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I Was Not Home Alone


Hey guys, I've been reading your stories now for a few years and I enjoy it a lot, so I decided that it's time for me to submit one of my own encounters.

It was a few years ago, it was a Saturday and I was home alone. My mom had told me to clean the house before she got back, and since I was leaving for a friend\'s house, I put on some loud music and started cleaning the living room. It was early in the afternoon, and I was almost done vacuuming, when the CD that I had bought less than a week ago started skipping and freezing, so I went to see what was going on. While I was checking the cd-player, I heard three or four loud bangs behind me, so I turned around, just in time to see what was making the bangs, as I saw a chair hit the floor with a lot of force. Someone or something had knocked over four or five chairs at the dining table, and as I saw the last one drop, it looked as if an invisible hand had smashed them over by the back of the chair. I was pretty scared, and decided that the rest of the house could wait, so I went to take a quick shower before getting ready to leave.

I was pretty calm after the shower, so I went to the washing room to get some clean clothes. I don't know why, but I always get this feeling that I'm not alone when I'm in that room. I was folding some shirts when I heard 3 knocks from the door beside me, it took me a few seconds to realize how weird that was, as the door is leading out to the garage that is not in use, and it's locked, no one could be out there. I panicked and dropped everything, and went to get my phone in the kitchen. I was on the edge of a panic attack when I entered the kitchen and saw every cabin door wide open. The atmosphere in the kitchen was completely different; there was a sort of static in the air. I threw on some clothes, grabbed my dog (no way I would leave him in that house) and left in a hurry.

I have no idea what it was and why it was acting that way, but it took all I had to go back the next day.

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KJ-girl93 (2 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-22)
He was in the garden at the time, since he is scared of the vacuumcleaner.
The chairs didn't lift, though, they just smashed to the ground with force, and as I said I was trying to calm myself by not believing what I witnessed, like denial. :)
JBe (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-17)
Just wanted to share that animals have 6th sense and they can sense the presence of unknown or ghost or spirit. So didn't your dog bark that time?

Though it is scary what you have shared but when you saw the chair lift and smashing then why didn't you left your home as that is scary enough to do so.
KJ-girl93 (2 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-12)
I tried to calm myself, I guess... I was freaking out. I think I just tried to dismiss it as nothing. My mom is really scared of anything paranormal, and she doesn't want to believe in it, so I think I tried to be sceptical. I know it sounds crazy now, but at the moment I was trying not to run out of my own house screaming.:)
reneespring (148 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-11)
I don't understand how you could go take a shower after seeing chairs being thrown around. To me, getting naked & getting in the shower would make me feel more vulnerable. I might do it if my hair needed washing or if I really stunk, but I think I would leave the house before I showered, regardless, if chairs were being thrown around. I wouldn't want the invisible entity to throw me around next! So how did you manage to take a shower right after? I don't get it!
KJ-girl93 (2 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-11)
Yes, there have been other experiences, and I will share them too:) I still live in the house.

I will always grab my dog or cats, if I don't feel like the house is safe.:)

I'll read about poltergeists, thank you, Wish-Not. I may have been 17-18 years old. It would've been incredible if I brought on the activity that scared the hell out of me!
elnoraemily (guest)
10 years ago (2014-09-11)
I love that you grabbed the dog. Very good thinking.

I have no idea how you managed to shower after that.

Have there been any other experiences in that house, or was that the main one?
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-11)
KJ- HOLY MOLY! That's some serious activities! I would not have been able to take a shower after that! WOW, I must say that you were very brave to endure that.

Did anything else happen after that day?

I would suggest to read and study the activities of a poltergeist. You stated that it was a few years back. That being said, I believe you yourself might have brought on the activity. The natural changes in a teenager creates a lot of energy.

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

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