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Haunting? Advice Please


So this is some experiences that I have experienced.

I am 15 and since I am a teenager I know that many will discount my story, but I promise you everything I am about to write is 100% true. I am looking for any possible explanations and advice that you have to offer.

I have been living in my current home since I was two years old. There was no previous owners and the land was undeveloped swamp, as much was in Florida. The house is a two story, when you walk into the door the garage is to your left and living room is to your right. In front of you is the stair case which has a large window situated on the landing and then across from that is the formal dining room, which is filled with furniture of my deceased grandparents. As you walk farther into the house you come to the kitchen/laundry room and a small glass cabinet we use as a shrine you could say to my deceased grandparents. In the back of the house in the master bedroom, family room and the place where we eat, then a door leading out to the back patio and yard.

Not many experiences have happened downstairs but there have been a few. One night I was going to sleep in my parents room and I was just staring at the door frame. A feeling that someone was watching me was really strong. Suddenly I was a shadow on the wall and I could have sworn I saw a shadowy head peak around the door. This may have been due to lack of sleep as I am usually still awake at odd hours and am the only one awake most of the night. Another time me and my sister were home alone and the lights would dim and come back every 10 seconds or so. We live in a largely populated area and I called my friends to see if they were having any problems and they all explained they were not. You can constantly hear footsteps upstairs and once or twice I have heard them descending the stairs. Another experience happened to my sister, my parents were in their room getting ready to go out and we were watching some television, my dogs were looking out the back door and barking. They are small dogs and have a tendency to bark at small things. So we thought nothing of it, until my sister finally got up to take a look and jumped back, turning to me to explain she had seen a face looking back at her. Then there are the usual things, such as things falling, moving places, etc.

Upstairs is where almost all the occurrences have taken place. As I said before there is a large window positioned above the landing as you ascend the stair. You then come to a small loft area and to your left is a guest room, to the right is my own room, then farther on to the left is the "office" which is a mostly empty space with a couch, in the center is my sisters room, and to the right is a bathroom.

I have always felt uneasy in the left corner of the landing, the guest room, and the office. It may be because these rooms are rarely used and somewhat bare, but in the guest room there is a bathroom and walk in closet and I cannot shake the feeling of someone watching me the entire time. The office is always cold even though the upstairs is always extremely hot. Nothing has really happened in either of those rooms to the point where I am convinced there is a haunting. But on account of my mother she once had an experience where she could feel an angry presence in the left corner of the landing one night, at the time when we first moved in. I have heard what sounds like human voices upstairs late at night and constantly feel uneasy when up there alone.

It is always brought up in family gatherings about how much I love to talk, and one of the most repeated things is how I would always talk no matter if anyone was listening, apparently I would carry out full conversations with myself. My family, except for my mom who even then is skeptical, does not at all believe in the paranormal. On multiple occasions I have seen shadow figures and I have even called out to my deceased grandparents asking them that if it was them to please keep the occurrences at a minimum or at least let me know it was them. Neither has occurred.

There is one experience that I will never forget. I was about 7 or 8 and my dog would sitting under the stairs and staring up at the banister that bordered the loft. He would not stop barking. Finally, my father asked me to please go see what he was barking at, as I peered under to look I screamed and jerked back, because I was certain that I had seen a man peering back at me with dark eyes. As everyone came running over we realized that it was a piece of clothing someone had left hanging over the banister. BUT I know what I saw and I am certain that it was not the clothing. There was a time when my mother, sister, and I came home and there was so much noise coming from upstairs that my mother proceeded to grab the small hand gun and race up the stairs, finding nothing.

This is all I can recall at the moment. I am sure there were some other not as strong occurrences.

As a side not my sister and I have found soda cans while digging in the yard, and at one point my sister found a dollar bill in the attic, possibly from building?

Sorry this was all over the place as I am trying to get all my thoughts down before my laptop dies. Please if you have any possible explanations or advice please let me know, as I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,


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elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-10)
Lights dimming and coming back on it fairly common. You may need to get surge protectors to plug them into or check the wiring. Electric fields that are too high can mess with human perception. Checking this could be very, very important and explain a lot of what you are experiencing.

Did you check by chance to see if there were footprints or anything under the window that the face was looking through?
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-04)
You have mentioned a varied amount of experiences... Some can be explained as natural... Others not so much... One thing you mentioned is the temperature difference between the landing and the guest room... This may be natural do to the large window... Does it allow a lot of sunlight into the stairwell? How about the guest room... Any windows that face the same direction as the window on the landing? Unless they get the same (ish) amount of sunlight the room will naturally feel cooler than the landing... Possibly to the point that you catch a chill.

When your sister saw the face... What was she looking through? A window? A screen door? A door with a window in it? I ask because there is a chance she saw her own reflection and did not realize it at the time.

Your home is 'newish' I would check for High EMF levels (Electromagnetic Frequencies) this could explain some of the feelings you are experiencing then the age of you and your sister must be considered... Have you both started puberty? If so poltergeist activity CAN NOT be ruled out. Either energy from you and your sister is causing some things to happen or a spirit has been attracted by the 'higher' energy levels you and your sisters body are generating as they mature. Either will fade as puberty comes to an end.

Just a few ideas... For your own comfort feel free to use the shielding/cleansing method I have posted on my profile. Please keep us posted.


sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-04)
Hello ItalianBella99, welcome to YGS. I want to say that except that you and your sister, each of you once, saw a face of a person, there was nothing that was harmful to you. Your mother stated that when you moved in initially that she felt angry presence on the left side of the landing. Even though you, your sister and mother had some experiences, nothing harmful had happened until now. That is a good aspect of it. But, if you feel that the energy is negative and if you feel that it would be better to get away with these negative energies, why don't you just try the cleansing at home. If you need it, please do follow Rookdygin's cleansing method.

I would also want you to maintain a journal of your experiences and it will definitely help.

And I want to ask you a question, you said that the land on which your house was built was an undeveloped swamp. Agreed. But what about the history of the land itself. Try to investigate if any crime was committed at that place, perhaps it could help.

Keep us posted of the developments.

Regards and respects to you.

Justthatgirl (3 stories) (9 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-03)
This is an interesting story, I am 15 too and have also experienced some of the same paranormal activity you have been experiencing. Bad spirits can thrive among negative energy in your house so it's best to try and get along with everyone who lives in your household. If it's only happened in this house the house it's self might be haunted. Have any of these kind of experiences happened to you once you've been away from your house? I don't always quite know what to do myself sometimes, but I think it's wise to try and ignore the paranormal events that take place in your home as the spirits/ghosts want your acknowledgment by scaring you. Thank you for sharing 😁 😁

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