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Hey all, wanted some answers on this particular experience. I've researched a lot into it but never seem to pin-point an answer.

So I was about 8 or 9 years old, we had tiny holy statues that were placed above the fireplace on a little board. One was of Mother Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms. I took the statue and started running with it hopping it along the wall and saw my gran laying in the bedroom next to the one I was about to enter. As I entered the room next to my gran's the baby Jesus fell out of Mother Mary's arms onto the floor as I was hopping the statue along the door of the room. As I bent over to pick up the tiny baby Jesus I looked up to see a black figure about half way coming out the floor. We had a double-bunk bed in that room and only half way out the floor (it's waist was in the floor) it's head was almost inline with the top bunk, it was a pitch black figure, it almost looked like the grim reaper if I can put it that way. It had no face but it looked as if it were wearing a hood. It spoke to me in what a priest said was demonic tongue, the voice of it almost echoed when it spoke and even though it was about 5 foot away from me it sounded like it was speaking directly into my ear. As far as I remember everything in the room became static, the blinds no longer moved with the wind, so I stepped back out into the passage and looked for my gran in her room but she was no longer laying on her bed, like she had just disappeared suddenly. Unfortunately I can't remember anything after that, could someone please explain what the hell had happened and what that thing is?

I was about 16 or 17 when I saw it a second time at my girlfriend's house. I had just walked her to her gate and I peeked through because she was always scared walking through her garden, and I saw this huge black figure, taller than a 6 foot wall pacing back and forth the far end of the garden. It then went behind a wall for a few seconds, before poking it's face out around the corner and then continued pacing up and down until a light went on next door to her house and it vanished.

I would really like to know what this thing is.

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-10)
Uh... I wonder where the priest learnt to speak that demonic language. 😕

Perhaps you would be interested on reading the many stories about "shadow people" in this site, you might find and answer to what this entity could be.

Good luck and keep us posted.
k0r8i05 (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-10)
hey guys thanks for all the replies. I know i've been away for a while but i'm back and I haven't seen this thing again. To answer you about what it said to me, I can't really say because it couldn't understand it. All I know is that when it spoke to me it was very intense and alsmost like an echo but also not an echo. It sounded like whispering and shouting at the same time and when it spoke it felt as if I couldn't look away from it. I can't remember anything at all after it spoke, it's all black, I cannot remember what I did after that. To describe it properly to the best of my abilities it looks very similar to those things in the movie Harry Potter. Those floating black things except there's no actual features to it. Yes there's a head and shoulders kind of an outline but it's completely pitch-black top to bottom. When it appeared to me as a child it was half-way out the floor or on it's knees but even then it's "head" was almost as tall as the double-bunk bed was high. It looked like it had a hood on it's head but I'm not sure because as i've said it is pitch-black. No face. No Clothing Items or anything like that. Just looks like a long pitch-black robe. When it moves it doesn't do as we do when we walk. Like we can see when a person walks, their shoulders and abdomen will move. When this thing moves it looks like it's sliding on ice just floating along but it's not floating. I'm not sure about what any of the signs or whatever mean. All I know is how it looks and when it's appeared to me. I've never felt evil exuding out of it or anything like I was going to die I just felt scared like a normal person would if they had seen something like it. I was more curious to see if what I'm seeing was actually there when I was 16 or 17. To add on the story a 3rd encounter happened to my friend whilst meditating. He said he was astral projecting or something one day in his bed and left his body. When he got out his body he said he saw this huge 8 foot tall black figure standing in the corner or something and just moving back and forware. He said the thing didn't even notice he was there. Anyways I'm still looking for an answer if anyone can provide any I'm all ears. And like I said the priest I went to said it was demonic tongue it spoke to me in and I know it was some type of tongue because the priest himself said a verse in tongues or whatever you call it. The weirdest sounding language or whatever it is you'll ever hear. I'm more afraid of the language than I am the figure to be honest. It just sounds eery and sends chills up my spine. Please help me find an answer
Robinmon22 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-18)
I've heard that sometimes there can be a time dilation (a bubble in which time slows or stops) caused by entities, however I don't quite know if that would account for the things in your room becoming static.

If somehow your grandmother left the room and you were in a field of stopped time you might have perceived it as her disappearing.

As for the black figure, do you remember any other physical features of it, as that may help you figure out what it is or it could act as a clue to others.
Dldr (2 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-15)
You said it spoke to you, if you don't mind me asking, do you remember what did it tell you.
Curious for your reply.
girlcatblox (16 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-15)
WHOA! That was INTENSE, dude. I wonder how you must've felt when you saw it. TERRIFYING! 😭
Rachness (guest)
10 years ago (2014-08-15)
Wow, this sounds super creepy! I was going to suggest that maybe the first experience you had was a dream until I read your second experience with this figure.

It's curious that you've only seen it twice in your lifetime though. It seems like whatever this thing is doesn't want to bother you otherwise if it did, it would have done something by now.

Also, maybe the 'signs' you've had (like the baby Jesus falling out of Mother Mary's arms and your girlfriend being scared of walking through her own garden) could mean that it might be an evil spirit. It's weird how although it may seem evil or unkind, it hasn't hurt you in any way.

I hope you don't have to face another encounter with this 'reaper' in the future. Good luck with you 😊


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