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The Rest of my Paranormal Experiences


I've already posted two stories explaining my experiences and decided to post a final story. This one will describe everything else that has happened to me. This will be kind of long, but lots of strange things have happened in my house. This should be the final story that I will post (unless something else is yet to happen).

1.) When I was very young (about 5 or 6), my father and I were putting Christmas lights on the tree in our front yard. It was about 2-3 pm, my dad said, "Look," and there was a white orb flying. It was about 30-40 feet in the air, and it flew north over my house. It was the size of a golf ball. It was moving in a curvy motion. A golf ball couldn't have staggered back and forth while flying through the air. In fact, the staggering motion was very agitated - almost like a splice between a zig-zag and a curve. It was also moving to slowly to be a flying object.

2.) One night when I was about 12, I was laying in bed (the top of a bunk bed) with a bundle of my blankets bunched up in my arms with my head resting on them. Just as I dozed off, I felt the bundle of blanket being pulled from me. When I opened my eyes, I swear I saw a head. I was scared to sleep in my room for a while.

3.) I already mentioned in my first posted story the scuffling of feet in my room, the object hitting my bed, someone dancing down the hallway, and the loud bang on my dresser. This next sub-story happened during the same time period as all of this (spring 2002). I came home from work and sat in my basement at a desk. I then heard an object hit a desk (a different desk) across the basement. It sounded exactly as if someone had dropped a pencil (there are several pencils on that desk) from about 3 inches off the desk. I know what a pencil hitting that desk sounds like because I've dropped several pencils there myself. I heard it bounce and roll as well. A different night, I came home from work and sat in my desk again (same scenario). This time, a tiny object (bird-seed sized) flew from across the basement, bounced off my desk, and landed on the complete other side of the basement. I heard it bounce all the way across the basement, and it flew extremely fast. It didn't fall, but flew parallel with the ground. I felt like someone purposefully threw it at me. This doesn't seem strange, but in concert with all of the other paranormal things that have already happened, it becomes something to wonder about.

4.) We had our dog put to sleep in November 2002. He had a very distinct howl (more like a scream) and would do it in pain from his tumors. During the next few days, each of us (the members of my house) heard his howl at least once apiece. One member of my family said that the howl he heard had come from inside the house and that it was very loud.

5.) Other minor things happened over the years that didn't really spark much interest in me until I grew up, experienced more serious occurrences, and realized that ghosts are in fact real. I remember once when my brother and I were wrestling in our bedroom, the large ceiling light suddenly turned on by itself. When we asked our parents, they were surprised, but my dad caught on and finally said that he just played a joke. I can tell he was lying because he initially seemed surprised when we asked him. I also remember cans falling off the basement shelf several times while my friends and I were hanging out. A bunch of them would fall at once. Another time, a lighter flew off my dresser while I was laying in bed. Moving on... A radio (with batteries) buried deep in a closet full of junk turned on by itself one night at about 3:00 A.M. Also, I've seen several flashes (like cameras) reflect off the basement wall while listening to headphones. They were behind a paneled partition wall so that I didn't see the flash, but only the reflection of it on the foundation wall. Finally, when I was about 7 or so, I woke up one morning and laid in bed just looking around the room before getting up. Then I saw a ball of light flash above my dresser in mid air. It was like a spark. I remember wondering about it for several days after.

6.) Other people informed me of strange things in my house too. Once, a friend told me that I had bats. When I asked him to elaborate, he told me that he saw a black ball flying around my basement in the rafters. Another friend of mine said that a light turned on by itself in the basement. A family member briefly saw someone in the basement mirror (the basement seems active- huh). Another family member saw a beautiful woman appear in her bedroom (strange).

Being my last story for you guys, I must say that it seems as if these 'ghosts' only come on certain nights. There will be no activity for months or years, but every once in a while, things will happen during one single night. As of right now, nothing strange has happened to me in about 3 years. I sleep with lights on now and always will.

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