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The Warning


This story isn't a very long one but it does require a bit of explaining first. In my last story The Tiki Face Phantom I made mention of a girl that I had been dating. When we met it was a really bad time in my life so the relationship had some what of a rocky beginning that never got better, but got much worse as time progressed. I have never in my life fought and argued with someone no where near as hard. She had the tenacity of a pit bull. In her mind she's ALWAYS right period. Our arguments could last for days on end.

After some prodding I decided to start going to church with her. (Where upon by the miracle of Christ I was saved.) God does work in mysterious ways. And it was at this church that the incident took place in my home town of Hickory N.C. We had decided to meet in the church parking lot for Wednesday evening Bible study. When we arrived we discovered that it had been canceled for some reason or another so we went back to the parking lot which was lit up by a light pole. She opened her door to her car and got in. All I had intended to do was lean inside her opened window and kiss her bye. Well, she used this opportunity to restart a very heated argument that had been going on for awhile. It had progressed into a full blown cursing match right there in the parking lot just feet from the church! There wasn't anyone around to hear us thank God. At least no one we could see that is.

Here's the setup, she was in the driver seat of her car with her window rolled down with the passenger side rolled all the way up. I was leaning inside her window with my elbows on the door going at it tooth and nail with some spectacular off colored come backs I'm sure and that is when it happened. The only way I can describe this is like when you stick your mouth to glass and breath deeply on it it leaves condensation where your mouth had been. Then if you wish you can take your finger or whatever and draw pictures or words.

If you have ever seen the movie "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze where in the scene he's in the bathroom (invisible of course) chasing his would be killer and he turns the hot water faucet on full blast to steam up the mirror and writes with his finger the word BOO! This would give an accurate description as to what I witnessed. As I was leaning in just inches from her face there suddenly appeared some one or something's breath on the outside of the passenger side window which I had clear view of. Inside of that breath contained a perfectly drawn picture of a demon face. But only half of one. I mean the pointy ear, horn and goatee. Everything. If you have ever seen the mascot for Duke University the face was identical to that. It appeared and dissipated in a couple of seconds. Just long enough for me to see it and for my jaw to hit the pavement.

I immediately told her that we had to stop and pray really hard right then. Which we did. Trust me that was no figment of my imagination. That image is forever burned into my mind. I would really like to get some feedback and opinions on this one. I'm curious if anyone has ever witnessed such a thing for it freaked me out pretty hard. The way I perceived it was God's way of showing me that the devil himself was looking in on the other side egging it on and wanted to reveal his presence in order to stop hate fueled battle that was ensuing on his holy ground. I have many more experiences to tell so until next time please send in your thoughts and your comments. Peace out.

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Catrina (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-25)
Yes, I had a very similar experience which I recently submitted. The details are different, and I won't go into them right now. My experience ended with the same face (in color) on my closet door (the full face, not half).

There was no arguing going on and this happened to me many years ago, but Ghosthost, not a day has gone by since that I haven't thought about that.

I too think it was a warning, but that was almost twenty years ago, and I'm still frightened.

Oh,I had a witness. I would probably never have believed such a story... Would have been an extreme skeptic had it not happened to me.

Let me sum it up, I believe you. Hope you get a chance to read my story if they publish it.

Peace, Catrina
rjblaze215 (3 stories) (19 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-01)
Know this! Evil angry spirits feed off negative energy like anger, being upset, fustrasion and other negative attitudes. When you and your girl were arguing that spirit was actually feeding off you and your girls negative. Arguing of course shows that you two are angry therefor that's negative energy. Since you guys prayed everything will be fine now. I think it cast the monster away or decrease its power. 😊
Abby (710 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-03)
Dear ghosthost,

I had signed off and noted I had written "have" empty and "have" full. I meant "half". I am seriously tired! Too much going on in real life. Ha! Ha! My full cup runneth over.

Maybe in real life I am a cowboy with a gun, as in "Have Gun, Will Travel". ;) Being a woman I can't decide on wardrobe, so I wear both black and white on different days. I also have a black and a white horse to match my black or white mood of each day. Ha! Ha! Oh, and did I tell you about my evil twin or the angel sitting in a martini glass on my right shoulder? Another time, I am seriously punch drunk tired.

ghosthost, may your life be full and full of laughter! Abby 😆
Abby (710 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-03)
Dear ghosthost,

Whether what you witnessed and perceived was a demon or not, your relationship was in trouble as soon as you both were finding yourselves at opposite ends of the relationship spectrum, arguing and having greater differences. Why is it that we can always see the demons in others when we "wake up" spiritually or become born again, but we cannot see our own demons or how we add fuel to the fire with our own fears and perceptions.

Without your girlfriend's side of the story this is not a full story, only half of a story. I always say,---the old cliche, "it take two to tango".

Instead of looking at your relationship cup have empty, you can look at it as have full, because you ended something that needed to be ended, and today, as you say you have a pretty good woman or relationship. What demon that does not break you makes you stronger to go find what you were truly meant for or in this case, who you were truly meant to be with. Yet, only time will tell.--Abby
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-03)
You hit the nail on the head Ghosthost. No one person can say they have complete knowledge over anything. Life is a continual learning process. I am glad you found a good one. It took me a long time to find my soul mate. Good luck to you.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
ghosthost (guest)
14 years ago (2007-10-03)
Just wanted to say thanks for your thoughts and comments. That's the thing about this world, no one really knows all the answers to everything (with the exception of my ex of course). If we did I guess, it wouldn't be half as fun or interesting. And Shane, I'm in agreeance with you about the general populace of women. I've got a pretty good one now but one never knows!
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-02)
I do believe in Satan. I believe for every good there is evil. God vs. Satan etc.

It would seem to me that the 1/2 face you saw was a type of warning that with all og the negative energy you and she were building with all of your arguing and bickering you were conjuring up many evil forces.

I am certinly glad that you and she decided to stop fighting then and there and pray.
Something positive did come out of the situation:) the power of prayer.

God Bless!
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-02)
I also do not believe in Satan. I am also in complete agreement with Martin. Evil is a man made thing, man is the only creature capable of doing evil. Some will argue that animals steal or kill for pleasure, true they do, but man is the only creature that has the wisdom and higher thinking ablity to know that what he is doing is wrong. Also ghosthost arguing with the fairer sex my friend is a losing battle. I take it from your statement that you are still quite young. Remember this little bit of advise and you will never go wrong. She is right and you are wrong, even when you are right. Also once you commit to a more permanent relationship, what is yours is hers and what is hers is hers.😉 Thank you for sharing your experience with us Ghosthost.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
Martin (594 posts) mod
14 years ago (2007-10-02)
I'm not one to believe in Satan or anything, but I do believe there are negative entities roaming in the lower planes of the spirit world that is the closest to our physical plane, and people, in my opinion (of course), can be "haunted" by the entities. They attach themselves to certain people that feed them negative emotions. I wouldn't call them "devils" (too much historical superstition associated with it, I'd rather have more neutral terms), but I think one of these entitiy might have attached itself to your girlfriend for some time and fed her a great deal of negative energy, which she gave back with those arguments of yours, much to his delight.

I have also heard of very negative ghost affecting people emotionally that way in haunted houses. It's a form of "light" possession if you will (no head turning 360 degrees or green goo though, just heaviness, depression, negativity, etc.)

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