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Did It Follow Me?


It all started when my grandma was admitted to the hospital for wheezing and having difficult breathing problems which were the signs of having pneumonia. My grandma has had pneumonia twice already and this was her third time having it. My grandma doesn't speak a lot of English so my two older brothers had to stay with her and translate for her. My brothers would stay during the weekdays and when it was the weekend me and my sister would take over and translate for my grandma.

As I stayed In the hospital I would have a weird feeling as if there would be somebody watching me but I would just ignore that feeling and think about something else. After a month and a few weeks my grandma had finally got discharged from the hospital and returned home. After 2-3 weeks that's when I started to experience things. Whenever I was in the bathroom getting ready or about to take a shower I would hear somebody knock on the bathroom door and when I open the door nobody was there so I just shrug my shoulders and went back in the bathroom to finish whatever I was doing. Then the knocking continue and I opened the door and I saw nobody and then I went to go ask my brothers and sister if one of them were knocking on the bathroom door and they all said no and that they were doing their own things. I was surprised to hear that none of them knocked on the door even though I did hear somebody knock on the door but I didn't think about it too much.

A few weeks had passed and I kept hearing the knocking again but I just ignored it and told nobody about it until my sister heard it herself. I also heard the knocking and I went to go look but there was nobody there and then my sister came out of the bathroom she asked me if there was anybody knocking on the door and I told her nobody was knocking on the door. My sister looked at me with a surprised face and I told her the same thing has been happening to me too and my sister said "it's probably a ghost!" She looked at me and said "I'm just kidding it's probably something else". "Who knows it could be one though" I said in a serious tone. She looked at me said "you're just thinking too much".

After we finish talking I went to my room and lay on my bed and I started to fix my bracelet. As I continue to fix my bracelet I heard a loud bang and I saw that it was the stand fan rocking side to side and then it stop and went back to its original place. I immediately stood up and started to take pictures with a calm attitude. After taking a couple of pictures I went around the room to feel a cold spot but I didn't feel anything. After that I decided to ask questions such as "hit the fan again and who are you?" but there wasn't any response and I went to tell my sister what happened and she looked at me shocked and she told my mom about it.

A couple of days later I was feeling sick and I stayed home and didn't go to school. I was in my room, laying in bed watching some videos on my iPad and I kept having this feeling of being watched so I decided to do a recording in my room. I closed my door and started recording I ask questions such as "what's your name? And "what are you doing here?" After taking some recordings I captured two voices one of them asked me "are you sick or okay?" And the other voice said "what's your name?... Nick Nick" after hearing those voices I was shocked and surprised that I actually had some responses. After a couple of days the knocking noises had stopped but I can still feel the presence of the ghost following me around and watching me even as I write this story. (To those who are reading my story please do not try recording) Sorry for my grammar.

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phenonw (1 stories) (32 posts)
7 years ago (2015-01-28)
It will hot harm you if you post the recording.
It sounds like Many of us would like to hear them.
Shadow_moon1 (guest)
8 years ago (2014-06-14)
There are a couple of times when I can also hear those spirits have conversations but since they talk in low voices I can't really pick up the words they say.
Shadow_moon1 (guest)
8 years ago (2014-06-14)
I don't really want others to try recording because unexpected things could happen. I'm not sure if I do want to post my recordings but I'll think about it first.
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-03)
I wonder how many hundreds of spirits hang around hospitals, and think about the ones coming close to their side of life? It sounds like this one was woried about you. Interesting story, and yes, posting the recordings would be interesting.
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-03)
yes yes! As mamachong asked, would you please post the recordings for us? I'm sure we would all appreciate that 😁
Opila (5 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-02)
Hmm, sounds like spirits or similar trying to communicate with you through noises (knocking, banging etc.) They just want to check in on you and want you to know that they are there.

It is unlikely that they will hurt you, but it's not impossible either.

"It's better to be completely safe, then to wake up the next night in danger."
mamachong (11 stories) (228 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-02)
Umm...what do you mean, do not try recording? Usually recording something like that helps to validate the story. Are you willing to post your recordings?

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