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Granddad's Aftershave


Back in the 70s, my Nan and Grandad lived in a two bedroomed flat, in St Helens. We, my parents, brother, sister and me spent a lot of time there, when I was little. Well, that's where most of my happier memories are.

Anyway, my Nan's bathroom was bright and cheerful, as far as bathrooms go. It was small, but it had the usual stuff, a bath, toilet and sink, and all the things needed for washing, etc. On the window sill, was aftershave and hair stuff that was my Granddad's.

Some years later, 9th April 1986, Grandad died in the early hours of that morning. Later that same day, I was hit by a car outside school (I was going over to the park to see a fight between two girls from my form). I was just 13 years old. I may as well tell you, that fight never happened. My accident stopped it. When I was fully recovered from the accident, my dad told me that my Granddad, to keep me alive, gave me his last breath. I don't know, but I like to think he did.

A few years ago, before I moved to where I am now, I was sitting in my friend's house, as I only lived next door but one to him, it was easy, I got to thinking about Nan's bathroom, and how it used to smell in there, and Granddad's aftershave, when I smelled it for real. It just came to me, the smell of Old Spice. I took a good sniff of it before it went. I know it was him. After many years, he came to make sure I was OK.

I later told my mum, and she wasn't surprised, but agreed with me, and began telling me of her and my sister's experiences with Granddad's spirit. I can't tell, as I don't really speak to either one much, now.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to reading your comments on this.

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MoonFall (1 stories) (48 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-07)

I will definitely start paying more attention, especially if I'm in certain places around relatives houses.
cookie-eated-me (2 stories) (29 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-27)

I reckon you'll smell something sooner or later. 😊

I believe smells come to us when we least expect it. That's how they come to me. I also believe they (the spirits) have their timing spot on and come to us when we need them most.
MoonFall (1 stories) (48 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-25)
Hi, Cookie:

Thank you for sharing your story. I have not experienced anything like this, but an old friend smelled her father's pipe sometime after his passing. I do believe these are signs that they are checking up on us.
cookie-eated-me (2 stories) (29 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-25)
hi, Fergie, I have to agree on the nice smells, and family checking on us, making sure we're ok. And my granddad has only visited me that once, and old spice is unmistakeable.

I don't think you're exaggerating on the phantom smells, as I've also had a taste of the unpleasant ones, too. Dead, rotting leaves, as a matter of fact, that lasted about a week, back in 2001.

Granddad's old spice and himself, came from my right, lasted only seconds, wafted all around me, then was gone, but it didn't scare me. It comforted me, as I inhaled it. 😊

I'll be sure to share another story with you, soon. I'm glad you liked this one. I picked it as my first story because it's the best one from my experiences. The only one to comfort me. ❤
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-25)
Hi cookie, I think that perfume/smells are the easiest way for past loved ones to let us know that they are 'visiting' - and not as scary as manifesting.

I have had tons of experiences with 'phantom' smells. (And no, I am not bragging, or exaggerating) LOL.

If that is the scent that you associate with your Granddad, then you can be sure that it was him, no doubt in my mind.

Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing more posts from you. 😉
cookie-eated-me (2 stories) (29 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-25)
thank you, Sammie.
That accident got me almost two months off school!
I agree. I've sometimes smelled perfume, that I think may be my grandma's. (I will point out that my grandad who died was my mum's dad and my gran was my dad's mum, just in case you're confused lol) and today, I smelled lavender. I didn't have a candle burning or one of those plug socket things.
samtillie (5 stories) (242 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-25)
How unfortunate that you got run over! Nice story about your grandad I have had this happen to me many times and I always feel it as a sign from a loved one just letting you know they are there with you, in a way that doesn't scare you. Take care, Sammie.

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