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At the time of this incident, I was asleep in the front room/living room area in my two bed room apartment. I live with my mother. We passed out on the floor watching TV. I had been asleep for a while and so it was at least between 1 to 3 AM.

I wasn't dreaming and it seemed as if I had woken up for no reason. I am the type to grind my teeth in my sleep, sleep light, and wake up from time to time. This was a different situation.

Aside from the dull light in the kitchen and the television there was nothing to distract me. I just felt like I should be awake right now. The impulse is what really got to me. I just woke up with as if I had never been asleep at all. When I opened my eyes I saw a figure. It was not human I can tell you that right now. I don't really believe in aliens so it wasn't that either. I'll try and describe it.

The thing itself was sitting, crouching more so. In that position it was as tall as maybe a five year old child. If it were standing, it looked like it could reach five to six feet. The way it looked was even more strange. It had human-like features but did not give off that vibe. The creature itself appeared like those dots you see when you stare at a light for too long. It was transparent and solid at the same time. I could see the contours, but details as well. It had a cat-like face but the rest was man like. I was freaked out and used my blanket to smack at it and once the blanket fell back down, it was gone!

So I woke my mom up and explained everything and drew a picture and all that. I ripped it up once she got the idea. I decided to protect myself, my mother, and my home spiritually and prayed all over the house until the feeling of fear left me. I haven't seen that thing since and trust in God that I won't ever. That's really it.

I would like to hear any and all opinions. Don't be shy. I really want to know what that thing was. What it meant, any advice you have to offer. Thanks for your time.

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FeFiFoLexi (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-27)
Hello everyone, thank you for your comments. When I say a feeling of fear I do mean I was afraid.

As for the ideas you all came up with I appreciate them all. I don't live there anymore. I was more concerned with what it was and I really appreciate everything you all said.

The "thing" itself gave me a feeling as if it were watching me and that it wanted to be seen. It didn't look friendly or welcoming. It was serious almost like a doctor and the energy was negative.

But again, thank you. I feel a bit more secure about the experience.
galleygal (3 stories) (150 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-17)
[at] isandhu - I agree with you; I think a lot of things seen in these stories are either pareidolia or apophenia at work. Especially when it's dark, and/ or people are discombobulated, I think minds play tricks.
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-17)
I think you were either dreaming or this was pareidolia (hope I spelled that right). I'm not ashamed to admit I'm afraid of the dark and when I'm alone at night I sometimes lie there awake frequently opening my eyes to see if anything is there. I've seen some strange creatures, I can tell you. Usually they look like large (at least a foot across) transparent insects floating before my face. I believe they might be actual small insects or dust motes that are floating right in front of my face that appear large because of their closeness to my eyes and the way I am focusing. As another example, I went through a whole month after I'd seen Psycho as a teen thinking every shadow and every coat on a hook was Norman Bates. The imagination, coupled with our tendency to see patterns where there are none, is a powerful thing.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-17)

It's hard to give advice if some of what may be suggested has already been dismissed... You did this when you 'said'...

"It was not human I can tell you that right now. I don't really believe in aliens so it wasn't that either."

Just because you do not personally believe in something doesn't make it 'not real'. It just means you have never been presented with the proof needed to convince you of... Well whatever it is.

When it comes to the paranormal we cannot afford to close our minds to any possibilities.

Spencer asked a good question... Was the 'feeling of fear' due to you experiencing something you did not understand or was it due to a feeling coming from the 'entity' you saw?

It's hard to 'say' what this visit may have meant as, at least for the moment, it was a one time occurrence.

If you wish I have a Cleansing/Shielding Method I can share with you, it's yours for the asking.


spencer9997 (1 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-17)
Symbolism isn't my strong point, but I'm certain if there's a meaning behind the looks the cat-like part would probably stand for something.

The rest of the way you describe this makes me think that it would be a form of darker entity. You mention a 'feeling of fear'. I'm assuming you meant your own personal fear, but if what you meant was like a fearful vibe then it would almost certainly have to be a darker type of entity.

I'm young and still learning, but my advice to you would be to first check in on your apartment's history. Look for anything out of the ordinary. If you believe it's something with evil intent then I would suggest a cleansing. (Not that I know any really, note the 'young and still learning'.) And to keep something of religious value nearby if you are religious. If not, keep something to have faith in even if it's just a good luck charm.

Best of luck,

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