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A Ghost Scared of Yamraj


I have heard the stories of ghosts and paranormal experiences of people in older times from my grandmother. But today, no one believes in such things because we are living in the 21st century where such incidents are considered to be a symbol of mockery. But the supernatural happening that occurred to me a few days back compelled me to believe that in this world, there is a real evil.

I was sleeping when I saw a man in my dream. He looked sad and flogged. He was painfully thin and there was a bruise on the side of his cheek, the size of a man's fist. He was trying to convince me of something. Then he looked back and told me "Get Lost" as he told that Yamraj (Hindu god of death) was approaching. His blutering hadn't worked so he began to whine. He then told that if I failed to rescue him from Yamraj, then he will haunt me every night and he won't let me sleep. I was terrified.

My dream broke from fear I felt even during the sleep. To my horror, I saw someone sitting beside my bed who looked still. His figure was similar to my father but he was not my dad. I recognized him from his cheek. He was the man which came in my dream. He looked so real that I asked him about his problem. Now with an aggressive face he turned towards me and he passed through my body. I was paralyzed. I gave out a loud shout which awakened my parents. They asked me why I shouted. When I told them all this, they were not convinced. They thought that I had seen a dream. But I'm sure that it was something more... More than a dream.

From that day, I never saw him again and he had never haunted me. Maybe god Yamraj has sent him to a proper place where he deserved to be!

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valkricry (47 stories) (3186 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-09-01)
As Ari pointed out folks from around the globe come to this forum. We're from all walks and faiths. I am not a Hindu, and much of your scripture I do not know. So, you just posting, "obviously a fake story, no doubt, but nice story. Although a bit short," did nothing to enlighten me as to why you believed it to be fake. It just seemed harsh and heavy handed to me. Do not get me wrong, we have been known to pull the BS blanket over quite a few stories, but not without giving the OP a chance to answer any discrepancies. In fact, if you had used what you posted to Ari: " a practising hindu, I felt his story of yamraj is quite far as what is written in our scriptures. Certainly having read scriptures and experienced many hauntings myself, I have my doubts," as your first post, it would have been much better. I see WHY you feel it may be fake. Of course, I may have then been asking for you to expand on that, as I lack knowledge of your faith. But then, I was under the impression that not all Hindis were Hindu in faith. Am I wrong?
Also, please do not be offended that you have not received an over-whelming welcoming to YGS. I see, that you have only posted two comments and have not had an account published yet. Sadly, our welcome wagon, generally doesn't roll out until a person has published a story. Especially, when their first comments are made on old stories...I'm not sure why that is, it just IS. Lol So, Welcome to YGS, where we explore the paranormal, try to understand, and sometimes butt heads, but usually kiss and makeup at the end. After all, would not the world be terribly boring if all our opinions were identical?
rohit007 (guest)
8 years ago (2014-09-01)
scaptic ari, sorry if I hurt you, no need to get hyper, but as a practising hindu, I felt his story of yamraj is quite far as what is written in our scriptures. Certainly having read scriptures and experienced many hauntings myself, I have my doubts.
If you feel I am rude point out where I was, and if you are hurt of my pointing out, what can I say, I myself wanted to share much, but after such an awsome and overwhelming welcome, I think it is my bye to your forum, but you cannot hide the fact what I pointed out. I thought this forum was about real ghost stories so I pointed this out, to weed out, but I guess all you people care about is just adsense, am I true?
Sceptic-Ari (2 stories) (611 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-12)
Dear rohit007, (& deepshawhades if you return)
First of all, this story is around 7 years old now, so you might not get any replies from the original poster. Comments on recently posted stories are more useful if you expect a reply.
Second, your attempt at a comment need not be so rude whereby you just declare people's experiences as fake/fictional.
This is a forum where members come from all over the world to share their experiences. So try and show some respect in your comments; and if you still have some problems with the shared experience, lay down your arguments in a civilised fashion so that they are worth answering. If you can manage that, rest assured you shall receive replies.

I hope you understand.

You might be a sceptic, which is evident from my name too, we shall welcome you to YGS; but if you are just a naysayer, or have come here to troll, I shall put this politely, you are locking horns with the wrong bull brother 😉

elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-12)
Obviously fake?
That's a harsh judgement, guys.
A nightmare followed by sleep paralysis, yes, but fake?
I don't think there is a reason to condemn the OP as a liar.
rohit007 (guest)
8 years ago (2014-08-12)
obviously a fake story, no doubt, but nice story. Although a bit short.
deepshawhades (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-01)
your story is fake but good for entertainment 😁 why you can not write movie's stories
allesgute154 (3 stories) (254 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-29)
Your story sent a chill down my spine. I would like to share my experience here. I don't know if it was paranormal or not, but I was really scared. Four years ago, I was newly married and had shifted into a rented house in Bavdhan, Pune. At that time, the area was pretty isolated. It was evening and my husband was out at work. It had grown very dark and I got up from my bedroom to put on the lights in the 2 BHK house. At that time, I felt something touch me. And it was a cold, chilling touch. I was really scared and put on all the lights. I clutched god's murti in my hands and called up my husband. After that, however, this incident did not repeat. Do you think it was my imagination (since I had shifted to a new place) or was it something else? Readers, please help. I have never been able to forget this incident.
pankaj8 (4 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-23)
it was only ghost trying to run from yamraj but no spirit can run from him
aamod_v (1 stories) (22 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-27)
You, my friend have witnessed something that has rattled your belief about spirits.
Fortunately what you experienced was a minor spirit which was very harmless. All it could do was to threaten you.
This unfortunate fellow must have died and must have trapped in between (consider Earth and Heaven for convenience), so he wanted a medium or a catalyst to pass in another relm.
Young minds are so full of energy and our brain as you might know is active even when we are asleep. So that spirit used the untapped energy of your brain (which was completely harmless) and asked you for help. Only his way was wrong (as he threatened you)
That incident woke you up and you saw his apparition near your feet, which must have made his plan to pass in another realm successful in some unknown way.
Don't worry he did not mean you any harm. Sometimes we just label something evil without judging it properly.
Happy Haunting
ucantseeme (9 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-14)
If he was taken by Yama, his soul should have rested, if the death was not by Yama then he will become a Ghost
VivekThekote (1 stories) (105 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-23)
Dear Siddhart,

