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Not My Daughter


For my bachelorette party my friends took me on a private ghost hunt that she found. I was scared and excited at the same time. I have seen spirits my whole life (those are another story).

We went to an old church in PA that was being renovated. At first we started by walking through the graveyard. I kept seeing figures following us around as we were taking the "tour" but every time I would look directly at them, they would no longer be there.

We then entered the church, the main floor was uneventful while we investigated so we moved to the second floor. I got the uncontrollable feeling I needed to leave that area and go back downstairs. So, not wanting to scare the other two girls with me, I said I was feeling vertigo due to a slant in the building and I needed to go down. One of the girls followed me and once downstairs she asked, "You felt it too, didn't you?" I said yes then we waited with one of the investigators for the other two people still upstairs.

We then all headed to the basement, where we all had the most experiences. First, two people went into a hallway in the back and faced the door to the boiler. My sister was rushed by an entity where I heard her gasp then rush back into the main room.

Two of us were sitting on a bench next to an off A/C unit (it was fall, we did not need heat nor AC) and my sister was sitting on the floor. We were trying to contact a little girl spirit using a flashlight that was placed in the kitchen in the basement.

As I was talking, we hear knocks on a door to one of the side rooms. One of the investigators went in that room and asked two questions, getting no responses. I then continued to talk and we heard knocks on the next room closer to the kitchen. The same investigator entered that room and once again nothing. I started asking questions again and the flashlight started going off in response. The second investigator mentioned that he felt the girl loved "Itsy Bitsy Spider". So I started singing the song and in response, the light would go on for words being said and off when it was a pause in the song. After we were done singing, we heard a loud BANG on the bench on the other side of the AC unit (this caused my friend to land in my lap causing us to laugh) but we noticed that one of the cameras was knocked over. There could be an explanation for the camera, though I can't think of any considering we were in the basement, no drafts, the bench was not a real bench it was a ledge to hold the AC unit, which was off.

After a few more hours of only getting answer from the little girl, we decided to call it a night and headed to our hotel. Nothing strange happened there that I can remember, we were FAR to tired anyhow, but the next night when I was sleeping in my own bed, I heard my name being called. I am a very light sleeper so I opened my eyes and look towards the foot of my bed, there was a little girl sitting on my bed. She was looking at me and asked, "Can I be our daughter?" I promptly said, "No, I'm sorry but you move on, you are no longer alive." I didn't want to be mean but I have a slight fear that if I did have a child I didn't want it to be possessed by a spirit. I saw the little girl a few more times wandering the hall outside of my room and heading to the spare bathroom. After a month I never saw her again.

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Jazolinlea (5 stories) (22 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-26)
I do feel that the spirit from the church followed me home, because it wasn't there before and it never came back a few days after being home. I lived here two years prior to the trip and had never seen her before, only a male, but that's a different story. That is the main reason why I feel it followed me home. I have video of the church, though I don't feel that it documented everything all to well. I just have to figure out how to upload it onto the tablet.
mamachong (11 stories) (228 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-26)
So the girl ghost from the church is the same as the one that was in your room at home then? If so it must have followed you home.
Jazolinlea (5 stories) (22 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-26)
Ok my sister-in-law said it rushed at her and then disappeared once it was close to her face, the investigator confirmed the experience but I wasn't in the room. The church was owned by one of the guys that was with us and he had said it was a girl in the basement, could it have been a trickster or worse of course hence why I told it what I did in my house. He was the one who suggested the song, he said it pops in his head when he goes in the church, I'm sure I could easily have sang a different tune but unsure I would get the same results. I can describe the girl to a T that appeared in my house, blonde hair, pale eyes (not blue more gray) pale skin but in a dress that was fluffy at the bottom (pettie coat style). She could easily have passed as my husbands and my child, feature wise minus the eye color.
mamachong (11 stories) (228 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-26)
Hello Jazolinlea,
Just a few questions for you. You said your sister was rushed by an entity. Did that entity rush your sister as in trying to fight your sister? Or did the entity go through your sister? How did you know there was a little girl there at the church? Would you be a little more detailed about the little girl and how you knew she was there at the church? How did the tour guide know that she loved the song itsy bitsy spider?

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