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I believe this story to be a true ghost experience. One that may be checked out by someone with complete knowledge of a place called THE BROUGHS. I leave this to readers to decide.

This happened over thiry years ago, when my youngest son was about five months old.

We had taken all three of our boys to visit family in Scotland. After a lovely visit, we left it much later to leave for home than we should have done. We thought they would sleep throughout the long journey if we left in the early evening. So we set off about 7:30pm and all seemed well.

In those days "The Broughs" was the only way to Scotland and it was a narrow road going on for many miles over desolate rolling hills, smattered very rarely, with the odd distant farmhouse approachable by trekking over several fields. Totally exposed to the changing weather conditions.

Having travelled this way many times, we were happy to set off late and as darkness fell, the boys, then aged five, seven and five months, snuggled down under their quilts in the back of the car. After some time a heavy fog decended and we could barely make out the road ahead. There were no lights and we slowed down appropriately. Then we saw the oil warning light flash on the dashboard. The car began to lose speed, we chugged on, very worried as we were miles from anywhere. Things got worse as the road was almost invisible by now and we couldn't see anything in front of us. We were totally alone in the rolling mist. Eventually the red light stayed on and we lost more speed. We were barely moving in fact. At one point my husband suggested pulling up and trying to walk for help. That was definitely not happening!

Silently praying that we would get to safety, neither of us spoke. We couldn't pull up as the road was a single carriageway and it was too dangerous in the fog. After what seemed like ages, we turned in the road. There in the middle of nowhere, a beacon of light shone to our left. We rolled from a roundabout, into a service station and the car cut out. After filling up the car with oil we asked the man if there was anyone who could fix it. He said it would take until the morning by the time he called someone out. We decided if the car started up again, we would try to set off again. It did and we rolled slowly away.

We made it home at about 3am and as we pulled up to our driveway, the car cut out and refused to start again. "Where is the ghost story?" Well, it was a miracle that the service station appeared from nowhere, right at the moment the car stopped. We had prayed so hard for help. The point being, we had never seen this place before on the many times we travelled that road. Nor did we ever see it again. We believe it was ghost station. We asked family and friends if they were aware of the place and nobody was. We believe we were helped by a gaurdian angel.

I know it sounds so far fetched but we never found it again on that road.

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ms_st0308 (6 stories) (66 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-05)
I believe that mysterious and even unexplainable things can happen to us, especially in our time of need. I'm not sure what your personal beliefs are, but I do believe in the power of prayer and think that what you experienced was a result of your prayers.

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