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Andrea's Angry Home


So, a little prologue is in order. I met this girl Andrea through a self-proclaimed shaman named Andrew. They were both in their early twenties and I was almost seventeen. She and I connected immediately. Andrew even said (before we met) that we were 'reflections of each other'. We both sort of abandoned our other friends for a while and became extremely close.

We never did any ouija together, but it was an unspoken understanding that we were both practicing spiritualists and sensitives. We never bragged about our experiences and there was never any pretense. It was simply a close friendship built on understanding and common personalities. At least it was good for a while...

She lived with her grandparents in a very old home in Grapevine, Texas. Andrea lived in the room that her mother had lived in when she was a girl, and both of them had a lot of issues with depression and drugs. Boy could you feel it... The air was much thicker in that room, and there were strange stains on the carpet and the walls. The stench was unbelievable and I tried to help her clean it more than once.

Only... it seemed like the room WANTED to stay messy.

For instance, one spring evening of 2006 after a rigorous attempt at making her room livable, we decided to walk to the nearest bistro and get some cream sodas. She lived in a suburb next to a very posh part of town, and we shopped there a lot. When we returned, we both paused at the entrance to her hallway.

My eyes were frozen on a strange ancient black and white portrait of a man... or a boy. It was hard to tell. He almost looked like a half gremlin man with a squashed face and a tuft of white hair on his head. His eyes were beady and seemed to come out of the picture. Smoke seemed to surround him in the photo. I can't tell you how frightening it was.

"You haven't noticed that before?" She asked, getting uncharacteristically quiet.

"Yeah... I also never noticed how many mirrors your grandma has up."

While I couldn't take my eyes off the strange picture, I also saw both of us in the corner of my eye in the mirror to our left. Only we weren't the only ones there. There was a black mass entering behind us. "Who is he?"

"My great grand father." She said staring at the picture along with me. "I never really met him. But he hates me..."

She started moving down the hallway, her head bowed, and I started following, shutting my eyes tightly from the awful portrait. It wasn't just his strange appearance, it was the seemingly purposeful way he'd been placed in front of the long dark hallway - as if to look you up and down before going into the bowels of the home.

When I opened my eyes again, we were half way down the hall. My heart was beating in my throat and out of nowhere, the black mass seemed to rush around me. I felt something chasing me, and then it PUSHED MY SHOULDER forward as if taunting me. I ran into Andrea's bedroom, as she'd gone far ahead of me.

"What the hell was that?"

"I'm not really sure." She sat on her bed, staring out her window. "But... never go into my backyard."

I put my drink on her desk - the desk that had been in her family through three generations.

"Why not?" I knelt at the end of her bed, my torso resting near her feet.

"I used to go out there, even though I was always scared of it. I heard voices. They never said anything clear it was just jumbled up whispers... So one day I went out there and found a dead bird in the far back next to an old tree. Then I went out the next day... and there was a dead cat in the same exact place. I didn't go out the third. I never go anymore."

"But what's here, 'Drea?" I wasn't unfamiliar with these things, but the activity surrounding this family seemed angrier than anything I'd ever encountered.

"They love it when we pay attention to them like this."

Suddenly there was a crash behind me. My drink had been thrown of its own accord onto the floor, creating a new stain. I got the distinct feeling whatever energies resided there preferred no one interfered with the messiness of that room.

I just looked at Andrea and she looked at me. Things got progressively worse. Scratching started sounding from the outer-wall along with a strange human groaning. It was too harsh of a scratch to be an animal because the wall seemed to shake along with it.

After that night I tried to keep our visits at my home, because when I tried to convince Andrea we should investigate and try to release whatever spirits were trapped, she seemed almost like she wanted them there, or was too afraid of them. More and more our friendship grew estranged. She started becoming angry and bitter all the time. Her room started becoming infested with roaches and I couldn't stay there at all anymore.

Eventually we stopped talking, but I remember that night so vividly, and I often worry about her.

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kuehnau (5 stories) (60 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-24)
Some of it could be explained, but in the end its going to be up to you to decide what it was or not. I really hope you have never messed with an Ouija board, because, honestly those things are just bad news.

As for your friend's room, well, I mean, some rooms are messy. When we first moved into our apartment it had a new, fresh coat of paint on it. After a week, a stain on the side of the wall came back. Sometimes stains do that. The odor could be from all sorts of things, to rotting food, or even moldy carpets. And if her room was really as messy as you stated, then there is no reason why roaches wouldn't be in her room.

The mirror thing could also be known as image matrixing, in which your brain sees familiar images in grains of wood or tarnishing in mirrors or glass. Image matrixing can be as simple as comparing a cloud to a dog, or as complex as seeing a old man in the mirror.

Noises are noises and sometimes you simply have to investigate them. Sometimes they can turn out to be the most simple, easy to explain things when you finally discover what the source of them are. The dead bird and dead cat in the yard, it isn't very convincing, simply because, in all honesty it could have very well been a coincidence. Animals do die all the time and they have to die somewhere.

I don't deny your experience with your friend. Nor could I ever say that what you experienced was a false haunting, but what I do like to do is look at all the angles, and try to think around them, And when you are unable to explain everything, you are left with the unexplained and a truly unique event.

