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Note, some of this comes from what my sister and mother have told me.

When I was four years old my family, which consisted of my mom, my father, and my little sister who was almost three, moved into a beautiful two story house in the suburbs of Las Vegas, Nevada. This must have been wonderful for my parents, seeing as we had lived in a small house previously in not the best area of town, and before that in a cockroach infested apartment. Seeing as they were just moving into this new beautiful house they decided to invite some friends over during the day to see the place, one of these friends was a priest who my father had known for a few years. According to my mother the man almost immediately asked my father to go outside to the backyard with him to talk. Apparently, the man urged my father to leave the house, that something evil was in it. My father is not a religious or spiritual man, so he laughed it off brushing the warnings aside. Fourteen years later I wish he had listened to that priest.

For awhile everything seemed normal, at least to us children, but as my mother later told me they were not. My parents would hear large wings flapping around in their room, but every time they turned on the light nothing would be there. It got to the point that they stuffed their fireplace up with beach towels so nothing could get into the room, but it insisted. Not only that, but they had electric work out equipment that would turn on by itself. It got to the point where they started unplugging the workout equipment, but it would still somehow turn itself on without any rhyme or reason. The television would also turn itself on in their room, though as far I understand this only happened on a few occasions.

These unexplainable noises, and malfunctioning electrical equipment could all be brushed aside though, there was one thing that couldn't be. In the middle of the night my mother woke up to see the glowing outline of a figure at the end of the bed, she was almost paralyzed with fear. She looked over to my father, he was somehow awake too and seemed to be seeing the same exact thing. After a few seconds of staring at each other my father jumped out of bed and turned on the bedroom light that was across from the bed. Nothing was there.

Our parents never told us these stories when we were young, we already had big enough imaginations without our parents telling us their stories. Even without our parents telling us these stories we feared our parents room, there was an unwelcoming feeling about it and the air was extremely chilly. I feared looking into the mirror of my parents bathroom, imagining that I would see the reflection of a frightening woman emerging from their walk-in closet. The fear stayed with me for years, and as I got older and attended religious school I took up always singing a God related song or saying a prayer out loud. Every time I did the room became noticeably warmer, but I digress.

It didn't take long for my sister and I to start having experiences. One day my sister was in her bedroom alone, I want to say she was about four and I was six. Out of no where she heard all of our toy musical instruments start playing at once in our play room, which was right around the corner from our bedrooms. My sister called out to me asking if I was in the playroom, I yelled that I was downstairs watching Spongebob. She quickly joined me downstairs, and didn't mention the experience for many years.

An experience I had was when I was probably around eight years old, I was sitting probably a foot away from our television in the playroom watching a ghost hunting show. The show went black for a moment as it changed scenes, and as it did I could see the reflection of the room behind me. This wasn't strange except for the fact that I saw the all black figure of what seemed to be a very tall man standing in the open doorway. I immediately turned around thinking it was my dad home from work, but when I turned around no one was there. Freaked out I turned off the television and went downstairs to join the rest of my family that was home.

This doesn't account for the every day things that would happen. Almost every night for years my sister and I would hear footsteps above our heads in the attic, and footsteps coming up the stairs in the night. Also, more often than not when I was younger and going downstairs, I would imagine a woman with wild red hair, and sharpened teeth grabbing me and throwing me down the stairs.

From here the stories get a little freakier. My mother is Roman Catholic and I was raised as such, so when I was in third grade I went through my first Holy Communion. Sometime after this I had one of the most terrifying experiences in my life. I woke up in the middle of the night, somehow I was wide awake. Looking at my clock on my nightstand I could see it was exactly midnight. As I looked at my clock out of the corner of my eye I saw the light of my smoke detector, which was right by my bedroom door, flash red. Now I thought this to be very strange, as the light usually stays a steady green. So, I sat up to see what was up, and that is when I saw it.

There was a woman of all white and light blue standing in my door way. She was wearing an old fashioned high collared night gown that went to the floor, and her white hair was piled up wildly on her head. The strangest things about her was that her face seemed to be going back and forth between a skull, and a face almost devoid of detail, and that she seemed to be swaying back and forth, leaving a path of light as she did. My young mind tried to reason, so I thought maybe it was someone in my house. So, I called out to it, "Mommy?" It shook its head. Maybe it was my sister dressed up standing on something, so this time I called out, "Sissy?" Again it shook it's head.

For a moment I thought about who I knew who had passed, and I remember my grammy, my maternal grandmother, who had died weeks before I was born. This time I called out, "Grammy?" I don't remember it's answer for sure, but I know it grinned at me. Right after it smiled at me I threw my blankets over my head, curled up into a ball, and started pinching myself to make sure I wasn't asleep. I pinched myself so hard that I woke up with red marks on my arm. A day or two later I told my mother, who comforted me and said that it must be my grammy visiting me. My sister told me a few years later though that grammy had actually visited her the week before I got my visitor. My grammy looked like she did in life, and had a loving aura around her. Whatever visited me definitely wasn't my grammy.

