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Knowing My Demon


My story is actually published on Wattpad but I've been failing to get some attention so I'm posting it on here.

Sometimes I find myself drowning in the memories of paranormal experiences that still linger in the back of my head from day to day. Some things just simply cannot be unseen. I think that spirits, demons or whatever they may be are beings that no living person could ever understand. In this case, "Seeing is believing" is a good way to simply word it up for you non-believers out there.

Maybe a family member, a friend or even some stranger has told you that they have seen a ghost and you've thought it was ridiculous. I think anyone could understand why that is.

My life was pretty ordinary when I was a young kid. After my encounters, every part of my life changed; the way I thought, the way I saw life. I changed for the better and suddenly the things that remained unanswered in my head made sense to me. "I was blind but now I can see".

There are things that have happened to me that I've never been able to compare with anyone else. Things that would make your spine rattle. But everyday I muster up the courage to move forward and forget. Although, some things can never be forgotten.

My family own an old house on the North shore of Scotland, in a place that not many have even heard of; Melness. I remember the house next door. It was old and abandoned, no one would buy it and no one would enter it. It was a place that everyone feared; I don't know what really happened in that house but it always creeped me out. It was made from rocks that were almost ancient, it must have been there for hundreds of years. There were no doors or windows blocking my view but for some strange reason, even on the brightest days, no one could ever see a glimpse of the inside of the house. To this day, everything about that place remains a mystery I'm too afraid to solve.

I spent a lot of my childhood in Melness. It is an isolated place that isn't shown on many maps but I can bet that anyone who visits will not have a hard time remembering the place. It was mostly highlands, fields and beaches; probably the most Scottish place anyone could go. I can still smell the salty Atlantic sea. The water was pure, like it had never been touched. I can still see the washed up shipwreck that lay on the sandy shore.

My dad had always told me terrifying stories about Melness and the weird things that happened there when he was just a boy. He told me one specific story that really grabbed my attention. It was about the cave on the Beach, that is also known to be haunted.

He was on the beach one day, playing. As there is nothing much else to do in Melness. My dad, being brave, decided to go into this cave. To the right when he was inside, there was a very dark corner, pitch black. It was a hole inside the wall of the cave. A hole so dark that no man could ever be brave enough to enter. He was scared but he brushed it off and just assumed if there was anything there, it would be an animal. So instead of going near it he just decided to throw some sand in to try and prove to himself that there was nothing there. "It's okay" he thought as nothing happened. But that was only until a few seconds later; sand had then been thrown back at him. Him being alone, did not stay in that cave. He has been back to the cave occasionally but the one thing that really spooks him to this day is that the hole was never seen again.

I experienced my first paranormal event in the house in Melness. All of my family have seen and heard some weird, unnatural things in the house. Inside it wasn't very scary looking, in fact, it's very homey looking until you spend your first night there. As you walk through the front door, the bathroom is what you first see, it was under the stairs. There was three bedrooms and one bathroom upstairs and downstairs the right was the kitchen and to the left, the living room. In the living room it was an old red curtain that separates the it from the conservatory and that was where I first encountered something that was somewhat, terrifying.

One night we were all asleep; me, my sister, my dad and my papa. I was only at a young age, around the age of six. I had woken up and dragged myself downstairs to the bathroom and when I had gotten to the bottom of the staircase, I couldn't help but notice that the curtain that led to the conservatory was blowing as if the outside door was open, and it was. It was wide open! Which was very strange as we lock all doors before bed, but me being young and oblivious to odd things that went on inside the house, just locked the door again and went went to the bathroom and back to bed. The next morning I was woken to the sound of my dad calling me from downstairs. I got up and went to see what he shouting about. When I got downstairs I said "Daddy, what is it?" And he pointed to the conservatory and asked if I was up in the night? I slipped past the curtain and realised the door and all of the windows were wide open. I was gobsmacked and just explained to him that it wasn't me and told him about how I came down and shut the door. Then that night a similar thing happened, every single kitchen cupboard was left open. I was young, but I knew this wasn't a coincidence.

The first time I had ever seen a spirit wasn't in the house, in fact. It was in a rather new house I was living in with my mum and my stepdad. But I have always believed that if a spirit was following me, it followed me from Melness. As you walk into the house, you're in the living room and there's a door separating the bedrooms and bathrooms.

