again. On hearing these noises again she began to get frightened and stayed put until my parents returned an hour later. Reporting this to my mum on her way home, my mum also became disturbed about this and the story was passed to me.

I've always had moments in that house of pure fear when I was younger, where I've either been in a room on my own or walking down the stairs. It triggers the flight reaction in my brain and always caused me to speed up or get out of the room and find the nearest human company to calm myself down. I've never seen anything when that happened though so that could have been down to paranoia.

Also when I used to stay there, I had many restless nights, awake and waiting for something to happen but it never did. The floor outside the bedroom used to creak but only when the boiler came on downstairs so I put that down to pipes heating up due to the central heating system. That was only spurred on by the experience I had with the music box and the footsteps to the bathroom (in the other post).

So to conclude my story here, this is basically everything that was missing or running in the background of the other story. So as the final bits of the puzzle are in place, I visited my dad today and looked around his newly decorated house. He showed me that he had moved into mine and my brothers old room and re-painted and re-carpeted it and his old room is now the spare room that is also re-carpeted and re-decorated. The old spare room with the main focus of activity has been closed off from my dad's side of the house and has been given to the neighbours for their new child. So who knows what goes on there at night now, who knows what horror stories are happening at the neighbours side of the house, if any?.

I may be planning an overnight visit there to account what is happening after dark and I have yet another real story about a different family house and my experiences there to post, until next time readers.

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mrfear672india (106 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-01)
Hi bloomfield,
As per your story there are no deaths in the house. I think these are the spirits of young adult and girl (may be his relative)
Some ghosts like residing in houses rather than living in graveyards and old crowdless areas. They come to houses which are least protected by god. Do something iam indian, I don't know what you will do in christianity.

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