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Scary Client Experience


This happened when I was still connected at my previous company; see The Haunted Building story.

I would say, that one of the privilege of that company is to be able to travel around the country, with company expenses. Surely, had some quick glimpse of other places.

On one business travel, we were three; Nina, a system analyst, Randy, programmer and me, technical support. We had this client; a cement manufacturing company, and our tasks were to setup and establish a distribution and inventory application system. The company area is so big, consisting of several buildings and warehouses starting from sea-side with their own port up to the mountainous area, where some raw materials are stored and dump.

We were commissioned for 2 weeks for the said project, and stayed on the company's staff house. The accommodation was superb enough, because it's like a 2 stars hotel; good food, H/C shower, fully air conditioned rooms, cable TV, and WIFI. Although the building is a bit old; all in all, we were like having a paid vacation.

The first few nights were just normal, although at late hours we'll hear some eerie sounds, we didn't really thought about it something spooky, until on our last week.

One night, Randy decided to stay at the IT room with their staffs to finish some codes (the company runs 24 hours, so there are people around even at night), me and Nina went to the staff house. It was raining that afternoon, the area is wet, cold and foggy, and while walking on the front yard of the building we saw a woman at the window in the second floor, just next to our rooms. I bet it was really a woman judging from the figure, but couldn't really tell the full details, yet we didn't pay much attention thinking it was some other guest in the company. When we reached the second floor hallway, it was empty and no sign of any other guests. Still we didn't care about it, but I guess Nina was a bit scared. Nina's room was inside ours, divided with partition.

We were watching TV, when we heard a voice of someone talking inside Nina's room. We listened carefully, and it sounded something like a prayer or chant, but couldn't understand the exact words. I crawled off the floor to get nearer of the door and slowly opening it, and to our surprise nothing, nobody was there. We just kind of laughed about it, and didn't care again saying it's just only our imagination, so we dozed off. The next day, I woke up from Nina's scream (but not too loud), she had some scratches on her legs. She was terrified as to where or who did it. She was crying, and good thing Randy manages to calm her down, telling maybe she just got some allergies as we were eating seafood the other day, but I know she doesn't believe it and was really troubled all day. I checked her room, bed and ours, and found no traces of any animals or anything unusual.

That afternoon, I went back to our room to get some documents for Nina. When I opened the door, immediately right before my eyes, someone or something just passed by. It happened so fast, just like a snap. But clearly I saw something, I couldn't speak nor react for a moment and just rush back to the office. I didn't tell Nina as I know it will just scared her more, only to Randy. That night, everything went back to normal and Nina was at ease and slept soundly. The next day, it was Randy's turn as he said someone touches his head, like a soft push while he was at the bathroom mirror, it was really chilling. And also he said, he saw shadows along Nina's room and the hallway. Still we didn't tell it to Nina and keep ourselves more vigilant.

On our last day, we stayed late at one of the offices to finish the turn-over documents. It was around 12 midnight, and there were only few workers outside since it's weekend. We heard the door opened and closed a couple of times, and we're thinking that maybe just some other employees, but when we checked nobody went inside, only us. Then we heard the sound of the steel cabinet opened just across our table to which really scares the three of us. Panicking we went outside, walked hurriedly and went to our rooms. Inside, we decided to stay close together. I chooses to sleep on the floor, Randy on the couch and Nina on the bed. We locked her room and keep the lights on, prayed and sleep.

Around 4AM, I was awaken by a smell of something cooking, when I opened my eyes, Randy and Nina were already awake, eyes wide open. We carefully observed around, silence was deafening and the smell is just there. Nina starts to cry and tremble, Randy peeks to the windows but nothing outside. Slowly it came to our thoughts that the smell is from a burning candle but before we could react, a knock on the door came from Nina's room. Without further discussions between the three of us, we hurriedly packed-up our things and went outside the staff house. At such early morning we were shivering, sweating, and breathing heavily. We just stayed at the cafeteria, waited until sunrise and decided to go home. Around 5:30AM, we went to the office and told them something urgent in our office and that we needed to go out now, since we still have to travel. Good thing they believed our silly reasons, gave them the documents had it signed, got our gate passes and went off.

We never told anybody about our experiences in that company even at our office, and we didn't bother to know about it because we didn't went back again until the three of us resigned from our company.

Thank you for reading.

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kristina_marquez (1 stories) (26 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-11)
REALY VERY SCARY INDEED! But the bright side there is that all 3 of you experienced it and not you alone. It would be scarier if it's only you who experienced it! I wonder what's the history of the staffhouse you stayed.

Kristina ❤
v0xp0puli101 (10 stories) (16 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-12)
Hi Theghostgirl571!

Later, I heard that Nina, was kind of like having a third eye or something of an aura that attracts spirits and other sorts person. One time, she asks me if I had played an Ouija or Spirit of the Glass, I said, nope and has no plans of. Hehehe

Thank you and best regards,

Theghostgirl571 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-11)
OMG! 😐 that is so scary, being a girl, I feel for Nina! I feel like the hotel should be shut down!

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