It happened in the middle of the night, just as I was going to the toilet again. The bathroom door faced the living room one and as I passed by I looked through the living room door. You couldn't really see through it properly as it was textured glass but you could still see shapes, like the couches and the table. But the one thing that caught my eye in that living room still gives me shivers down my spine, I had never seen anything more terrifying in my life. It was a tall black figure, almost like someone wearing a robe or dress. And as I looked in I could tell that the figure had turned to me. I screamed at the top of my voice, I thought I was dead. I ran to my mums room straight away and lost my toenail under the door in the process. I jumped in-between my mum and my stepdad, still screaming. I was TERRIFIED. My stepdad went through to the living room and the black cloaked figure that I had seen with my very own eyes had gone, like it was never there but as I walked into the room behind him I felt a disturbing chill that filled the air. I had just wished that someone else had seen it so people hadn't thought I was crazy. Though I never doubted myself for a second.

I never had thought that the second time I would see a ghost, it would be the same dark figure but it was. I knew right away. The tall black silhouette that I had already seen in my living room had come back to me again. Only this time, I was back in Melness. Must have been around 2005, I was nine years old. I had asked my stepbrother to come downstairs with me so I could go to the bathroom and he waited outside the bathroom door and I felt a lot more safe. But I was still scared, I couldn't even look in mirrors at night or even take a glance out the window as I was scared of what I might see glancing back.

As I was just washing my hands in the sink I suddenly heard banging and screaming at the door. It was my stepbrother and he had obviously seen something that had scared him. I opened the door in a flash and the first thing that caught my attention was the figure that I'd seen before, standing outside the front door. We both hid in the bathroom, sitting in the bath blocking the bathroom door with a set of drawers and anything else we could find. For about three hours we hid, not knowing what may be lurking at the other side of just a bit of wood. The only thing that was separating me from the thing I feared most, was a bit of mahogany. I thought that maybe it was a good thing I was seeing it again, to reassure myself that it wasn't my immature imagination. I was just glad I had someone there to see it too, it was just what I needed.

From that day on I was sure it was following me. But what was 'it'? What is a who? But why? A while after that I went to the library with my friend to do some spiritual research but I found no information that was important to me. It was only recently I have read some things that explained what my strange black shadow may be. I read about 'shadow people' and demons but I find that all really strange, I've never been one to believe in demons. There was still not enough information to explain to me what's going on.

There was one last time that I've seen my ghostly follower. At the start of May last year. It had been nine years since I had last saw it, sometimes I had almost forgotten and I had finally felt at peace, until that day. I was staying at my friend's house and I was sitting on the back corner of his bed. It was against the wall to the right, in front of me was the television and to the left was a large mirror on the wall. He had went out of the room to go for a shower and I was watching something when I got a strange itch in my back, I suddenly turned my head towards the mirror and I SAW it, right behind me! In the mirror I had saw the spirit I thought had left me and it was right behind my back, I had never had a more terrifying moment in my life until then and it was worse. I could tell it had touched me. In the end my friend thought I was nuts and we lost contact. But now it seems that whatever is happening to me, whoever or whatever is following me might never stop.

It was only a couple of months ago I moved into my flat with my boyfriend. It was maybe two or three weeks ago I decided I've had enough and decided to write this short story about my hauntings. I've been running in circles as I attempt to address questions for which I had no answers. It was the other week I felt that maybe it's going too far.

My boyfriend was working in Glasgow which is a half hour train ride away. It was about nine o'clock at night and it was dark. It was just me and my cat in the house and I was doing my makeup, getting ready to go out. I was holding my small mirror in my hand in front of me when I heard my cat make a really weird noise. I went though to bedroom and she looked terrified, hiding behind the blinds. "Weird cat," I thought to myself.

I looked around to see what may have disturbed her. I opened the walk in cupboard for her which needs to be pulled and pushed really hard as it gets jammed. Then I went back to the living room and sat back down on the couch leaving the bedroom door open for me to see through. I then carried on doing my makeup, looking in my small mirror while putting on foundation. Suddenly, there was a huge, very loud bang as if a door had actually been slammed shut. I looked through and it was the cupboard door and I could see my cat sitting on the bed staring at it. This is when I got really scared and I looked back down at my makeup mirror to close it and put everything down and there was a huge crack going through it. I didn't know what else to do except shout my cat through and take her outside, which I did. I told my boyfriend everything and it was only a few days later windows started unlocking by themselves.

It's been really scary to experience this so often and I'd really appreciate some help!

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LaurenMackay (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-07-09)
Thanks for your replies!

Valkicry, in reply to your question about the bathroom... The upstairs one was an en suite bathroom.

The title isn't really about my ghost being a demon, 'knowing my demon' is kind of a way of explaining the mystery of everything I explained being the demon. Feeling haunted my whole life.

And Lexi-Loo, it's not an island but I think you do have the right place. I have had family there for as long as it's existed. But I didn't know anyone that had died when I was only 6.

