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The Boy And The Black Flames


The story I'm about to share is not my own but experienced by my upperclassman in the university. We were from different majors but we met and got associated in a minor subject that we both enrolled in. He was the type of person with mild personality. Easy to get along with and preferred to listen than to talk.

As a final exam for that subject, we were required to have a stage play and would be graded based on our performance. The stage play ended a little late that night so Kent (let's give him that name) and I decided to walk to our respective boarding houses together. I think it was because the road was dark and creepy that we found ourselves talking about the existence of ghosts. He claimed he never saw a ghost and had never experienced anything paranormal but he did experience something that baffled him.

I am sharing his story because recently, I've read stories about experiences with the so-called angels in this website and I suddenly remembered Kent. He told me this experience of his around 8 years ago so I may have already forgotten some details as it is not my own experience. It happened to him when he was still in elementary. Although the university was in Davao City, his hometown, where he also spent his elementary years, was a city called Tagum. It went like this:

One night he woke up from his sleep as if somebody had summoned him from dreamland. He couldn't understand the sudden awareness that he felt at that time. He said that he knew he was awake but he could not move. I even remember that he likened it to being tied tightly. He also mentioned the feeling of not being alone in the room. Sleep paralysis probably. A few seconds after opening his eyes, fire erupted around his bed. Now this is the reason why I will never forget his story. The fire that surrounded him was black. He felt panicky upon seeing the flames and couldn't understand how on earth it could be happening inside his room and since he still could not move and could only watch the flames around him, he wished himself awake, totally wanting to believe that it was just a dream. Then, he saw this boy stationed at his side. In spite of being scared and bewildered, he had to wonder why there was a boy there and since when he'd been there. He just suddenly saw him by his side. He described the boy to be of his age with glowing fair skin and golden hair. Unfortunately, the colour of the boy's eyes escaped my memory. I've lost contact with Kent some years ago so I couldn't confirm the details.

To continue: the boy was busy shooting something not at the flames but at a particular corner of the room with his bow. Instead of arrows, Kent said he was only seeing light flashing across the room from the bow. The boy did not look at him but continued to shoot light at that particular corner of his room until something hit (I don't remember or I may not have heard what had hit) the boy causing him to tumble away from Kent and to disappear through the wall.

Since I don't want to fabricate or to add information to what I can only clearly remember from his story, I can't say how his ordeal ended. Kent said that was the one and only time he had ever experienced something like that. He never saw the boy and he never woke up feeling paralyzed and surrounded by black fire ever again. He also said that after that, he never again felt being not alone in his room.

Of course we can dismiss it as a dream or a fantasy of a child but at that time, as I was listening to him and throwing looks at his face as we walked along the road, he seemed to be deep in thought as if he was reliving that moment in his mind. He had that bewildered look on his face as if until that time that he was already in college, he was still convincing himself that it was just a dream but maybe he could not because he was shaking his head as if he was considering and reconsidering details that only he can account for.

Whether it was just a dream or something else, I don't want to judge each his own, I've always believed. By the way, he never mentioned that it was an angel. I could not even remember him saying that the boy had wings. But his story and the stories of other people in this website had been making me think if those that they saw - angels, guardians, guides, whatever-etc.-we-call-them - are really there. I grew up in a society where angels are perceived to be real; unseen but real, like it's already a given so it has only been recently that I began to consider the existence of such beings on a personal note. Have I heard or experienced something that suggested of these beings perhaps. I don't know and I can't judge. Maybe I'll share my own experiences next time and you can tell me.

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notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-10)
Thanks for the story. This story makes me think of something I've been reading on and fascinated about, and that's "past-lives". Not saying this is, but just throwing a possibility out there for brainstorming sake. I do believe in past lives and have come up with a theory of some dreams.

Ever had a dream that you know that person is yourself but you look completely different? I am open to the idea that is us reliving our own past lives. There's actually a new show called "Ghost inside my child" and is based on real people sharing their stories of their children remembering their past lives.

Can't say I helped much with this story. Just wanted to share my thoughts. Thank you for your time. ❤
MidnightPhantom (9 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-10)
They were right, only your friend can give details from what he have experienced... I go with Wish-Not that was only a lucid dream.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
9 years ago (2014-09-10)
ophelia - thanks for sharing this experience. However, because it is not a personal experience and you are unable to provide details other than those you shared, it's difficult or almost impossible to offer anything more than a guess.

This is why it is often easier to give advice or opinions when it is a personal experience. Sharing someone else's experience, especially someone you no longer have contact with, can make a good story but it also makes it difficult on the rest of us when we try to give our opinion on whether or not it was real or imagined.

I do look forward to reading your personal experiences 😊
ophelia1023 (2 stories) (9 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-10)
Hi, Wish-Not. Of course that would be a big possibility but since I'm not the one who experienced it, I couldn't say anything. I'm sure Kent had also been convincing himself about that. Thank you for your insights:)
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-10)
ophelia1023- Thanks for sharing. I'm going to have to go with dreaming on this one. Although somewhat "Lucid", I feel that it was only a dream. Lucid dreams can be absolutely life-like. Some more extreme and bizarre than a "normal" dream, if there is such a thing.

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