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Yesterday night I was round my boyfriend's and sadly his dog, who was 14 exactly yesterday, passed away at 9pm. Obviously distressed as she was much loved by all his family, including myself, I was hugging him in his room at about 10/10:30pm, as he really was in a very emotional state as was I.

I was just thinking about her and just as her name popped in my head I seen a white kind of shadow move across his bathroom door to under his desk (bearing in mind that the only light was coming from the hallway and it was where she would sleep. The shadow had no shape it was almost a kind of cloud as it wasn't particularly see-through either). I just stared at where I could see it at his desk and blinked hard, thinking it was my eyes and when I opened them I saw it slowly fade where it was. And almost instantly after it had gone, the bed covers at where she use to jump up onto seemed to have something pressed down on them in the shape as if she was laying there. But after it all my boyfriend seemed to have eased a lot from the hurt so I don't know what to make of it, but after it disappeared the atmosphere seemed much calmer and at ease.

Usually I'd think nothing of it but it remembered it had happened when my cat died. I had the exact same experience with the shadow and the moving of things (I almost felt like I could feel her pawing my covers and hear her purr), as well as the same experience after my ten year old rabbit died (except the shadow, but he use to thump the floor a lot when he was eating, and I could hear that) but I didn't think anything of any of it until last night. I've had it with other animals I have known too but I've never had any of this to do with a death of a family member, only ever been animals.

It sounds crazy when I think of it cause I think I'm looking into it too much, but every time an animal has passed I get this shadow and something they use to do.

Just want to know how people can contact or even just see human spirits? That if I am able to see (what I'm going to call) the 'last goodbye' from the animal to reassure they're okay? Also if anyone else has had this experience? And if there is a name to this type of contact?

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Triskaideka (2 stories) (388 posts)
8 years ago (2014-09-29)
Just a few weeks ago I had a dream that my cat had jumped on my back and begun rubbing her paws on me. I groaned and rolled over. Rolling over woke me up, and I then remembered that my cat died seven years ago. When my other cat passed away, I continued to hear his starving cries for months (though I'm sure that was just an echo of my memories). Of course, go figure that Mocha would invade my bed and demand to cuddle, while Max would cry for more food.

Seems to me when there's a lot of love between living beings, a lingering loving presence will remain for a while after one's passing. This is a sweet story. I'm glad you and your boyfriend both found comfort.
Dldr (2 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-18)
Heather, it is possible that your pets or the animal you loved came to bid you a final goodbye. They are usually felt at places where they loved to be or doing there regular activities.
I too had similar experiences twice after my pets passed which I would definitely share in the near future.

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