It's taken me a while to read these comments and have only came back on because I've moved to Chile in South America and experienced another paranormal experience.
lexi-loo (1 stories) (175 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-03)
melness is an island just off of loch hope and its a good wee size and has a few houses/cabins on it...

Did you have any family members there that may have passed as there is a gravestone which has a lot of people on it with your surname
Tweed (30 stories) (2381 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-07)
Hi again Lauren,

In light of Biblio's spin on the opening windows/doors I wonder if the mirror crack and the cupboard slamming shut was a way of telling you to stay in/stay safe. A way of saying, in more human context:
"No, Lauren. You are NOT going out wearing THAT!"
Even if what you were wearing wasn't risque. (I doubt your clothing had anything to do with it whatsoever.) Also it doesn't matter you weren't using the cupboard at the time. But for this entity *what* you were doing, getting ready to go out, felt dangerous. This being had, prior to this, linked your opening the cupboard with your leaving to meet friends.

Also, on the topic of 'Trust your Demon' (which is cool beans, I have to agree), I intentionally leave out physical appearance details in my accounts of my own guardian. The reason I do this is simple; I don't want to alienate the more conservative reader. Or scare people into thinking I'm in cahoots with a 'Demon'. Thus swaying the comments in a more juvenile direction. My guardian is not a tall black shadow figure, he's human. A human with an eery, sinister, stoic appearance. He's also quite tall. His appearance alone scared the crap out of me right up to my mid 20's. While I don't think I'll ever get over the 'OMG ARGHH YOU ARE SO FREAKING TERRIFYING' shock reaction and surprise factor of seeing him. It's faaar better than it was and there are times now when I don't hit the roof. But even when I do it's only the initial shock, it's not linked to any underlying *need* to flee danger.

I don't know, if this is true for you or not. But I believe it's possible.

Would love to know if any of this clicks with you or not. Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care. 😊
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1087 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-07)
Greetings, Lauren.

Like Tweed (that's a surprise for regular YGS members), I was dubious of your title; however, I found your narrative engaging and thought-provoking. Her observation that it "follows you around for years and years" and "makes itself known/confirms its identity by unlocking a few windows," is fundamental to my view of what's happening to you.

I strongly suspect that your fear is unwarranted because what you've seen is a guardian spirit that keeps opening windows and doors to show you that you're in a situation that is dangerous for you. I have NO intention of accusing people you're with of being dangerous (though that is one possibility), it could be a more metaphorical warning about a situation, location, or intention about which you need to be cautious.

Now, bearing in mind my caveat that I'm not accusing or blaming anyone, have you done a google/facebook search for the names of people you were with around the times you saw the spirit? Your friend, for example, may have been no threat whatsoever when you saw the spirit in his mirror, or -since then- he may have been convicted of rape, assault and battery, etc. Are there family secrets (you DON'T have to tell us uncomfortable details! Just think to yourself) such as a gambling addiction, alcoholism, etc., which had been hidden, but were revealed/discovered around the times you saw the spirit? If so, perhaps it's trying to get you out of emotional distress as well as physical danger (that's where the "metaphorical" possibility of my premise is important).

I don't know if I'm way out there on this, but I think that having a guardian which scares people is pretty b [at] d [at] ss! Like an Alsatian or a Doberman Pinscher, it could be really very sweet to you while terrifying dangerous people.

Please take some time to consider doing a few quick searches, both in your memory and on-line, just to see what happens. If there are no correlations, you'll have wasted 10 minutes: if there are, my suggestion may have validity.

Roger Zelazny, the American Sci-Fi & Fantasy writer once wrote, "Trust your demon." I rather like that idea.

Please give us an update, even if it's to tell me I was on the wrong track entirely.

Good Luck!
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-04)
Read this and had to join to respond! Did you by chance take anything home with you from the cave or the beach? Growing up in Northern Arizona, I always heard of people taking home pieces of pottery from the old Sinagua Indian ruins and then being plagued by ghosts. Even an odd rock or something might be jealously guarded by the dead. If so, next time you're up there, drop it off.

You can also let that good ol' Scottish temper loose on it (I am in possession of that, so I know how effective it is) and tell it to go away. It's dead and you're not interested. Yell at it from the other room if you have to. I suspect it just wants something returned if I were to guess. Or maybe you remind it of someone it used to know, possibly from the same family line, and it just likes you. In which case, you can tell it "I don't know you, go away." That might work too.

