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Childhood Terror


These are numerous ghostly things that has happened to me since I was 5 years old in the house I lived in pretty much my whole life in Thunderbay ON until I moved to Vancouver two months ago (currently 23 years old).

The very first thing I can remember was every single night me and my sister had to sleep with the hallway light on with our doors open because we were always afraid of the dark. Every night my cat Belle at some point would be staring at my doorway even if nothing was there. When my mom and dad would go to bed that's when things would start to get scary I would be laying in bed in the dark every night with my face towards the wall so I couldn't see anything because I always felt as if something was always there behind me.

One night laying in bed in the dark thinking I was the only one awake in the house I felt 3 fingers and 1 thumb grab my toes, I curled up in a ball and laid there not making a single movement trying to play dead thinking I'll fall asleep wake up in the morning and it will be all over. I only had my toes grabbed once but every single night that's what I thought to myself, I will fall asleep wake up and everything will be fine. I blacked out every memory of the many nights after thinking in the morning I will be ok.

Two times I have woken up in the middle of the night falling out of the air and onto my bed. One of the times I could remember perfectly, I was floating for a few seconds I was looking at the corkboard above my vent on the wall on the opposite side of my bed in my room and then my body just dropped to my bed. All I remember next is turning my head towards my wall so I wouldn't see anything just incase and I layed there perfectly still thinking I'll fall asleep and in the morning everything will be fine then blacked out the rest of the night like every other night.

One morning when I did wake up in my doorway peeking at me from beside my shelf crouching was an all pitch black person with red eyes. It would move its right eye out from the shelf and look at me with two eyes then put the other eye in hiding while its left eye was always looking at me. I was scared the only exit blocked, I kept looking at it but didn't want to at the same time. I would hide my face behind my covers and start thinking what if it got closer so I would just keep looking at it. I don't remember anything past that point (this happened when I was very young). 2009 I remembered that happened, my brain suppressed it after all those years and I have thought about it every day since 2009.

Anyone remember Slappy the Dummy from goosebumps? It use to terrify me as a kid I hated dolls. I had a shelf at the head of my bed and I kept my bed a few inches away from the wall because sometimes behind my bed I'd make it my little fort. Twice but the only time I can remember perfectly I was laying on my bed in the dark mad about something not being afraid of the dark I was so mad. Then Slappy for a quick second came out from the head of my bed yelled and quickly went back in. There was a third time it was at my grandma's duplex. I was sitting on the bed in my room, there my grandma was in the washroom and my sister was in the living room. There was a old blue chest in the middle of the floor in my room quickly it popped open, Slappy came out for a second and it shut. I ran, I was shaking in the living room telling me sister what happened. There was one nightmare with Slappy where I was in bed and then I looked behind the shelf at the head of my bed. There was another all pitch black figure but in the shape of Slappy all folded in with his eyes and mouth very visible and very white looking at me and looking away, I was yelling "mom mom mom!" but she kept yelling back "go to bed!" Personally I don't know what to think of this Slappy situation considering he's not real he's just from a T.V. Show.

A couple times I saw a black hand behind something and disapear. The first time I came downstairs the hall went straight to the kitchen and then a add on to the kitchen. In the add on I saw a black hand and then it went behind the wall all that is even there is a stove and a counter but I was to afraid to look. Another time I saw one it was coming home from my aunties Christmas dinner from the country. My dad drove a red Monte Carlo at the time and I looked out the window it was dark out but I saw the hand again and it went up on the roof of my dad's car.

I had three cats growing up they are all passed away now but I have a few stories with them besides staring at nothing in the hallways. My mom told me my cats Jazmine and Belle (sisters) went up to the wall in my living room where the main couch is up against and started growling for no reason. Every night inbetween 12-1am my cat JD would walk down the hallway on the 1st floor of our house and start meowing. I always assumed he was afraid of the dark because it was after everyone went to bed but after he and my cat died of shriveled kidneys my cat Jazmine lived for a few more years and every night the same as JD she would be meowing. Except this time I was older (16) and downstairs and I watched her do it and every time at around the same time she wouldn't only be meowing but she would be staring at the roof following something that wasn't there.

Home alone I always saw a very short yellow lightning bolt looking thing floating at the corner of my eye and disapearing behind walls, to this day I classify that lightning bolt as my imagination. One day after school when it was just me and Jazmine, I went to throw some Country Farms chicken nuggets in the toaster oven and Jazmine was following me I looked at her and all of a sudden she jumped like when you come up behind a cat and scare them. The worst was being home alone in the morning, I was taking a shower and all I could hear was Jazmine growling. It wasn't any ordinary growling I ever heard a cat do this was loud it sounded like it was coming from the kitchen downstairs. I was terrified I curled up in a ball in the shower crying covering my ears. I can't describe how loud it was and how aweful sounding it was but it was one of the most horrific sounds I heard in my 23 years of life. The stories with just Jazmine were year 2008.

