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I must admit that I have some strange friends but being Texans we tell good stories... My friend Laurie considers herself to be a sensitive, I must admit that she has experienced some of the weirdest things during her lifetime and I have been fortunate enough to have heard her tales.

One of Laurie's friends was getting married at a rather famous old mansion here in Ft Worth, Texas called Thistle hill house. This magnificent 11,000 square foot house is beautiful and was built for a woman named Electra Waggoner by her father A.B Wharton in 1903 for $46,000 (A fortune at the time but he was a cattle baron and excess was the game). The story is that A.B built the house for Electra so she would wait on getting married to care for her motherless younger siblings until they were old enough to leave the house on their own. Electra took up old Dad on this offer and raised her siblings in exchange of this house built to her specifications. Don't worry Electra did eventually get married and didn't die alone.

Regardless this house is gorgeous and the perfect setting for a grand wedding if you can afford it. Seriously go to google type Thistle hill Ft Worth, TX and it should pull up the house's web site and you can see the insanely beautiful rooms (very classy). Laurie was at this house for a wedding and they allow the brides to use an upstairs bridal room to change and get ready for their big moment. Laurie had helped her friend get ready for the wedding and the bridal party moved downstairs to prepare for the ceremony. The bride forgot her veil in the upstairs dressing room and asked Laurie to go back upstairs to retrieve it prior to the ceremony starting. I believe that Laurie was a bridesmaid and I'm very sure because this was in the 1980's that she was looking hot in bright orange taffeta (She hosts a nightmare bridesmaids ball every year and tells everyone invited to wear their most horrible bridesmaid's outfits just for funsies)

Laurie went back upstairs and passed by a parlor room to the right of the bridal dressing room and a woman in 1900's period dress stepped out of the parlor and dipped her head "hello" at Laurie and the continued down the hallway towards the staircase. Laurie just assumed that the woman was a character actor hired by the household to show authenticity.

After Laurie's friend's beautiful wedding took place and the reception was underway Laurie saw the proprietor of the building and she walked over and said that she enjoyed the character actor dressed in period clothing. The proprietor looked puzzled and said that they didn't have anyone like that working in the building especially not during a wedding. Laurie then told the proprietor what she had seen when she went back up the stairs and the proprietor smiled and said "Well, it might have been Electra". Apparently Electra likes to greet guests of the house and attend weddings. Laurie thought that this was great fun and continued to have a wonderful time at the wedding.

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duelprincess (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-26)
Electra sounds like a sweet woman ❤ 😳 I would love to have my wedding there someday since I live in Texas and hope to see her 😊
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-19)
Dear bogienova,

I envy Laurie's experience of seeing the ghost or spirit of Electra. Now that is a bridesmaid's memory and a wedding event to be remembered! I would have gladly wore Laurie's bridesmaid's dress just to have had that ghostly experience. ;)

I appreciate your "Texan" way of a good story tellin'. --Abby
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-18)
That was a wonderful story. If Electra is still with her house, why shouldn't she enjoy the festivities as well!

Thank you for sharing this story.

God Bless!

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