On the side, it is sad you lost a friend. You should have tried your best to be with her. There are known cases of hauntings, that spirits have been able to actually change a person acts and negativity effect how they are and how they reason. Love is a strong power and evil spirits especially try to drive as much love away as possible from their targets.
WolfReal (1 stories) (140 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-24)
Sad story, you abandond your friend. Still I doubt anyone here can blame you. I suspect if you tried to contact her now she would want nothing to do with you, may even be what most people would call crazy. You may have been able to help her once a long time ago but its too late now. I guess that's ok though, doesn't sound like the two of your were that close anyway.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-26)
Hello covetous, yes, there are a lot of details in this story, They all happened on the same day? What I do not understand is if your friend was a psychic, why did she not know what these various entities were doing and possibly who they were? Not being psychic myself, I do not know if these types of answers come readily or if the questions truly have to be asked. Thank you for your story.
rose (9 stories) (92 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-26)
covetaus = Your friend's depression has to do with a great deal of her surrounding, where she dwells. Voices distressing her cognition on what is real, what is normal. She is stress in mind and mad, because she does not know how to manage it, how to take control. She has to know, she can get rid of these entities.
Have the house investigate, and it's her choice to move on. All you can do is make her see that life is not what she see and sense in that house. Spirits are not happy beings and they d o tend make humans unhappy if they are negative spirits.
Take good care

P.S. Thank You Abby for the welcome, I appreciate it.
ozone_baby (2 stories) (28 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-26)
I am afraid I am with Ohiowatha. My "spidy"
sences (I got that from one of my sons LOL) are tingling. Something just does not sit well with me about this story.
Ozone ❤
Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-26)
Hmmm, I'm a little skeptical about this one. It just seems to clear and concise for something that happened over two years ago, yet you can recall to the exact word the conversations that occurred.

So something pushed you in the shoulder, but all you do is walk into her room and talk about the backyard?

This just doesn't seem to add-up for some reason. Maybe some more clarification would support this story a little more.

Plus, if all these overt encounters occurred on the same day that you went over there, why didn't anything happen on any previous or latter visits? If they did, then those stories are crucial.

Also, it seems like if you two were such good friends, then a two-year window of distance doesn't seem like much to breach. Just call her up and see how she's doing. I would bet she's willing to talk.

I would love to be proven wrong about this, but (no offense) somethings about this story seem ingenuine.

But this is a very well-written story. Thanks for it!
covetous (1 stories) (5 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-26)
Oh and I'd like to clarify my statement "I do not claim to be a 'sensitive'" (since people on this site do so love clarification). I used to believe I was 'a sensitive' until I saw one at work. She could touch an item and see who effected it. She could walk into a room and know what horrible things happened there. I can only experience things (we all do). I cannot 'see' or 'sense' things like 'sensitives' can.
Sorry about the rant! I just want to respect people with real gifts. 😆
covetous (1 stories) (5 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-26)
I'm sorry I left a lot out. Yes, Andrea was extremely depressed but tended to reject any help I tried to offer. She would go through bouts of violence and anger towards me for no reason at all. She never left that room or her grandparent's home because her real parents are nowhere to be found. The smell and mess in her room remains because her grandparents are very old (one dying of cancer, the other has lupus) and she wasn't exactly a neat freak. She didn't just 'up and move' because... Well... I feel I shouldn't say too much for her sake, but I'll say it simply isn't that simple.

I would try to help her again but we haven't even spoken in almost two years. A lot of drama went on between other friends and we're both far too stubborn and vindictive for either of us to make the 'first move'.

I would have included all this information, but I wanted it to be an 'easy read' for people just wanting a quick fix of paranormal experience.

PS: I do not consider myself a 'sensitive' just for the record, though Andrea did like to say she was 'psychic'. I have no special gifts to speak of. And thank you, Abby for the true origin of the word 'shaman'. I'll have to let Andy know. Notice how I said 'self-proclaimed'? Hah. Thanks for the feedback, dear hearts. ❤
Abby (710 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-26)
Dear covetous,

Your story did raise my eyebrows. A self proclaimed shaman, being practicing spritualists and sensitives, a room that wanted to stay messy and so on. It sounds like you were going for the effects of a quill and scroll prize in writing.

If you were both practicing spiritualists and sensitives somewhere along the line your gut feelings should have kicked in and wanted to find some type of help and resolve for your friend. To me this sounds like a cry for help and an intervention might be what your friend really needs. I know that sometimes doing good and being a "do gooder" can make things worse, but in this case it seems again to be your girlfriend's cry for help.

Readers, I would like to add that the word "shaman" is Russian, and it is not Native American, as they are called medicine man/woman or people to be politically correct. Too many non-Native Americans make this error.

covetous, I hope you try to continue to be Andrea's friend and see that she gets the proper help she needs. If you cannot find her help, ask for help from parents, an adult mentor or counselor. Yes, sometimes you can't lead a horse to water, but it doesn't mean you give up on them either. It depends on the individual experience and situation, as well as the person or persons involved.

Blessings, Abby
Invictus (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-26)
Your friend sounds like she is depressed. Its a hard thing to stand by a person with depression, but in the end it may be beneficial for both you and your friend, but I know very little when it comes to psychology and even less on the paranormal. Ill the paranormal to someone more understanding and experienced.

Like Shane said, you left many questions unanswered. Good story.

And question for shane, is there a way I can contact you such as email I have some questions.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-26)
Okay I am going to play the devils advocate here. If the room smelled so bad, why did she stay there? Why did her grandparents not smell it and try and figure out the cause of it? Why didn't your friend up and move? Just too many questions that were left unanswered. Thanks for the story.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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