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Birthday Sleepover: My First Ghost Experience


I have lived in the same house with my mum for 18 years, we've never moved. I don't live in some big, old, fancy house, I live in a 2 bedroomed house, slap bang in the middle of a row of houses; in a city in England.

I've had many experiences in and out of my house, but my very first experience happened in my house.

It was my 11th birthday and I was having a sleepover with some friends, altogether there were 6 of us. My mum had kindly given up her bedroom (it was the biggest) so we could all fit. The night was fun until we all decided to tell scary stories, and since I was the youngest and I have always believed in ghosts they never failed to scare the shiat out of me. However, it was my idea to sit in a circle and pretend to talk to the 'spirits' like is seen on a TV programme. So there we all were, in the middle of the bed in the middle of the room holding hands and giggling like 11 years old do. My friends decided to start talking to 'them' and asking 'them' to come forward. It was pretty dark and the room was lit by an office light which we had dimmed right down. Nothing actually happened until I jokingly said, "If there's anyone here knock on something, or do something to give us a sign you are here." That was when the candle on the windowsill was knocked on the floor and the wardrobe door opened and, as you can imagine, we all ran out of the room screaming.

My mum was so mad that we'd all got ourselves so frightened, so we were sent back upstairs and told to watch a film. We did as we were told and we all huddled up in the double bed, all of us too afraid to lay on the floor. I remember watching Peter Pan and halfway through that's when the tapping started. I thought it was one of the other girls and told them to stop it because we would get in trouble again. But they all swore it wasn't them. We all held our hands up and listened in silence as the tapping grew louder. I have no idea where I got the courage to do it from, being the youngest and the smallest in the group, but I got up and opened the wardrobe door where the noise was coming from. Sure enough it was empty. I left it open as I got back in bed and we continued to watch the film. The tapping didn't happen again.

It was dark in the room when I woke up, we'd all fallen asleep and the TV had gone on standby. I could hear one of my friends crying and I figured she was home sick or frightened from the earlier events. I asked her what was wrong but she just shh'd me and pointed to the wardrobe door, there was dark figure stood next to the door. Like a shadow. I tried to shout my mum but the words were just a whisper. I literally couldn't move with fear, like I was paralysed or being held down. I remember saying, "Go away" to it over and over until eventually the wardrobe door slowly shut and it was gone. Nothing else happened that night but none of my friends would sleep over again.

I told my mum about what had happened the next day and she didn't believe me, but a few weeks later she got rid of the wardrobe claiming she 'just needed a new one'.

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Doll_Face_831 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-20)
Wow you sure are brave to do that, I wouldn't even get up. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading it 😁
MysteriousGuy (10 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-18)
such a nice story pixiedust. It's good to test how brave you are in facing the spirit even though your so afraid when you see it. God Bless and thank you for sharing your ghost experience. 😊 😉
pixiedust95 (3 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-13)
And in reply to glesgaboy, my mum was given the wardrobe from my great nan, so I'm assuming it was quite old although I don't know how old exactly
pixiedust95 (3 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-13)
This wasn't a built in wardrobe and so it stood against a wall that was not connected to another house, I have gone through possibly every theory that it could have been, with my mum as she had also experienced strange things with the wardrobe that she won't tell me.

And as for the shadow, it could have been a source of light casting the shadow, I do agree with you on that, although I have experienced other things that I will tell in other stories!

But you for commenting and giving your opinions and theories 😊
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-12)
I'm so sorry, all the talk about a wardrobe made me think of the Chronicles of Narnia! It could be the faun knocking. Anyway, I agree with both theories, either a stinker neighbor or a stinker ghost. You never know. Good story.
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-12)
pixiedust95, I do also agree with Lady glow on this part of 6 girls very close to puberty. The fact that the energy from all of you being frightened could have caused a hallucination, as far as the shadow being in the wardrobe goes. The tapping could have been coming from anywhere and just so happened to vibrate through the wardrobe. I've been witness to that many a time. Just some thoughts. Great story
glesgaboy (24 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-12)
I agree with lady-glow, the possibility of external interference from a neighbor being a rascal is too great.
Our collective imagination can play some funny tricks on us sometimes if we let it.
The only questionable part of the story is the mother getting rid of the wardrobe.
You did not mention if it was indeed old pixiedust95?
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-12)
Think about this scenario: "I live in a 2 bedroomed house, slap bang in the middle of a row of houses" and "we all were, in the middle of the bed in the middle of the room holding hands and giggling like 11 years old do"
What are the chances that one of your next door neighbors could hear what was going on in your apartment an he was the one making the tapping noise?
The shadow by the wardrobe could had been cast by an external source of light.

I do not think that just by talking about spirits would be enough to entice one or more to come; though it is important to consider the fact that you were a bunch of girls close to puberty and all your energy plus the power of suggestion could had caused some of this "activity".
Thanks for sharing!

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