The psychics and the warding spells and all of that are just rituals which make the producer more confident in telling the ghost it's dead and to go away. The direct approach is a tad cheaper.
valkricry (47 stories) (3217 posts) mod
8 years ago (2015-08-04)
Hi Lauren,
First off, I don't think there's anything demonic in what you've seen. Based on what you've told us you saw it first when you were like 6, 3 years later at 9, and then 9 years later. Ample time, with many a chance to do you a mischief if that's what it wanted. But it didn't. It's actually done nothing more than be a bit nosey (opening doors and such). And that's all GOOD. I admit, a bit unnerving but not demonic at all.
Something I didn't quite get is if there was a bathroom upstairs, why did you persist in using the downstairs toilet? Also, why didn't your parents respond, when you and your stepbrother were screaming your heads off and hiding in the bathroom?
I agree with Tweed on the journal. Also note things like the weather, time, and your mood when you see this thing. You could try a cleansing/shielding method. Many swear by rook's and you can find it on his profile here:
thesingingbri (4 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-04)
I read the title and thought the same thing! Demons? No way! But also I've heard that in the UK and Europe, spirits/entities/demons are more prevalent than here in the United states...

It sounds like you may have a demon attached to you. If you are a follower of Christ, or any religion, I would recommend a baptism or cleansing? Maybe some holy water or an exorcism before its gets too bad. I am a huge believer in the paranormal, and this, my dear, is exactly that:/
Wardo (8 stories) (171 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-04)
I'm somewhat surprised that your story didn't get attention on wattpad (not familiar with it), but I know it will here:)

First off, how terrifying! I have not really had my own shadow entity encounters yet, but I lived in a house where someone did, and he described them as inexplicably scary, just as you have.

There are people on the site that will have some good advice for you. Check out the shielding/cleansing method on rookdygin's profile. You can probably use the search box in the upper right corner of the page to find it. I'm sure he will chime in, and I'm not certain how he feels about people recommending his method without his eyes on the story first. At any rate, we are here for you!

I'm sorry I don't have more advice for you, just wanted you to know that I have encountered a terrifying entity before, and I know how it feels. You are not alone. Keep us posted and thanks for sharing!
Tweed (30 stories) (2381 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-01)
Oh my goodness. Hi Lauren,

Firstly I roll my eyes at 'demon' stories and the like so you won't get any of that stuff from me.

Secondly I must have missed this story yesterday somehow, sorry about that, I would have replied straight away.

Shadow people are a bit of a mystery to everyone. For most they're terrifying. But outside of scaring the living crap out of people they don't appear to do much else. I had only one encounter, and it was a positive one, but I think this had to do with my long history of paranormal events. I believe my history made me less afraid. But had I gone through what you've been through I think I'd be terrified, looking for answers too.
I'm trying to figure out if this entity which follows you is truly negative or merely frustrated. The detail about your cat sitting on the bed looking is actually a very very good sign. Animals can sense negativity. Ok some pets will be naturally scared of everything, but for the most part an animal which sits intently watching tells us it's not afraid. Which is GREAT news! It *may* confirm what I feel about this which is the entity is merely frustrated. But why? I can't shake the feeling it's frustrated that it scares you. I know, like, what else does it expect? But think of this, if shadow people are 'non human' or whatever they are, they probably don't have much understanding of how we perceive their presence. In all the cases I've read of them they always seem to be doing something, observing something, then glance at the person. Or a person wakes up to one looking at them. Don't mean to scare you! There are cleansing/shielding methods you can use. Are you familiar with anything like this? If the entity means you no harm a cleansing/shielding won't get rid of them.

I think something which follows you around for years and years, pops up only occasionally, doesn't do much but unlock windows and doors (which is freaking stupid but if its non human I'll give it a break), gets detected in your room by your cat, is dismissed by you, then makes itself known/confirms its identity by opening windows. Hmmm... You know, quite a few months before I saw a shadow person I had some door issues, but I figured it was another ghost... Anyway I asked that they stop opening the door and they did. I have no clue if it was the shadow entity which did this for me. But part of what we do on this site is look for patterns. So, while it could be nothing/not linked, thought I'd mention it anyway.

There is something about your experiences which I can't shake, there's something here that's so obvious but I just can't think of it. I feel like I'm looking at Where's Wally.

The best thing to do now is start a journal, well you've got your expereinces posted here so that's a good reference point. But going forward write down anything you think may be 'odd', no matter how small. Doesn't matter if it turns out to be nothing, just write it down. Answers are always in the detail. You have probably experienced a lot more from this entity that you're unaware of.
Don't use a Ouija board, I didn't think you were going to but you'd be surprised how many people think it's a good idea. Ouija boards are unpredictable and you could wind up contacting goodness knows who, and not whoever you want to contact.

Yeah, there's just something about this that's bugging me. Can't put my finger on it. I'll think about it.

Feel free to ask any questions.
Take care. 😊

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