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A Night Time Visitor


My incident took place in Athens, Alabama in a quiet rural home, on an otherwise normal street. I lived there with my ex, her mother, her sister, and her stepfather, as well as our collection of dogs. This house, though old, did not have any history of death or violence.

Several times, earlier in the relationship, my ex mentioned offhandedly that she would occasionally hear children playing outside of the house, small children. Now, this in and of itself would not be odd, were it not for the fact that there were maybe six families including ours within any respectable distance of the house, and the youngest children in the area were approximately twelve years old. They lived across the street, and though I did not know them personally, I knew them well enough that they did not sound like little children. We did not pay much heed, as these incidences with the children were rare, and by the time you heard them, you had almost forgotten they were even an issue, such was the hustle and bustle of life.

The bed my ex, and young son shared was pretty much a box springs and a mattress on top, set right on the floor, and was pushed into the corner of the room. There was open floorspace near the foot of the bed, about three feet, and a television sitting on its stand against the far wall.

My typical routine was to stand "watch" over her kid (she was loose), waiting for him to wake, and be there to tend to him so she could sleep. I would play Xbox, while sitting at the foot of the bed, about 2am, I would turn off the game, make sure sonny was ok, and curl up near the head of the bed.

This particular night, though, I woke up to something tugging on me. Not so hard as to wake me, but hard enough to drag me, maybe a foot and a half at a time, toward the foot of the bed. First tug, I thought I was dreaming. I have been rather good at realizing that a nightmare is just a nightmare, scary as it may be. Second tug, I managed to assess what was going on. This thing... And yes, I say thing because it was taller and broader than any man should be. I realized that it had its arms wrapped around my lower legs just below the knee. In that flash it made sense, that with all the junk to the immediate left of the bed, that it would stand at the foot for stability... And that part of my legs was easiest to reach. It wasn't so much pulling with its arms, as using its back to lean back. It got a third pull in before I fully realized that this WAS HAPPENING! I began to kick violently, which I don't think this thing was expecting, I got one leg free, the third tug had my legs nearly up under its (considerably high up) arm pits. As soon as I felt one leg get free, the other ceased to be seized. The whole entity vanished.

Normally I would dismiss the whole thing as a dream. Except that as soon as this thing vanished, I fell. My upper body was still on the bed, though only barely so, I was on maybe two feet of bed at this point, and my lower half fell as if from up high. My feet hit the floor, and I had to backpedal my full self back onto the bed.

I was able to make out this things silhouette in the almost completely dark room. It must have been eight feet tall, and nearly five feet wide. It looked powerfully built, but it didn't seem to use all of that power. Based solely on its build, it could have easily held me still, right where it wanted me, I shouldn't have been able to get away as easily as I did. It didn't speak, or make any sound like it spent any kind of EFFORT to drag me, but I could tell, even in what little light was in the room, that it was physically pulling me.

After I kicked my way frantically to the head of the bed, I surveyed the room as my eyes adjusted to whatever ambient light was around. Once I was satisfied that whatever it was was gone, I began to rationalize what had just happened. That I clearly had fallen asleep at the foot of the bed while playing Xbox. I ruled that out, because the TV was off, and tired or not, I would have remembered laying back at the foot of the bed. I recounted that I had distinctly curled up at the top part of the bed. Then I really began to get scared. I had really been dragged, that was irrefutable, due to my moment of falling after the thing vanished. It had been supporting me, and when it vanished, I lost that support and fell. My next thought entertained the possibility that something was in my room that night.

What did it want? Why was it dragging me so? To be quite honest, by the way it was dragging me, and had one leg on either side of its broad torso, it was trying to do some horrid sex act. This didn't make much sense, as I was fully clothed (lack of blankets, and her families proximity had ensured that... Can't have someone coming in to check on the baby and getting a full monty for their trouble...), but it was the only thing I could think of.

