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A Doppleganger Or Something Else?


I have another account on here but I forgot my details so I'm logged out and I've had to make a new one. On the other one, I put two stories up, I think. They were both my mum's as she's seen ghosts since she was a baby. The reason I post them on here is because it leaves us confused and curious and we like to listen to peoples opinions of what they have be.

My mum and I are firm believers in the supernatural and what not, and I love listening to ghost stories. All of my mum's stories are not evil though. Ever since I was a little kid, I'd research the paranormal, and I think, somehow, I may have brought something in our house. Its not a long story, but it was enough to spook my mum and leave us totally confused to the point we can't decide what it actually was.

This happened a few months ago.

My dad and brother were out at the time, so it was just me and my mum. I was in my bedroom the whole night with my door half shut. My mother on the other hand was in the bath with the door half open. The bathroom is directly across the Landing. She had her phone connected to her speaker with her music blaring out.

I hadn't left my bedroom at all. Then all of a sudden my mum shouted my name, thinking something was wrong, I ran across the landing and entered the bathroom.

"Did you just come in?"

"No? Why?"

She then explained that she thought I had came in.

"I had my head under the water, my eyes were shut and I was rinsing my hair. I heard your voice say "Hiya!" In a high, shy voice." (Normally, I would come into the bathroom and sit on the toilet with the lip shut and change the song on my mum's phone for her, and we'd just talk about the day.)

"With my eyes still shut and head half under water, I said to you, "Oh good, I'm glad you're here, Can you change this song? I don't really like it."

"I sat there waiting for you to change the song, and I thought to myself... "She's taking her time" So I opened my eyes and looked towards the toilet and you weren't there"

I asked her if it could have just been something on her music to mimic someone speaking, as if she had misheard something. But she replied with the obvious answer, that no, it couldn't have been. She can distinctively tell the difference between and song and my exact voice that I'd often say.

From there, we kind of brushed it off. My mother tried to put it aside, yet she asked me to stay in there with her. I could tell she was spooked.

Other similar things would happen as well.

A week or so prior to this, my dad was brushing his teeth and he was leaning over the sink and he felt as though someone touched his back or his sides. He turned around and no one was upstairs.

When I was little, I would get spooked so easily. I loathed sleeping in my own bed. Sometimes, I'd stay downstairs and fall asleep on the settee, until my parents went to bed. My dad would carry my upstairs, though as soon as I touched my bed, I'd wake up and demand to sleep with them. This happened for most of my childhood. Even though I HATED my parents room. There was something about it. Maybe it was the built in wardrobe? The door was a massive mirror-sliding door. The bedroom was massive as well... And always dark. The wardrobe door was always open just the slightest and at night, I'd lay there, and imagine a man watching me. Though I never saw anything I don't think.

Other times, when I tried to be brave, I'd sleep in my own bed. Though, I'd be awoken by a terrible nightmare. Sometimes, I'd sit upright just staring at my door, watching for ghosts. I would not sleep at all, scared that something would come and get me.

Then other times, I'd wake from a nightmare, and finally muster up enough courage to leg it to either my brothers room or my parents. Though most of the time, I'd pick my parents room because to get to my brothers room, you had to run across the landing, which is where the stairs are. It was incredible dark. I had this dream once, where It was dark and I was running across the landing, trying to get downstairs. I was running away from something. It was heading my out of my bedroom. I could feel it on at my back. When I reached the stairs, I looked up, and there, staring at me, was this black shadow thing and it had a knife. When I saw it, my legs turned to jelly and I'd be running and not get anywhere.

Having this almost realistic nightmare in mind, I'd decide to just go in my parents room. I didn't want De Ja Vu.

I don't know if I was just a typical child with an over imaginative mind, but it felt so real.

I still hate my mum and dads bedroom and the landing. Maybe its just the atmosphere but I honestly think there's something in there.

When my friend came over, I told her nothing of my parents bedroom. She then said to me that she felt like something was watching her when she passed it to enter my room.

Whenever I'm alone, sometimes I'd get this feeling where its like I'm being watched and its really intense, then it'd just go.

Thank you for reading my stories, I'd love to find out what the bathroom incident was actually about.

I'm not totally convinced that its a doppleganger. I have read that dopplegangers are just another you and they only appear when something bad is going to happen or they're a warning of your death. A demon taking on the voice of someone is much more believable on the other hand.

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ashar123 (guest)
8 years ago (2015-04-12)
One thing more! I would be glad to read your other stories too. Will you please post the titles of the other stories because you write so well and this story was nice.

Thank You 😊
ashar123 (guest)
8 years ago (2015-04-12)
Ya I too agree that its not a doppleganger for the same reason. I saw your story more mysterious than freaky. There is a mysterious presence in your parent's room.

And let me tell you even I was a scaring child like you. I used to cover myself up to head even in the summers. As I grew up I became more and more courageous and now I don't feel afraid even after dozens of paranormal experiences.

Nice story, thanks for sharing. 😊

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