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20 years ago I bought a house in St. Paul near Mounds Park. I went to bless my house with sage and my whole body started to jitter to the point I had to stop, everything was fine in the upper levels then the blessing in the basement was just nothing I have ever experienced. I'd have kept going, but my friend yelled stop as I was going pale. This was just the start.

We renovated the basement and as I was laying tile in the corner of the basement the most disgusting stench came out of nowhere. My cat at the time crouched on his belly, smelled it and backward crawled to the stairs very slowly like he was afraid.

Some months later my husband at the time began drinking heavily and began a very bad drug addiction.

One evening we watched tv and he made a loud sound like he was in pain, he reached to his calf like it was burning and had three red deep scratches.

My daughter heard terrible noises when she lived in our basement and we had a lice infestation and had to shave my grandsons head. We never got it. The three of us on the upper level were or so I thought were free and clear.

Shortly after we had black mold and flooding in the basement. My husband was turning into a pile of crap, treating me and my son badly. He even went after my daughter's boyfriend with a baseball bat. I protected myself with the Holy Spirit, salted around the house and did the best I could.

We divorced, there was a no knock raid on our house which was a total pitfall for the police and the total destruction of my marriage. I had a basic nervous breakdown just before this for no apparent reason. Anyway he went to prison, I stayed in the house until I could get enough for an apartment.

One evening my mother stayed with me and a damn bat flew out of the cat door we had installed on the basement door right up her frighten nightgown. That was my last laugh in that house.

Come to find out the plat of land/ property showed all that purchased this crap pile had died, divorced and went bankrupt. I went bankrupt and divorced also. I used to be optimistic and happy, I divorced my husband when he was in prison. I did find someone new, but I feel like something has attached to me. I am a depressive, have fibromyalgia, my back goes out almost monthly, I hear projected voices, most resent a boy calling for mom, previously my name in my dead brother's voice, and am an alcoholic now, I never ever expected that. I have seen things since all of this too, neighbors swing, just one swing when there is no wind, but was compelled to watch even though I would have poo pooed it away. I have a sense or extra sense, but am concerned that not all of these bad experiences are anything to do with my natural sensitivity. Of course there is much more to this story, but I'd be here for days. If anyone can give me any advice I will definitely appreciate it.

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sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-21)
Hi lmb6262, quite sad to read your narrative. But, as Miracles said, first set yourself right before turning to rectify the paranormal aspects. It is also important.

Nothing could be achieved if you get drunk and it will only aggravate the situation, mundane or paranormal. So, my suggestion would be that you should come out of your habits.

Then, as Lealeigh suggested, please do follow Rook's cleansing method. It would definitely help. Only thing is that you should do it regularly. Believe in it. It helps.

All of us would definitely help you, suggest to you path to get over with all the troubles including the drinking habit of yours. But, you should implement it. It is very important. It is easy for us to suggest, advise you as to what to do. But, you should believe in yourself and be bold. You can do it.

Kindly make up your mind. I wish you well.

Regards and respects to you.

Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
4 years ago (2020-03-14)
lmb6262, you have received some amazing advice from our members. Please get help with your personal afflictions before trying to take care of the paranormal.

I'll be honest. I am surprised y'all didn't have a poltergeist due to all the stress and negativity in your home.

My daughter once asked me if I thought the entity in the home we lived in when she was little is the reason her dad was the way he was. I told her that her dad was already that way (long story but very similar to yours) but I believe the entity fed off the negativity and amplified her dad's abusive and destructive personality. Sounds like this might be what happens to those who live in your old home. 😟 I hope whoever moved in after y'all moved out knew to cleanse it before they moved in.

You said, "...have fibromyalgia, my back goes out almost monthly, I hear projected voices, most resent a boy calling for mom..." These could be my words.

I wish you well.
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-09)
In my ever so humble opinion, you have described a specific type of oppression that is related to a malevolent spirit attempting to prepare you for an eventual attack or possession. My advice would be to seek the help of a professional. According to your belief structure, this professional could be anything from a mental health professional to an exorcist, but I do not think that you should be trying to "fix" this thing by yourself.
Junglecat (2 stories) (56 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-09)
Dear Imb6262,

You have been through such a horror. I have great empathy for you and would send you a hug if I could.