Now the worst of the worst for me this went on from 2008 after my parents got divorced and after my cat JD died until 2012. I used to love playing a game called Maplestory I loved staying up all night trying to level up. Unfortunately I had to give it up for a while because of the pain chills that would go through my body at night. This happened in my computer room/porch shoe area right when you walk in the door there is this room with my computer. It's also attatched the hallway where Jazmine and JD would follow something on the roof and meow and also connected to the living room. I would feel as if someone would walk behind me wanting me to know it was there. This happened every night I was home alone in 2008 the feeling of someone walking behind me as I was on my computer. I would get these chills as it walked by they weren't cold chills they were painful boiling chills. You could feel how tall this thing was it wasn't short. It really really scared me and that felt like that's what it's goal was sometimes though I would turn around to see what this thing was and there would never be anything there.

My sister once told me when she used to live at that house we grew up in that she would be on webcam and her friends would see shadows in the background. Once my good pal Deke came over after school and the chain that locks the door to the outside was rocking back and forth by itself. The painful chills eventually got so bad I hopped on my green supercycle and biked to my grandmas house in the rain in my white shorts and blue hoodie soaked with no change of clothing. There was no time to pack or grab keys I just got up and left and spent every night of August at my grandma's. For a few years when I started sleeping in my own house again this was only a sometimes occurance. It started to happen more frequently again in 2011 or 2012 I had grown tired of this thing scaring me so I got up out of my computer chair I punched the wall and I yelled at the top of my lungs "what do you want?" To this day I would say it was wrong of me to challenge something like that or even communicate with it but ever since that night I punched the wall and yelled I never felt it again, it actually feels nice thinking of how I forget about it.

I will continue more in the next story

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SaltnVinegarChips (1 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-09)
sam222 I know right everytime a cat stares at nothing I always try and picture what it could really be and I quit eating chips for years now they are addicting
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-27)
SaltnVinegarChips, I am just wondering what in the world could have made you float, that's crazy and scary, but amazing. And about the cats, who knows what was really happening, if we only knew the things cats can hear and see that we don't.
P.S. Your username makes me hungry.
SaltnVinegarChips (1 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-20)
yoyo1 I'm starting to see coloured lights at night and more vivid sleep paralysis where it doesn't feel like a dream, I left all the sleep paralysis stories out of this story because I could tell they were just dreams in the same place but something in the room would be changed

Lisapeasley I sometimes think I'm a haunted person to and my sister when she moved to her new apartment away from thunderbay she heard her cupboard doors moving
yoyo1 (4 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-18)
Hopefully, this is all behind you now. It's now 2015... Any other issues? I ask this cause I am hoping it's just a phenomena attached to that property. I am sure you will be fine and don't need to worry. If something wanted to harm you it would have a long time ago. It was an eye opening experience and just leave it at that. Try not to dwell on it and just realize these things do happen and exist. Hope the best.
lisapeasley (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-16)
It sounds like a very scary situation. A lot of it sounds paranormal and the doll thing maybe it was aware of the fear of the doll and used that against you. I keep wondering if I'm a haunted person because my name has been called by a male voice several times when there was no males present. It is a very frightful thing to live through. May God keep you safe
SaltnVinegarChips (1 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-16)
yoyo1- there is a piece of wood when you go down into the basement that says the house was restored sometime in the 1900s so it could have existed for a long time. Also the next thing I was going to post was about a ghost girl in the house as well that I only saw once but the meaning to that story is a bed my parents got for my sister from a hospital my guess is the little girl and perhaps something else died in that bed and the bed became a cursed object.

Elnoraeimly waking up to floating in the night I could move but I preffered to play dead waking up to red eyes it was daylight and I could move and the one part with Slappy where he popped out of a blue chest at my grandmas duplex was also in the middle of the day I don't know how to explain it and as for my cat Jazmine in the 13 years of having her and her being 11 at the time I never heard anything so terrible she never acted that way towards the groundhog or the neighbors cat who she always wanted to fight this sounded like when you accidentally step on a cats tail or paws and it lasted for a long time
yoyo1 (4 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-14)
I am curious, did you check out the location's history? Any negative occurrences there in the past? Sorry this happened for so long.
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-14)
A lot of the feeling uncomfortable in the night is pretty normal, especially for children. Active imaginations can make the dark very scary- which is why I tend to believe you seeing the doll from the TV show was. You were scared and had an object to match that fear. Since the doll is obviously not real, it's just a fictional character, your mind could have created it in the dark. It happens. Childhood nightmares can also be translated into our brains as real memories and real events- I still have memories that I have to remind myself are actually dreams.

When you woke up seeing things, were you able to move right away or were you frozen?

The sounds that you seem to be describing is a fighting or angry cat. Cats can hear things that humans cannot. She could be meowing and staring at the sounds of a bird outside, a mouse or large bug in the wall. It does not have to be a paranormal occurrence. Animals are strange and their senses are quite different from our own.
Those examples are just to remind you that not everything is paranormal- some things are just either strange or explainable.

Since it stopped coming when you got angry, it seems like it would have just wanted attention from you.

Thank you for sharing

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