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This story isn't based on one event. Growing up in Newport News VA with my 2 sisters, my step mom, and my father weird things happened quite often. The way our living room was set up you could see the hall way past the kitchen as you watched tv, everybody in the house would see shadow figures (more than one) run through the hall past the kitchen. You could clearly see there was more than one as you could see a short grey figure then seconds latter a tall black figure pass right after.

Me and my 2 sisters shared a bedroom, my dad turned the den into our room because my grandad came to stay with us when he got really sick. At night weird things would happen. We had a cat named pacho, he would freak out in the middle of the night. Pacho would see things, he would hiss and meow and some times just start running to no particular destination, he'd just run with his hair sticking straight up. Me and my sisters knew something wasn't right, we where just scared all the time that we even slept with our blankets over our heads. At night you could feel things pull at the covers and pacho would just freak out staring at the exact place you could feel the covers move.

My step mom and dad knew things were not right, they never spoke to us about it until recently my dad and I discussed it. He said he would hear something call my step moms name at night. One day he said he heard someone call out for help. When he would come out of his room and check everybody was asleep but he could still hear it but never found out where it would come from.

As time went on more noticeable stuff would happen, and not only at night now. Things would start happening during the day! The bath tub would just start running water out of no where, our things started to come up missing then reappear days later in the exact spot they were seen last.

Our parents started to think we where sneaking out of bed at night due to the weird things that were going on so they decided to put a baby monitor in our room. We would wake up almost every morning, and every morning we would wake up and have to spend 30min in the corner until somebody took the blame, and then one morning we woke up and it was just gone. Me and my dad also talked about that just recently I guess because I am older now and back then it would have just scared us even more. He said that one night he woke up around 3:00am with the monitor making static noises so he just laid in bed and listened. All of a sudden he made out something saying "just mind your own business!" then back to static, he got up to check the monitor and it was gone, no where to be found!

A lot of weird things happened to us not just in that house but it seemed to be everywhere we moved.

I am currently 21 and have moved out of state, I live with my boy friend and our 1 1/2 year old son. Nothing weird has happened to me in about 5 years and hoping it stays that way. Well I take that back. Just the other day my son was staring at the wall for probably 30 seconds just smiling, but we won't jump to any conclusions lol.

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Rozo (3 stories) (108 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-18)
Thank you for feedback... I definitley think there was or might be a connection... Knowing full names is not something very easily made up... That is really interesting and quite freaky that someone accross the seas would know something like that.
MJackson91 (2 stories) (11 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-17)

Thanks for reading =)

He did not pass away IN the house but he did while we were staying there.
And I do believe that is true. He was my step moms father, he had his funeral in Puerto Rico. My dad and step mom went but we stayed with my dads parents. When they came back I over heard them talkin about a really old blind woman approched them at the funeral home and told my dad his grandmaw (my great grandmaw) was still with him, she passed away in 1998. This was comming from a blind woman about in her high 70s that lives in PR, my greatgrandmaw passed in west virginia and this woman knew her full man and my fathers name. She also told my step mom she was having a little boy, and sure anough 7months latter my little brother came to this world. I don't think there is any conection, you just made me think about that when you mentioned that about your grandmother.

But I can't say that I remimber if it got worse or not, things just happened dailly lol
Rozo (3 stories) (108 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-17)
Hi Mjackson91,

Those are some pretty weird spooky accounts... Covers being pulled off and cats losing it is always very unsettling!

Wanted to ask, and if you remember... When your grandpa came to stay, did the activity start increasing? And Pls excuse me for asking... Did he pass away in your house while you kids were still there? Reason for this backround history is that it could of been heightened because your grandpa was ill. I remember when mine passed away... Or just before actually, my family and I were frequently being visited by long time deceased family members and remember my grandmother saying, they have come to take him and assure us all is ok.

Maybe this could be the case with your family?

Thank you for sharing.


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