I am fully aware of sleep paralysis as well. I had never had it before, and have not had an "episode" since. I have seen documentaries on the subject, and sufferers have episodes on more than one occasion, and though there are sensations of movement involved in these happenings, the victims usually awaken unharmed (though scared) in their beds... The way I understood it, in a sleep paralytic episode, you may feel like aliens are dragging you by your ankle down the hall, telling you that youre going to outer space with them. Youre freaking out, and wake up as they reach your stairs, the aliens vanish... But youre in bed right where you fell asleep when you wake up. If I had sleep paralysis, I definitely did NOT wake up where I fell asleep...

Another thing, to go from the top of the bed to the bottom isn't easy, even squirming or sleepwalking in your sleep. It can be done, you can kind of drag yourself with your legs, but its not easy, it takes focus, and leg strain that I didn't have upon waking.

I have been backward and forward with this, looked online for anyone with similar experiences, and I can't find anything.

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Julesylou (16 posts)
8 years ago (2014-12-14)
This story really creeped me out! Where would it have dragged you? Would it have just moved you as a "joke"? Or would you have gone to its dimension? Guess we'll never know.
Btw, the "loose" comment made me laugh my a*s off!
Blackmoonmage20 (1 stories) (58 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-16)
Oh...i see now... Thanks Siskakes! But you will still write the story in ms word and then submit it? 😁
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-06)

Okay, the way it presented itself was obviously not it's true size/form, you can get that much from it's weak hold on you. As you said, it should have been able to keep you down, had it actually been as massive as it wanted you to believe it was. It had to lean back and drag you with it, when clearly it should have had you in a Full Nelson at the get go, which just goes to show it's inexperience and weakness. We know that 90% of any confrontation is how you present yourself to your opponent, and this thing couldn't even get that part right! I don't think you were in as much danger as it wanted you to believe. It almost sounds like a test run or something. Flexing muscles it didn't have, then gives up before the fight even starts! An amateur mistake. Pitiful, really.
I don't think it was there on any mission. Seriously, what was it's goal?
Now, here is how my twisted little mind works. I can't help but give this thing a back story, so just bare with me...
I'm thinking this was a human spirit. Hasn't crossed over out of fear of what it's fate might be when it does. Going to Hell can't be fun, so why bother? A real jerk wad in life, either as a bully when he was a kid, but had to give it up when everybody he picked on got big but him, or a backstabbing asshat that no one could stand being around. Stifled aggression with a backlog lot of vengeful acts to get to.
However, he still needed to run through his checklist of fear inducing moves to see what worked the best. You just happened to be on his way that's all. I'll bet that little incident set his plans back a few years too.
Sorry, I tend to get on a roll when my imagination kicks in. But to tell you the truth, I think I'm pretty close. 😁

Hope I didn't bore you too much. 😜

Jesus_soldier (guest)
11 years ago (2012-07-06)
Accounts like this, are always hard to figure out. We have to explain what the entity is, why did it target you, and why was it pulling you out of the bed. I'm still trying to figure that out. I wonder what would have happen if you didn't fight back. This was a cool story, thank you for sharing.

JS aka Brandon 😊

P.S. Get the PS3 bro 😆
shellzy (8 stories) (218 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-05)

Very interesting and scary experience!

Normally I would put an experience like this down to sleep paralysis or a very lucid nightmare (and I could still be wrong) but the fact that your lower half was actually lifted into the air and you fell when the entity disappeared kind of makes me think it was something else. And you are correct, when an episode of S.P occurs people do think and feel that they are really being moved or dragged but generally they wake up in the actual bed unharmed but scared.

Have you expereinced anything else while living in this house? And did your family witness any of this event? Thanks for sharing.
Vikstal (4 stories) (64 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-05)
I don't know what it was but if it was sleep paralysis then why is it so hard to believe it? Maybe it was your first time. Playing video games at 2am is not natural nor good for the body so it might aswell been it.
Siskakes (4 stories) (68 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-05)
Swordsaint101 - that is one of the creepiest encounters I have read! There are more knowledgable guys on this site and hopefully they respond and help! I'm going to keep checking on this post to see the responses!

Blackmoonmage20 - if you scroll to the top of the page there is link "submit your story"...
Blackmoonmage20 (1 stories) (58 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-05)
That is a very long, creepy story. But I enjoy reading it. Sorry about this but, can you tell me how to post stories in ygs? 😊

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