Thanks for your story. As we are aware that in this world nobody believes in paranormal stories but sometimes this incidents happens in practical even in the developed countries like USA people have experienced such paranormal incidents. Yamraj is the God of Death & Justice so he has send this Man to his place where he should be dwelling according to his KARMA.

So Siddhart God Bless You & help you in your future endeavours of your life. I wish that God protects you from all the Hidden Dangers of the World. Take Care
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-30)
scaryboy here is something for you to think about:- "Yama is also the lord of justice and is often referred to as Dharma, in reference to his unswerving dedication to maintaining order and adherence to harmony. It is said that he is also one of the wisest of the devas".

Siddharth maybe he came to you for another reason.
scaryboy (2 stories) (117 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-30)
well yamraj is our death god and an experience of him is very good on you siddharth its me kiran man 😐
Never I say more because
Scary boy
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-01-05)
Hi Saddharth.
I do not know, what do you think?
If ghosts can show emotions like anger and sadness, could they fear also? By this story, I would say that it appears that they can.
You said that from this experience you now fell that there is a real evil. I wonder why?
I do not feel as if this man was an evil entity. From what you wrote, I would say that he was an extremely frightened entity who appeared to be trying to hide from Yamraj. That is a truly human instinct, to hide from the things that scare us. (It is also human instinct to try to hide from our Higher Powers when we are trying to do something, or have done something, that we know they will not approve of. In this case, he knew where he was supposed to be and he also knew that Yamraj may not be happy with him if he tried to stay on earth.)
In my opinion, I think the reason he (with an aggressive face) passed through your body was a feeble attempt to hide from the Angel of Death. The aggressive face may just have been the face of concentration.
Thank you for your story.
QueenTas (4 stories) (43 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-19)
This is one of the most interesting stories I've ever read, thank you for posting it.

And I agree with Rosemary.

Rosemary (35 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-19)
I believe what you write and I also believe the man who appeared to you is a troubled soul who is having trouble dealing with a very violent death and he is tryng to get through to you to give you the message.
I notice you are from India and I know from the News that over recent years there have been many deaths in India from Violence and it could be this man is a victim of such violence and he could be trying to get someone to believe he is alive after death and while he did deliver a threat he may have done that because he fears you will turn away from him and not believe his Story.
On the other hand I am not sure what you are supposed to do to help him adjust to his death but thought I might add something to what I think may be happening.
I know people believe when people die they go in peace and adjust to their deaths right away but that is not always the case some who have died violent deaths refuse to accept their death and blame others and at times they can become mean and threatening and while you are right few people believe in these things, on websites like this we do believe and this is a great place to share experiences where you know you can talk about all these things and sometimes its the only place to go when those around you don't believe in such things and you need others of a kindred spirit to exchange ideas with.
You have a psychic gift and this is why ou can see and hear this spirit and you no doubt will continue to develop your psychic gift and others from behond the veil will no doubt visit with you and you need to learn how to deal with this gift and all that comes with it.
Athena (9 stories) (222 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-18)
Hi Siddharth! Your name is wonderful it reminds me of the Buddha and it reminds me of Hermann Hesse ❤! This was an interesting 'dream' you had. If you are young maybe you are have anxiety about something and this is why you are having the dream. Yamraj was anxious in your dream. In the US we have an expression called 'Death Anxiety', and everyone has it from time to time. However, very interesting that you were told you would be responsible for this man in your dream. Could this dream be symbolic about getting older and having the burden of high-expectations placed upon you?
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-18)
Thank you so much for sharing your story. I enjoy learning of other cultures, certainly not at your expense of being frightened, but it certainly helps to strengthen my belief in what occurs after death before Heaven sometimes and how little we all know about this happening and why.

God Bless!
Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-18)
I so fascinated by cultural nuances to seemingly universal acts of the supernatural. I wonder if ghosts really are geographically specific! Cool story, Siddartha.
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-18)
Hi siddharth. You said today no-one believes in such things - well you have found a place where we do believe. Maybe you are right in saying that Yamraj had sent the man where he should have gone. I'm not sure why he chose you to show himself to, maybe it was someone you knew? Thanks for the story. Don't forget we will listen to you if you have any more to tell and offer explanations if we can.

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