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The Haunted Building


Good day to you, all! Now this one is from my (other) previous company.

First let me describe the building. It's located between a vacant-dumped lot and some abandoned warehouses. It's about 15 years old and it was year 2010. A 4-story U-shaped concrete structure, composed of rooms occupied by company offices (tenants) with not so narrow hallways and stairs at the center.

Our company then occupied 3 rooms on the second and 6 on the third floor. I would say that some portions of the building is dark, or naturally dimmed even if it's a broad daylight and well lighted, which makes it creepy enough, right?

To continue, I worked on the third floor and our room (Technical Dept.) is one of those to have dark corners. There were many paranormal stories around, yet I didn't paid it much attention cause I'm not really that fanatic or something. I'm the first-hand believer scary type, I would say.

The most common story is about a woman (and there's also a man) seen around in the Admin room, Pantry, Programmers (we called it Laboratory) and meeting room, CR and some on other tenants, usually during late afternoons, and or late nights (during overtime). They said this woman would close and locks the doors, toss papers, pens and other things, and even touches some employees around.

We were catching up a project account deadline, so we needed to stay extra hours, and my group was assigned on weekends. We've been doing this for months already and, of course, the sighting stories are ever present.

One Sunday, we were four then, me and Grace were at the Technical room. I was debugging and she was making documentation-reports, sitting in front parallel not far from my table, and lit only some few lights in the room. The other two are in the next room (Laboratory) with their own tasks.

Grace is a serious type girl, and I've learned that she has a third eye or whatever it is, and that she can see, feel, and/or hear ghosts and other things. It was around 5 o'clock, just when we're about to finish, when at the corner of my eye I saw someone is standing not so far from my table! It caught my attention because it was kind of like glowing. I dare not to look directly because I know there were only the two us inside the room, and it was far from the door in case somebody came inside, but I clearly sees her (in a messy hair and gray dress) standing still, and leaning on the wall. About 2 minutes I am sweating, hair at the back of neck are standing. I didn't move nor speak, and I could sense that it is staring at me and Grace. Then, Grace slowly looks back at me with eyes wide opened and shivering, speaking slowly in a voice that is about to cry, "Jo...?" Before I could answer her, in a split second, I was like the Flash! Next thing I knew, we were already outside of the room in the hallway, catching our breathes (both of us hadn't turned our PC's off).

Moments later the other two also hurriedly came outside, saying that in their room it was getting colder and colder (even if the air conditioned were off, since it's centralized), and heard like someone is pounding on the tables. So we also told them what we saw, and went off. With our scary feet, we hadn't signed-off on our attendance system, and our overtime were not counted then. Too bad.

Grace later told us that "she" was just there at the room standing-observing and just ignores her, minutes later when she heard her saying, "Why are you here? Go now!" That's when she really got the chills. She was really frightened of the incident, that she was sick for days. We were worried, and that after it was agreed that there'll be no more overtime, especially on weekends.

What we'd learned also was that there was a woman raped, killed and was buried there, and that the story of the other sighting, a man was then one of the suspects who was troubled by his conscience, and later commits suicide when the building was still under construction.

The next year many offices transferred, including our company, to another peaceful, building.

Thank you for reading.

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bluntforcetrauma (2 stories) (12 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-02)
That was a very scary experience. Glad you guys have moved out!
v0xp0puli101 (10 stories) (16 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-02)
What most of us understood, is that 'she' doesn't want to be disturbed, especially beyond regular office hours.
Dreamerxx (1 stories) (36 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-01)
v0xpopuli101 that's a very scary experience you and the others went through and maybe the ghost was trying to get you to leave so you wouldn't go through what she did. She might have had what happened to her happen while she was working late and just wanted to keep you out and safe (just a thought)

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