Something little that happened was around this time when I was in elementary school, and I didn't find about it until a last year. One day as I was taking a nap in my bedroom my sister passed by my bedroom, and was startled to see something at the end of my bed. There was a semi see-through cat curled up in the corner of my bed. It was all white, fluffy, and seemed to be glowing slightly. She stared at it for a good few minutes, until I was roused from my sleep and asked her what she was staring at. As soon as I woke up it disappeared, and she told me that she was only watching me. This really interests me, since in recent months I've had some very interesting experiences with cats.

Around the time that I was in fifth grade I had my next big experience. A year or two before I was in fifth grade my mother had bought me and my sister those dolls that look exactly like you. They were fun for awhile, but soon I didn't like playing with dolls, and my look alike ended up abandoned in our basket of stuffed animals and dolls in the playroom. She came back for me in my dreams though.

One night I dreamt that I woke up, and sat up bolt straight. The light of my bedroom was on so, I could see multiple pairs of large, long fingered black hands coming up from under my bed and slowly pulling off my sheets. In the dream I jump over the end of the bed, run to the banister overlooking the front entryway which is lit up, and call down to my parents, "Mom, Dad, help!" Right after calling that I walk back to the doorway of my room. My bed is completely stripped now, and the hands are no where to be seen. Except now I can see my look alike doll hanging onto the back of my headboard, her arms crossed, her head tilted to the right like my head often is, with a large smile on her face, in the same unclothed state that I left her. I immediately woke up.

My bedroom lights were on just like in the dream, and my sheets were completely off of me probably because of freaking out in my sleep. Just like in my dream I jumped over the edge of my bed, ran to the banister overlooking the fully lighted entryway, and called to my parents, "Mom, Dad, help!" as they watched the same show as they did in my dream. Both of them came racing up the stairs, and I told them both my dream. For some reason or another my mom freaked out that night, convinced that those look alike dolls were possessed, and proceeded to throw them both away that night. My sister was extremely upset about this.

Fifth grade was also the first time that our house was ever cleansed because of all of the things that happened there. Everything was better for a little while, but then things started up again. The first noticeable things were the footsteps, and then other things started to happen.

One night I sat in the living room by myself watching the television, all lights were off except for the kitchen light behind me. All of a sudden I saw the shadow of a giant black wing block out the light. Not wanting to see what else might come along with that wing I turned off the television and went to my room, trying my hardest not to act like I was frightened. Another night sometime later I was about to go to bed and was staring out my open doorway to the small hallway between our bedrooms, which was lit up from the dim light coming from her open doorway and from the bathroom between our rooms which for some reason still had the light on. Out of no where I saw an all black shape dart out of her bedroom, and go into the bathroom. For a moment I was speechless and then finally in a halting voice I called out, "Sissy, did you just go into the bathroom?" In a voice just as hesitant as mine she called back, "...No...why?" I brushed it aside quickly, only to later find out that she had seen a black shape come out from her closet, and dart outside into the hallway right before I called out to her.

My sister seemed to have a few things happen to her. After getting a mass celled tumor removed from her ankle in fifth grade, when I was in seventh grade, she saw a disembodied head floating in her room. It was a large head of a woman, that at first she thought was me. Then she realized that the woman looked too wild with her sharp teeth and wild red hair, but it disappeared quickly enough. What worried me was that it sounded like the woman that I used to imagine from the stairs, even though I never told my sister about her.

In ninth grade my parents separated, which was a blessing since my father brought a lot of violence and anger into the house, plus he was cheating on my mother. Once he left we had the house blessed again, and everything seemed fine for awhile. Soon enough though our dogs, we had seven at the time, refused to enter my room, the footsteps started back up, and new things started to happen. I would hear footsteps in my mother's bedroom and hear the cabinets being opened and slammed shut over and over, even though no one else was home. Nothing serious happened again in that house, and in March of 2011, which was my junior year, we left that house and moved into a new one. Nothing really has happened since, though a constant heavy feeling is still present.

One of my close friends claims to be psychic, and due to a few things I do not doubt that she is. After telling her about all of this she concluded that a dark spirit was attached to my family, I laughed at this. She told me to not mock it, but being in a cocky mood due to hidden fear I did, and asked what it would do. My mother was pregnant at this time, and she told me that the spirit could make my mother miscarry. Not even two weeks later my mom had a miscarriage and the doctors could not find a reason why.

Also, my friend tells me that I have a light that draws spirits to me, and my mother has told me the same thing. We come from an old European family, and many of the women in my mother's family have had spiritual connections and abilities. I don't know if this has anything to do with what happened during my childhood though.

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willmeadowson (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-04)
You are not alone in your eperiences. I have heard stories of shadows and appriation and rooms with an unpleasant feeling to them, and sometimes in a house there will be a room or 2 the ghosts will not enter that feel peaceful. One woman in particulate has a lot of this activity in her life. I posted the audio of her story at

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