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In My Cousin's House


I had travelled 350 miles to Edinburgh with one purpose in mind, that was to collect my mum and dad's ashes and spread them both together in their final resting place in the Scottish Borders. This was a place where we had all visited together some thirty years beforehand and I knew that they would be very happy there.

I was upstairs in my cousin's house. Allison had gone to pick up my mother's ashes from the funeral director. They had been there since she died in October 2014 and were now sitting downstairs in her hall, along with my dad's whose ashes I had collected from my mum's house. They had been in her front room since he died six years before. They were now both sitting together in Allison's hall.

I was in bed getting ready to go to sleep since the next day Allison and I were going to travel to their appointed resting place so that their ashes could be scattered together.

I heard voices talking, they sounded familiar. The first voice said "Where is she?" It was my dad's voice and the sound of it made me sit bolt upright. The second voice sounded like my mum but her voice was strained as if she was having difficulty talking she replied "She's upstairs." The first voice then said "Alright then."

And that was the total conversation. Strange you might say since they hadn't been in touch with each other for over six months. Strange that this was exactly the way they talked when they were both alive. Strange that mum 'knew' exactly where I was in the house though she couldn't 'see' me.

I was relieved to hear their voices again, and slept soundly that night. However, I am intrigued as to exactly why they came through to talk at that moment. Any advice would be appreciated.

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WiniPu4 (207 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-27)

Such a cute story! Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Warm Regards,
samtillie (5 stories) (242 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-19)
This is lovely. A similar experience happened to me. I'm pleased that hearing your parents comforted you. Sounds like they are together.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-18)
I have to say that I agree that mom and dad had a reunion. Your father wanting to know where you. Perhaps while were sleeping your dad went up to check on you perhaps your mother joined him. Who
Knows they both might have watched you sleep for awhile. All yeou can be assured of is that they are together once again and are very happy.
Thank you for a very sweet story,
Bibliothecarius (8 stories) (1067 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-18)
Greetings, JohnsD.

Thanks to the human penchant for telling creepy stories, all of the horror films which flood the market, the tv shows predicated upon paranormal investigation, and post-apocalyptic survival narratives, it is easy to forget that the majority of paranormal encounters are not sinister, violent, nor malicious, they are simply events in which two kinds of people may be aware of the others' proximity (or not!) and going about their respective business.

Given the conversation your parents were having with each other in the hall, they were probably looking forward to the trip to the Borders. Was your dad a touch impatient (not necessarily upset, just irritated enough to roll his eyes) if he'd got the car packed but someone needed to get out and double-check the stove was off? It's hard to determine tone precisely from a written account without knowing the people involved; but in his anticipation of being on a permanent holiday with his wife, he may have overlooked that you needed to sleep first.

Just a thought.

I enjoyed reading your narrative; I hope I have not mis-characterised your father in my speculation.


Cro-Magnon (1 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-15)
My very first reaction to your story was: "That sounds like something *my* father would say: 'Where is she?... Alright then.'" It sounds like the words of a caring parent who wants to make sure that his child is safe and well. It also sounds like the words of someone who is, himself, safe and well, wherever he is, so perhaps your hearing the conversation means that your parents want you to know that they're fine -- and, clearly, still invested in your life and wellbeing!
Hecate0 (4 stories) (418 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-14)
Hi JohnsD! All the energy of being with your cousin, getting all of their ashes together, planning the trip and the scattering, all of this had a large energy associated with it, very emotional. I think it was easy at that time for your parents to manifest to you. This is a beautiful story, JohnsD. Thank you for sharing it. It sounds like they are at peace. They must have been special people. Best to you!

DandelionQueen (4 stories) (24 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-14)
What a beautiful story! I can imagine feeling very comforted by such an experience, especially knowing that they were together. Thank you for sharing. By the way, I had the same childhood experience, when I was around three years old, of turning in bed to face the wall, and seeing a smiling face come through the wall right in front of me.:)
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-14)
Johns, ahh, you were uncertain of ghosties and such, now it makes sense! Yeup, I'd lean towards it was their way of confirming to you that they were still around.

Also there are loads of stories on here with people hearing their name called. Funnily enough not much happens afterward, so I don't know what it could mean other than someone was trying to get your attention in that moment. Maybe something cool was playing on Top of the Pops!
JohnsD (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-14)
Hello, sorry I don't have your name.

Thank you for your lovely comment. I would like to think that both parents come through as it was their last chance to talk to me and let me know that they still exist, of which I was a bit uncertain beforehand.

In answer to your question there have been a few times over the years where I have been left wondering if what I had experienced was 'real'. The first time I was a child in my cot I had my face turned to the wall and can clearly remember a face coming to smile at me from the wall side.

The second time I was a teenager at home with a few friends. We were watching top of the pops and my brother kept annoying us by switching channels. I said that I would make us all a cup of tea and went through to the kitchen. There were two solid doors which I shut between us and carried on making the tea. At some point there was a voice which clearly called my name and instinctively turned around and asked "What". To which there was no reply. I asked my brother and friends still in the living room why they had called me and was assured that no one had gone out of the room.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-14)
Hi there Johns, welcome.

I'm thinking that what you heard was part of their conversation about you. That they were really there, just as they sounded to you. The nature of what you were going to do, why you were there, likely put you 'in tune' with your parents in the spirit realm.
Have you ever experienced anything like that before or since? Not necessarily with your parents but with any other similar experience? I ask because you may be naturally open to these things and be unaware.
I'm really happy that it was a lovely moment for you, it sounded very comforting.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience.

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