The comments already posted are excellent; I thought to piggyback one more on the therapy recommend. Sometimes folks don't go to therapy because they say traditional talk therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy, aka CBT) doesn't work for them. There is another style of therapy out there that has been around for 10 years+ called acceptance commitment therapy (ACT). It works quite differently, has been proven highly effective, but for this it can be difficult to find a practitioner. Many psychologists learned only the old style of therapy in school due to the newness of ACT. Anyway, just passing this along in case it applies to your situation.

Best regards,
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-09)
Hi I'm sorry about all the negativity that surrounds you, I strongly believe that you need to do a cleansing ritual but you need someone to help you with it (more advanced and experienced in this sort of thing) the first step all begins with you.

The 3 deep scratches (in my many personal experiences) has something to do with really strong evil, it usually leaves its mark sort of warning type of thing.

But please remember that nothing is stronger than God also try to have a positive mindset, evil thrives on people's fear. All the best moving forward.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-08)
lmb6262 - My heart goes out to you. You sound totally devastated. Hauntings, alcohol and drug addiction, husband in prison, divorce - just too much for one person to cope with and still stay sane.

The addiction, negativity and stress in your house more than likely contributed towards the haunting.

The link which Lealeigh has given you is an excellent cleansing method. I don't know what your religious affiliations are but you might find it helpful to discuss your problems, personal and supernatural, with a priest of your specific faith. I once had an annoying ghost removed by a priest.

Biblio has given you excellent advice. It will be extremely difficult for you to take that first step towards living an alcohol free life and YOU DO need help. I believe you will need to go through a detoxing process, which lasts for about three to four days and for that you will need a psychiatrist but you can then refuse to take anti-depressants (or any other related medication) and continue consulting a psychologist thereafter. All of that is up to you. (I'm not trying to gainsay Biblio's advice; treatment in South Africa and the US probably do differ)

I have a good friend who has been to rehab for alcoholism and drug addiction, which is why I have some limited knowledge on the subject but only as far as she is concerned. She spent three weeks in rehab and two other friends, plus myself, made certain we were there for her whenever she needed company, or just a chat over the phone. She says we kept her sane.

It's important to spend time with people who can relate to your problems and as Biblio has said, AA is a very good place to start.

I believe that once you are back to living a sober life you will be in a far better situation to cope with everyday life. It seems to me that you find even day to day life too demanding.

I sincerely wish you the best but please, you have to help yourself first and accept assistance from others. You've already taken the first step by admitting that you have an addiction problem.

Regards, Melda
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-08)
Greetings, lmb6262, and welcome to YGS.

The first order of business is to tend to your psycho-spiritual issues, as working to improve that situation will make tackling other parts of your issues easier in the long run.

You have been quite frank with us, which is commendable. You state you are "an alcoholic now, I never ever expected that." Admitting this flawed coping-mechanism is good; I presume/hope that you've started attending AA meetings where you can get real-world support for the problems you currently face. You saw what addiction did to your ex-husband, you certainly don't want to follow that self-destructive pattern. Getting sober and staying sober are two completely separate tasks; however, this pathway will lead to clarity of thought when focusing upon ridding yourself of any evil attachments or holdovers from your previous home.

You have children and grandchildren who depend upon you; it's no shame to admit to feeling weak in daunting circumstances. That said, it is a shame when giving in to weakness prevents personal growth. Courage is admitting your weaknesses and standing up to them. I strongly recommend seeking out AA meetings in your area and considering talking to a psychologist (NOT a psychiatrist) who can listen to you as you try to straighten out all of the stresses in your life. (Psychologists CANNOT prescribe medication, and you're already dealing with one chemical issue; I don't want to introduce further complications.)

Please take care of yourself.

Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-08)
Hello lmb6262 and welcome to YGS,

I am very sorry about all of your troubles. I went through something almost exactly like this; from the drug addict husband all the way to the black mold. I am sorry because I know how painful disappointment can be. I have been divorced for a year and it was the best thing for me, though it didn't look that way at the time.

I have a question about your ex husband's habits: Were these habits something that had been in his past? They were with my ex husband and stress seemed to be one of the things that made him relapse.

There may have been something terribly wrong with the house. In fact, it seems that there was - in addition to it's being a financial sinkhole on it's own merit.

There is a member on this site named rookdygin and halfway down his profile page is a cleansing ritual that can be done on your house and on yourself, if you think that negativity has followed you to your new home:


It will be difficult at times but try to let go of your anger. He isn't worth it.

- Maria

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